Favorite Kimi Ni Todoke Chapter So Far

I just read the most recent chapter of Kimi ni Todoke yesterday, which is Chapter 74. It’s good as usual and did enough to satisfy my monthly dose of the series. With that, in all 74 chapters of Kimi ni Todoke I read so far, my favorite chapter is still the 50th chapter – You’re Too Loud.

Oddly enough, the chapter has nothing to do with whatever’s going on in Kazehaya & Sawako, Chizu & Ryu or Ayane & Kento’s relationships. In short, it has nothing to do with romantic relationships. It’s about Chizu and Ayane, and how their friendship begun.

Since the beginning of Kimi ni Todoke series, Ayane and Chizu strikes me as an odd pairing. Sure, they aren’t like most girls in their high school and that’s one commonality they share – uniqueness. Much like Sawako, they stood out from the crowd for infamous reasons. Chizu carries a reputation as a former Yankee while Ayane is a flirt. Other than that, it’s hard to find similarities between Ayane and Chizu. A quick look at their characters would suggest that they are very different people.

Chapter 50 sort of confirmed that. Chizu being all loud but friendly while Ayane being the exact opposite. The entire chapter chronicled around how Chizu and Ayane became the best of friends they are today. I actually like the fact that their friendship didn’t started off well. But unlike their beginning of friendship with Sawako, their beginnings are a joy to read. It’s filled with fun (from reader’s point of view) moments.

I like that the Ayane and Chizu started off bad because of their presumed notion of each other. It goes to say that unless a person truly takes time to understand the other person, we can’t really know what’s beneath the surface. Don’t judge a book by its cover. While being at odds with each other, they slowly developed a lasting friendship. The best part is that all is done without much drama. Ha!

What makes Chapter 50 even more of a favorite chapter is small appearances of Sawako everywhere and how Kazehaya was always observing her. I’d like to think small stuff like this contributed to the overall picture of how deep Kazehaya’s fascination is towards Sawako and how badly Sawako wanted to be part of her class. And most importantly, how far both have come since then. It’s little things like this I appreciate, really.

Hmmm…you know what, I take back what I said about them sharing one commonality. Both Chizu and Ayane are highly competitive and had troubles forming solid friendships with fellow girl friends. These aspects are what eventually brought them together as a pair of formidable force in their year group in Kitahiro Highschool. Simple but great story!

7 thoughts on “Favorite Kimi Ni Todoke Chapter So Far

  1. Oh cool that there is some back story between these two. I really liked both girls, they were kinda cool. Too bad it wasn’t adapted in the anime, as far as I know it wasn’t in the show.

  2. This was one of my favourite chapters too. Chizu and Ayane are a unique pair, so it’s only fitting that they get a backstory just as unique and fun. And now I can’t help but picture Sawako and Kazehaya trying to arm wrestle.

    • Haha, somehow I couldn’t picture them arm wrestle. I couldn’t picture Sawako arm wrestle with anyone, as the matter of fact. The only thing I can picture now is how her opponent would automatically lose after seeing her super intense expression.

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