Age-Old Question: Watching Anime Episode Weekly or Consecutively?

Recently, I’m addicted to Castle. Yes, you heard me right. Castle. It’s the crime-solving TV series and no where near close to being anime. So why am I telling you this when majority of my readers are here for some anime chit-chat? Because I was watching Castle marathon-style from the first until the third season these past weeks and I find it hard to tear myself away from it until now (the time of writing this post).

The thing about watching a completed series is we can go on and on without stopping until we, well, complete the series or bored of it (like how I am with Castle right now). Depending on the length and addictiveness of the series, and the amount of free time we have, I’d say we may be able to complete a series fastest within 24 hours, slowest erm…a century…

For the Summer season anime listing, I feel like I’d rather watch all of them on weekly basis except for Kokoro Connect. Series like Tari Tari, Uta Koi is probably best watched weekly basis because they are not strong in terms of plot. They are both enjoyable in their own way, but they aren’t addictive. It’s something that I’ll watch and then forget later. They don’t occupy a lot in my thoughts.

The reason why I say Kokoro Connect would have a better impact for me should I watch it marathon-style is because I kept screaming  (not literally) every time an episode is over. Or Another (this suddenly popped into my mind because I was literally screaming at the end of each episode),  is another series best watched marathon-style.

Remember sometime in July there are three anime I set as goals to complete this year? They’re all completed series, but I didn’t marathon Welcome to the NHK and I’m currently watching Arakawa Under the Bridge series non-marathon-style too. However, I finished Paradise Kiss in two days. There’s something about the series that keeps me wanting more, keeps pulling me back.

In the end though, what prompts me to choose to watch a series’ episodes consecutively is the addictiveness of the series. The kind that makes waiting a pain and I want more instantly. The kind in which a storytelling is smoother when told as a whole. This point itself leads me to watch Bakuman marathon-style. It’s worth the wait, I tell you.

All that above is just me – my style, my taste, my choice. What about you? Which style do you prefer? Or do you have any specific methods in choosing how? Care to share?


15 thoughts on “Age-Old Question: Watching Anime Episode Weekly or Consecutively?

  1. Honestly, I don’t see much difference between the two styles of watching. If I watch on a weekly basis, it can be sometimes difficult for me to keep track of what happens as time goes on because of how long it takes to finish. If I marathon shows, then the show gets concentrated to a fairly small period of time, so it’s not always too easy to remember what happens either. I guess weekly watching just has the advantage of allowing me to be more organized about it and lets me cover more ground. It’s easier for my day to be broken into episode-length segments rather than series-length blocks. Also, what’s wrong with watching Castle? >.>

    • For me though, if I watch it consecutively, I remember more. If I watch it on weekly basis, chances are I will forget events that happened five weeks ago and had to scan through the previous episodes to connect the dots. This doesn’t happen if I watch it consecutively because whatever happened stayed fresh. The only downside would be having not much time absorb and make sense of all the information that is thrown my way.

      There’s nothing wrong with Castle. Had too much dose on it. Will start with the fourth season soon. Not too bad that I’m only one season behind. >.<

  2. While watching on a daily basis certain events from a show lose a bit of impact on the viewer.
    The waiting time and the stuff you watch in between makes you forget a few things, sure I get the plot quite easily most of time, but the little details are often lost in a daily basis especially when watching more shows each week.

    I have more fun with marathoning shows, be it anime or another show, I actually hate to wait a week to know what comes next. My impression of an anime also differs between weekly or consecutively, Im annoyed a little easier when I’ve waited a week and the episode is lame or ends with another cliffhanger.

    • Oh, that’s so true with the lame episodes and cliffhangers. It’s like we’ve been waiting for a week to know what happens next and then boom – recap episode or something lame or an episode that doesn’t continue from the cliffhanger and stuff. It’s annoying. Have you watched Haruhi’s famous Endless Eight? That’s terrible. Watching them consecutively makes it a little less annoying because I can get to the better parts soon enough.

      • I liked the endless eight loop for exactly 5 episodes, since they were a little different details everytime, but after finishing it I was just sad that most episodes were spent on endless eight. I love the Haruhi show with it’s characters and it’s quite sad that not more light novel material was adapted into anime, I would beg for a new Haruhi season.

        maybe I should read the novels instead of waiting for the impossible.

        • You lasted longer than me. I got tired of the endless eight after three episodes.

          Your situation is like how I wanted another season of Skip Beat! but keep getting none. I end up following the manga. It’s just as entertaining, although I’m more of an anime person… =)

  3. A fellow Castle fan! ^_^

    I think I end up basing it on interest most of the time. If I feel like I wouldn’t be missing out on awesome-ness, I’ll just let a series slide and watch it in one go once it ends. Like how I planned to do Mysterious Girlfriend X for example, since, like you said about Uta Koi and Tari Tari it’s relatively light plot-wise anyways. The downside to waiting though is that the further along the show gets, the more spoilers you are susceptible to.

    • Haha, I’m on a break from Castle for a while. I like how the series can be both funny and serious.

      Interest plays a role for me as well. This holds true for completed series. Series like Bakuman are exceptions – I’m highly interested but opt to wait until the season is complete before I start watching. I don’t really mind spoilers but yeah, it does spoil the fun sometimes. I try to stay away from Twitter during anime season final weeks.

  4. Honestly, if you had posted this a few months before, I would have equated the marathon habit with sacrilege. XD But, as watching Samurai Champloo reminded me, marathons are also quite entertaining as well.

    For me, I stick to the weekly method for recent shows since I want to be able to discuss recent or controversial topics. As for old shows, I like to take my time. But with slow-paced anime like Azumanga Daioh, I watch an episode occasionally as I’m not that excited about what happens next. But with suspenseful shows like Samurai Champloo, I can finish everything rather quickly.

    • Haha, glad that you found some positiveness in marathoning a series. But there’s no clear winner in either method. It’s personal choice and dependent on nature of a series as well.

      I do think that in order to generate discussion, it’s best to do that with recent episodes of new series. The likelihood of people more willing to participate in the discussion is higher. It’s something that I notice in my blog here.

  5. This is something I had troubles with constantly. I ALWAYS had time constraints issues when watching anime, and I’m the type who can’t gather too many information at once. For example, I can’t watch K-ON (fluffiness) and then watch Mirai Nikki (violent) after that straightaway. Even if I force myself to, I can’t enjoy myself as much. So when other people are watching 6 different weekly anime in a day, I could only salute to them. For me, I just watch them all when they are about to end/already ended. I feel I can manage my time better like that, though I missed out on discussions.

    • We all have time issues, don’t we? I suspect our anime-watching hobby is time-consuming, lol.

      I never tried watching six different anime per day. The most I had is two. Let’s say if I’m watching one episode of K-ON and one episode of Mirai Nikki, I’ll watching the latter first. That’s because K-ON doesn’t require as much energy and concentration. Although I’ll be doing something else in between watching the two episodes.

  6. There are series that I would like to watch marathon-style but for me time is an issue. Even though I’d like to finish the whole thing in one sitting, I just can’t. I used to do that before when I have less responsibilities, now I’m lucky if I get to finish a completed series in a month (or even two). ^^;

    • I understand. I gotta prepare myself for that as well. For the last few months, I was caught up in loads of projects that I struggle to find time for anime (or any hobby). Things turned better these few weeks, but I know time will be an issue for me in near future.

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