Wonder Worlds of Anime

I’m very sure I’m not the only one who noticed that there are a lot of anime recently set in a futuristic setting. By setting, I mean story world. The kind of world I don’t mind living in, especially with all those cool gadgets and technology to play with. It’s easy for me to go gaga over stuff like that so please excuse me.

This leads me to think about one of the reasons why I love watching anime so much. Each anime is a story told in a fantasy world that exercises imagination.

Futuristic setting is cool, in my opinion. Anime like Guilty Crown and more recently, K include stuff that is even more modern than our modern technology. It’s not far-fetched. I sincerely believe there will be a day I’ll be carrying portable communication devices like the ones the characters in Guilty Crown are using. This reminded me of a post I wrote about the wonders of technology in Mardock Scramble.

Opposite of futuristic setting, we have historical or medieval setting. Sorry, I don’t watch too much of such series but the closest example I can give you is  Spice and Wolf. Or Uta Koi. This sort of setting sparked the imagination of what would it be like in yesteryears, the glorious old lifestyle. Some are even filled with rich cultures of the past.

I think entirely fictional setting offers the best kind of imagination. One Piece did very well in this category. Its Water 7 Arc is one of the most gorgeous setting I’ve seen to date. I will never forget the day I saw Water 7 animated. The breathtaking scene of the water city – from the litte buildings on streets separated by streams of water. Not forgetting to mention the Fishman Island’s clever use of real world objects/beings, like turning turtles into elevators and such. Speaking of clever use of worldly objects…how can one ever forget the use of snails as communication tool? Burup, burup…

Last but not least, we have settings that have flavors of this and that. Take for instance, Naruto. It’s a fictional setting that fused old day technology as well as new. I’ll never understand why the shinobis don’t have modern day postal service (they use birds to deliver letters/messages) but they use walkie-talkie to communicate with teams when on mission. Go figure.

The above are just a few major settings that seem to be more prominent in anime I normally watch. High school setting or anything similar isn’t considered wonder world, mind you. Is there any particular anime story world that tickle your fancy?

10 thoughts on “Wonder Worlds of Anime

  1. Right now, I am really liking K’s world…especially the talking trash cans XD. But I would consider Angel Beats! HS setting pretty unique in that it’s not really HS but an afterlife filled with NPC’s, gun wielding students, and a terrible lack of adults ^^ However, my favorite wonder world is prob Koto’s world from Kyousogiga. Also, Cowboy Bebop’s space world is interesting enough – it’s no longer all about Earth, but Mars 😉

    I think I’ll watch One Piece now….that water setting reminds me of Disney settings from The Road to El Dorado and Atlantis the Lost Empire 🙂

    • Lol! I totally wouldn’t mind a world without adults. Or at least, adults that never truly grow up. That’ll be fun.

      Ah, I should’ve added “space” as one of the wonder world as well. You’re right about Cowboy Bebop’s world as interesting. There are quite a number of series that uses space and the more recent example is Rinne no Lagrange.

      When I saw Water 7, my first thought is Venice. I love the gorgeous scenery, even though I’ve never been there. Wonders of Internet eh? One Piece has a great story and interesting characters but it’s lengthy. I hope you’ll enjoy the series as much as I do when you start watching it. It really has one of the best imaginations out there. =)

      • Oh yes Venice Italy looks like a beautiful place to visit. I’ve never been there myself. I would love to visit. And thanks. I do love shounen, but because they tend to be very long series I wouldn’t want to go into a series without knowing it’s somewhat interesting. Although I hear about One Piece and how great it is all the time! XD I wonder why I haven’t started watching sooner? lol

        • I know! Nowadays I’m also very reluctant to get into very long series. Time factor definitely plays a part in that, but I’m also concern if a series is worth investing in. I mean, we don’t know if we’re going to really like what’s at the end and after following a series for like, more than 10 years, and that can be disappointing.

          Well, all of us has a series we heard about all the time but never start watching it. Mine would be popular series like Initial D, Toriko, Madoka, etc. I still wonder why I never watch them. >.<

  2. I totally love like the setting with little towns near the ocean like in Kamichu, Rinne no Lagrange, or Chitose. Urban settings like in Durarara also tickle my interest. But what’s most important is the atmosphere an anime can create.

    • I believe that if there’s a strong, creative story world, it adds more value to the overall atmosphere in a series. It’s like adding the wow factor, an extra layer to the atmosphere.

  3. “Fictional setting offers the best kind of imagination.”

    That’s indeed true, and the look of One Piece’s Water 7 setting reminds me of Aria. Aria is a beautiful anime, both in tone, atmosphere and of cause, the looks. Similarly to Water 7, Aria’s setting, Neo Venezia, is a beautiful place brimming with tranquility. It’s like a combination of a water city and Rome.

    • Fictional setting has no limitations. It’s up to the author to decide what’s going to be in it. So the more creative and imaginative the author is, the better the story world is going to be.

      I have never watched Aria before. From your description there, it sounds like it’s going to be look extremely beautiful. Good for my eyes >.<

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