It’s 2013! Happy New Year, Everybody!

Happy New Year

A Happy, Happy New Year to all you lovely people! So, we’re alive and well, ushering in the new year of (googling…I can never remember what’s the Chinese zodiac) snake. New Year has arrived so that means Chinese New Year is around the corner. Don’t I just love the beginning and the end of a year where holidays are abundant?!

It’s been a fulfilling 2012 for me. Probably not in terms of blog, but life’s good, who’s to complain right? But I should be talking in terms of this blog eh? Which also means what I’ve been doing last year in terms of anime.

I planned to look into completed series last year and I did! I managed to finish Honey & Clover, Gunslinger Girl, The Place Promised in Our Early Days (movie), Paradise Kiss, Welcome to the NHK and Arakawa Under the Bridge. The last three series I had to publicly announce my goals just to motivate myself. It worked, so hooray! Besides that, I was going to write monthly afterthoughts on each Kimi ni Todoke manga volume but the more I write the more I sounded like a broken recorder so I stopped. I think I’ve already said a billion times what I thought on each phase the characters’ lives so writing them again doesn’t feel as fresh.

In terms of this blog, I got to participate in a few projects with other anibloggers. That was fun. Thanks for the invitations and lovely ideas, guys. This blog also participated in Aniblog Tourney last year. Didn’t get far and didn’t expect to get far so that’s okay.

For this year, I was going to give myself a mission to watch all Studio Ghibli movies since I haven’t watched a single one of them. Yes, including My Neighbor Totoro, a film which my non-anime fan friends even raved about. However, due to work commitments, it might be a bit difficult to accomplish. You don’t want to see my work schedule from now till July. It’s crazy and it involves a lot of traveling too. I will still try though, but no promises.

Anyways, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers (you know who you are) and those who take the time to comment. You’re all so sweet. I know this blog is a bit neglected last year and I wasn’t very active in the aniblogosphere too. So, Thank You! I really appreciate it. =)

Happy New Year!


14 thoughts on “It’s 2013! Happy New Year, Everybody!

  1. Good to hear that life is good for you ^^
    Im aIso wishing you a happy New Year again.

    Good that you could finish these anime shows, in a tight time table.

    Also thank you for your comments. The wordpress summary said you were the second most active commenter ^^ I lost a number of regular commenters this year, so Im really thankfulf for your comments and the motivation to keep on blogging.

    • Thank you. I’m here to wish a Happy, Happy New Year again =).

      It’s a bit tough but I’m also glad I gotta finish it.

      You’re welcome. I love seeing your photos and reading your anime thoughts so keep them coming! You’re also one of my top commenters so you know you have my thank you. =).

  2. Lol “2010” in the picture. I find a contradiction. Objection 😀

    It was also my first experience in joining the aniblog tourney as well.Pretty nice, though uhh.. kinda dramatic, lol. I watched some Studio Ghibli films when I was a kid, and actually, I would love to rewatch some of them now.

    • Well, that’s embarrassing >///<. This serves as a warning for me not to rush when writing a post. Edited the photo! Haha.

      Lol, I know what you meant about the tourney thingy.

      Anyway, Happy New Year, Kai. Have a wonderful year ahead.

  3. Happy New Year. I just made my own post just now. It’s nice to see you posting regularly as you have always been. I’m jealous 😦

    • Believe me, it wasn’t easy to balance blogging, watching anime and a full-time job. My posts are sporadic at best last year. =(

      Happy New Year, Rei.

  4. Happy new year. Personally, My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite Ghibli film although I do enjoy all their movies to some extent. Hope you manage to get through all anime you set your eyes on this year 🙂

  5. Lolololol, well time is a state-of-mind, so here it goes, Happy New Year to you! (Just treat it as if I said it on the 1st) lolololol. Anyway, hoping to see more from you this year~

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