The Guessing Game

With Naruto’s and Bleach’s manga taking surprising (for some) turns and whatnot, my friends are starting up all sorts of discussions trying to determine the story behind all those revelations and more. What they’ll do is try to recall as much information as they can and then begin to make theories of their own. Basically, what they’re trying to do is to uncover the truth before the answer is revealed by the author of the series.

It was all fun at first, but I’m beginning to feel tired after a while. No, it’s not because my theories are always wrong (which they are ALWAYS wrong). But I no longer see the reason behind what I call as “The Guessing Game”.

Discussions with likeminded people are always welcomed. It’s a form of socializing, especially when you have tons of guy friends who are only into the shonen series and only reads manga. We have common interests in this area and discussions flow very easily. We would get hyped up with all the latest information from the manga or even forums. It’s funny how a simple IM can turned into heated discussion, guessing the origins of Kurosaki Ichigo or the truth about the man behind the lollipop mask.

Socializing is one thing. I happen to think all these guessing help to exercise our imaginations and get creative. If you’re into puzzles, its’ always fun to try to fit the bits and pieces together. If you’re into detective mystery sort of thing, it’s like combining the evidence and develop a theory. Or a conspiracy. It’s all fun.

After a while though, I started to wonder if it’s worth the time. To be fair, this kind of thought only creeped its way into my mind when I’m bogged down with work. I did so much brain exercises at work, I have no energy left to theorize things, which will later on be revealed anyway. It’s not as if we’re trying to figure out some kind of a natural scientific puzzle. We’re trying to figure out a story written by a human. The ending is pretty much determined by the original author. So all the discussions we had are pointless. Whether we’re right or wrong makes no difference. All we have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the next chapter.

I’m pretty sure some of the readers of this blog also do the same. Speculating, guessing what’s going to happen next. It doesn’t have to be Naruto or Bleach, it can be any series. If you do, what do you think about this so-called guessing game? Is it worth your time? Or do you have a different take on this matter?

6 thoughts on “The Guessing Game

  1. To be honest, I missed both of the series. I was a big fan of Bleach back then and stopped when Aizen was defeated. AND from what I see in the picture above, that’s freaking Aizen! O_O Oh man, looks like I did miss a lot of important stuff.

    With regards to Bleach, I have some figures, a watch, a lot of other stuff based on the series. I even joined those Bleach forums where mostly, all people who theorize are always wrong (just as you said.) I kind of miss it. Perhaps I should try reading again. Nice post!

    • I’d say shonen series has one of the largest community to discuss theories with. I used to read a lot of those posts at all sorts of channels and occasionally participated. Hmmm…maybe if I stay away from all these discussions, I’ll start to miss discussing the theories too.

      I don’t think you’re that many chapters behind Bleach so probably if you decide to read again, do it quick! >.< I remember reading tons of chapters a night just so I could catch up with Bleach when I started. The Soul Society arc just completed back then.


  2. Speculating once in a while is not a bad thing, it’s just that you have to draw the line somewhere. Once you catch yourself going off on a tangent, stop and think: “Is this what I really want?”. One can only focus on a few things each day, so don’t blame yourself if you miss some discussions.

    I don’t have much experience in this and I’ve made some simillar mistakes before, so take this with a pinch of salt. =)

    • You know what, you’re probably right. There’s a time when we have to decide enough is enough. Like I told Michael in above comment, maybe then I’ll start to miss all the discussions and speculations once I move away from it. Now, I’m just too tired to be really doing any discussions, really.

  3. Im overthinking things a lot in RL, but it rarely happens when Im watching anime, I lean back and enjoy the things that are showing on the screen. Sure I reflect on the shows I’ve watched, like “this turn of event suck” or “this scene was great”, but I don’t want to speculate about the things which might happen next, I want to be surprised. It’s more fun like this.

    I can imagine that it is fun to speculate inside a bigger group, but since I don’t have so many friends and buddies who actively watch anime, I never had the interest in doing that from the start.

    • Actually, even though I speculate a lot on the shonen series, I still get surprised so I still enjoy the thrills of not knowing, if you know what I mean. I wasn’t mad if my theories are wrong or anything. I’m just pondering on whether or not if it’s worth my time, especially now I don’t have that much leisure time on hand.

      With slice-of-life series, I always just sit back, relax and enjoy. Maybe that’s why I love the genre so, so much.

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