Five Unforgettable Tunes In Anime

Since I’m pretty bogged down by loads of things happening in real life, I thought it’s a good idea to write a fun post. I haven’t been doing that for a long time. This time around, I’ll be listing down 5 unforgettable tunes from the anime I saw. Tunes can be a song, part of a song, anything that contributes a melody. That said, this isn’t a post about the unforgettable OP or ED songs, although some of them are.

I chose to say unforgettable because I don’t actually like all of them. You know, sometimes one can’t seem to forget things that bug them. It’s the kind of tune that when people mention about it, I can immediately recall without any problem.

1. Motteke! Sailor Fuku! (Lucky Star)

I remember burst out laughing when I first heard this track. It’s undeniably upbeat, cheerful. I was still very new to anime back then, and I swear I’ve never heard music like this.

2. Dango Daikazoku (Clannad)

Clannad might be one of the saddest shows I’ve ever watched, but it also has one of the sweetest song I’ve ever heard.

3. Fooling Mode (Naruto)

The 101th episode of hit anime series Naruto is a filler. I can still remember what it’s about – Naruto and friends trying to uncover Kakashi and reveals his face. It was a hilarious episode. As I said, it’s a filler; however, it had such a catchy tune and funny scenes that it becomes an episode to remember by many Naruto anime fans. This tune never failed to make people laugh with the wacky sounds. Believe me, I’ve tested it on several people already.

4. Puru Puru Pururin (Welcome to the NHK)

During the earlier episodes in Welcome to the NHK, this song was often heard. It’s not like I like the song, but one can’t argue that it’s hard to get the song out of his/her head. Just like however much Satou hated the song, he actually memorized the lyrics! I admit, it is pretty catchy.

5. A Little Pain (NANA)

I’m putting my most unforgettable song to last. That scene was unforgettable. This was the first time I saw an “anime concert”, so to speak. It’s like I can understand why the characters cry listening to the song. It is a beautiful song, and Olivia Lufkin had her way of drawing the emotions out. To be honest, this is the song that prompted me to take Japanese music seriously. I’m guilty of skipping OPs and EDs before even sampling them whenever I start a new anime. But this. A Little Pain. Changed that. How can it be not unforgettable? >.<

That’s all. Any unforgettable tunes you have in mind? I’ll make it easy for you, what’s the first tune that comes to your mind when I read this post. Do share!

19 thoughts on “Five Unforgettable Tunes In Anime

  1. Motteke! Sailor Fuku! is a fantastic song, hehe the first time caught totally of guard.
    Since then I have a need for weird anime songs like this 😀

    I really like the Dango Song, also the show was nice even though got red eyes after watching 4-5 episodes at once *sob*

    A Little Pain sounds quite nice I would say, I never heard it before ^^

    What came to my mind at first was “A Path” from Casshern Sins, I thought “oh no don’t sing a cheesy J-pop song now” and then Boom! such a nice song, totally not what I expected ^^

    …You listen to my voice, listen to my heart
    Now I say it clearly…

    I also like this one a lot, I will never forget that song from Chobits.

    Ahh I love it (❁´◡`❁)

    • I’d say it caught me off guard as well. I was laughing really hard. I remember that clearly.

      Actually, I didn’t expect Clannad to be so sad. It was a nice series, but sad. T.T. “A Little Pain” is one of my favorite songs. The feelings I had when I first listened to the song is completely opposite Lucky Star’s. Not that I cried or anything but definitely taken back by its heartfelt melody.

      While listening to “A Path”, I was waiting for the boom you said. I thought you meant a sudden rock feel or something, lol. >///< Despite not having that rock effect I was expecting, "A Path" is a serene song. It's lovely. I gotta say this – I think the song (at least the melody is) suits the scene very well even though I have no idea what's going on!

      I can see why you like the Chobits song. Lively tune and sounds cute!

      Thanks for sharing!

      By the way, Sorry for such a late reply. I was busy with work and then the Internet was horrible that I had trouble loading YouTube videos. Sucks when that happens. And, get a new theme! I think it should comes with all major WordPress themes.

      • The friendship episodes were great in Clannad, but the “deaths” and other sad events were hard to digest.

        Ah yeah you probably have to watch the beginning of the episode to feel the impact of the song. Casshern Sins is quite depressing, but it was a very good anime.

        Ah don’t worry that’s ok, I’ve somehow noticed that you were busy, but since you always answer your comments I wasn’t angry or sth. like that, maybe just a little impatient ^^

        • Yes, I agree. The sad events are hard to take. So, so heartbreaking.

          Then I must watch Casshern Sins. A good anime shouldn’t be left unwatched. >.<

          Thanks for understanding, Wieselhead! =)

  2. I remember hearing the Lucky Star theme a lot even before I started watching. It’s not an easy song to forget, especially once you learn what the girls are actually singing about.

    If I had to think of the most unforgettable song in a series I’ve seen, though, it would probably have to be the ending to Durarara.

  3. Whoa. Tough. I generally dig EDs so I’ll go with these two:

    And yeah can’t argue with Lucky Star OP and the Dango song XD. But man I’ve gotta watch NANA. That song. I can’t even…

    • Ah, Kimi ni Todoke’s first season’s ED song. I love that song too! I don’t know who’s the singer but her voice is unique. I think her voice itself helps (even if it’s a tiny bit) to make it unforgettable >.<.

      Cowboy Bebop! I must admit, the time I watched the series were the times I skipped the OP and ED songs. Now I know what I've missed…

      NANA's a great series, by my standards. I'd highly recommend it. Very emotional. It's one of the few series I had emotional attachment to. "A Little Pain" is just one of the great songs NANA has. Believe me, there are more good songs coming from the series. It also depends what sort of music genre you like though.

  4. Yes yes yes! All my freaking yes to that Puru Puru Pururin song! I don’t even know why I’m talking about it by once I heard it way back when I started watching NHK, I immediately knew I won’t be forgetting that song anytime soon.

    Same goes to Motteke! Sailor Fuku! and that dango song!

    Anyway, here’s mine

    Makes me want to go back to the time when I just started to become an otaku.

    • I had the same feeling to in regards with all those three songs. That’s why they are on my list now, lol!

      Gurugurumawaru! Gurugurumawaru! (I hope I spelled correctly >.<) This song makes me nod my head side to side. This will make it to Top 10 on my list if I have a few more to make it 10.

      Gosh! Now I miss School Rumble so, so much!

  5. All the music from Lucky Star and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya would apply. And I’ll sometimes get “God Knows” from the ENOZ concert stuck in my head.

    But to be different, I’ll mention a sentimental oldie… “Konya wa Hurricane” by Priss in BGC Episode 1. (Seems like only the music video full song version is online…)

    • Is this the one?

      There this gothic feel about it. Well, before all the beat anyways. But still, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Vampire Knight’s ED Still Doll.

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