Why I Watch Anime?

School Rumble

Gosh, I am super late with this post. Sigh. Anyway, Kai from Deluscar has recently asked us to write about our reasons for watching anime. We may all be like-minded, loving anime but are we reasons the same?

I admit. Even though I have watch anime for almost a decade, I never really question why I watch anime. Seriously. I sorta just went with it the moment I discovered it. Okay, while I didn’t directly ask myself the question, somehow deep down inside I have a few reasons why I favor anime over other form of visual entertainment.

And no, it’s not because there are plenty of cute 2D girls. I started with shounen series. Let’s face it, there aren’t many cute 2D girls or even guys to look at.

Not Too Much Drama

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too fond of drama. Drama, as in, Gossip Girl kind of drama. Lots of plotting, backstabbing, breaking up, making up, frenemies stuff. I got tired of those. You won’t see anything else except for sitcom or crime series in my storage. That’s how much I dislike the sort of drama. This is also the main reason why my genre of choice is slice-of-life – the sort of series I can spend a good 2o minutes having some laugh with, then, forget about it. The really good ones will leave lasting impressions though.


Action Visuals

As I mentioned earlier, I started with shounen series. And yes, I started my anime watching hobby with the oh so famous titles – Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. In that order, if I’m not mistaken. Of course, the action visuals of these series are nothing compared to Redline or even Infinite Stratos, which I watch solely to feed my cravings for an action-oriented series. It’s eye-feasting, so to speak. And I like it. I don’t remember any other medium giving me as much thrills as anime does in this respect.

Wonder Worlds

While different mediums offer imaginations beyond limit, anime offers the best. I’ve previously discussed this in my post on the different settings in anime world such as the fictional world of One Piece as well as the many different futuristic settings in recent line-ups of anime. I believe anime offers the best of imaginations there are.

Bring Back The Child In Me

I’ve gotta admit this. There are many times, the innocent, naive child in me, the one who believes everything is possible, re-emerges whilst watching anime. Why? I believe each and everyone of us still have that young little kid hidden deep inside. It’s just that as we grow up, we face many harshness of realities to the point the big dreams we once had as children are forgotten. Watching anime (at least the ones I tend to pick) sort of reminds me to stay young enough to know everything and try anything.

There you have it, these are the reasons why I watch anime. Wonder why it took me this long to come up with this post…I blame work pressure. Hah.

16 thoughts on “Why I Watch Anime?

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  2. “Lots of plotting, backstabbing, breaking up, making up, frenemies stuff. I got tired of those”

    I couldn’t think of one straight away now (or perhaps I might had forgotten) so I couldn’t give examples, but I’m sure one or two anime should had stories like those too. How do you feel about those? xD Now that when I think about it, the romance anime I watched are usually where – the couple is pretty much canon (Clannad, Toradora, etc..) or an official couple haven’t been decided and is still at harem stage. The latter is mostly at a joking level though, not “dramatic” at all.

    Coincidentally, I’m writing another post which is somehow related to your last point, but that’s a discussion for another time xD

    • So far I haven’t seen any anime that goes through too much of those. What I’m trying to say is in drama series, usually this happens over and over again and it gets boring and tiring after a while. The romances in anime are more often than not lighthearted and doesn’t dwell too much on stuff like that.

      Haha, then I’ll look forward to that post of yours to see what’s it that’s on your mind.

  3. I think I’m a lot like you in that I have trouble figuring out why I watch anime and not any other niche. I suppose it was just the main hobby that stayed interesting. Plus I would definitely agree about not liking that kind of drama. There’s a reason I don’t watch much regular television anymore.

  4. “… there are plenty of cute 2D girls” Yeah! Anime!
    Well, in my case that’s probably the third or second reason why I watch anime :D, the first reason are creative and interesting stories. I like these larger than life settings like NGE with an epic plot. I like to see these things which are different from daily life and our reality. That can be action orientated or even slice of life.

    Watching anime definetely feels youthful, but I guess the innocent, naive child in me died when I watched Higurashi no Naku Koro ni *shocking*

    I have a few problems with Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo for example, since it kinda seems to strongly copy from western drama, on the one hand I like that is aimed torwards more grown up people, on the other hand it feels like Melrose Place, I actually sometimes call this show Melrose Place when it goes on my nerves XD.

    • Phew. Glad I didn’t watch Higurashi no Naku Koro. Judging from your reaction, it’s best to keep my hands off the title. >.<

      I didn't watch Sakuraou no Pet na Kanojo too, although I'm planning to watch it after its completion since I heard quite a number of good words for it. Will see about it. If it's too heavy, I'm gonna take a pass. I'm craving only for light-hearted and maybe plotless series like GJ-bu.

      Haha, you love your cute girls, don't cha. I agree on the creative and interesting stories part, especially creativity. Maybe because it's easier to go wild on creativity when it comes to animation as oppose to live action movies that we get to see a variety of interesting stuff in anime. It's one part I really appreciate.

      • Don’t et me wrong Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is a masterpiece, it’s story is very well written but well you have to be prepared for some cruelties. Since you watched Psycho Pass, you should be able to watch Higurashi without emotional damage ^_^

        Sakuraou has a lot of very good moments, but then it gets quite melodramatic from time to time. Sometimes it’s kind of annoys me :p

        Hehe sometimes they are just too adorable

        • Haha, okay. I think I’ve seen the screencaps in other blogs. Pretty bloody. I can only handle one psycho series at a time >.<. Maybe next time.

          I'll probably find it annoying too if it gets too melodramatic. If it gets dramatic for dramatic sakes and doesn't really help with the story, I'll be mad! Haha.

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  6. Let’s see, an action seeking, fun loving, inner child embracing animeniac. I rarely see you but I know we’d porbably have interesting conversations regarding anime. Good read dood.

  7. Shounen, lots of us started with that (I wonder what happened now). Putting aside how I view anime as a driving-force kind of inspiration, I agree that a whole lot of us do watch because there is not much drama. Same goes to them Japanese dramas . . . at least some of them /remembers1literoftears

    • I still watch them though. Well, some of them anyway. Inspiration eh? What sort of inspiration? Artistic inspiration?

      I remember 1 litre of tears! Omg, I couldn’t bring myself to finish it!! Soooooo sad!! Just so sad.

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