Fairy Tail: Where Do I Go From Here?

Fairy Tail

Come to think of it, I never really wrote anything about Fairy Tail. I might not be fully invested in the series, but still I have follow the anime until the end. That’s right – 175 episodes. All watched. It’s pure leisure.

Fairy Tail isn’t any different from other shounen titles. In my opinion, that’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because it feels familiar and I know it won’t go too far off the formulae. At the same time, it’s a bad thing because of the good thing (am I confusing you here?) and that makes it some sort of a clone. It makes it easy for skeptics to say “Oh, that’s just another shounen series. Good guys will win at the end.”

Fairy Tail

I was introduced to Fairy Tail by a Twitter friend who’s a huge fan of One Piece. No, he (I think he’s a he) didn’t introduce to me directly but was tweeting about the similarities when the series started airing about five years ago. I’m a fan of One Piece and Fairy Tail seems to be my cup of tea. And it is. Like One Piece or most shounen titles of similar set up, there’s a male protagonist seeking something. In the midst of his journey of attaining that something, he has a fun, great adventure with friends. Laughter always ensues.

In Fairy Tail, the character’s name is Natsu and his friends are members of a guild called Fairy Tail. He’s finding his “father”, a dragon who vanished into thin year many years ago. During his journey, he encountered and fought many wizards from other guilds alongside his close friends, Lucy, Gray, Erza and a blue cat named Happy. Along the way, he made a few new friends and some enemies.

What attracted me to Fairy Tail is first and foremost, the fun, the laughters. It wouldn’t be complete without it. I like the fact that it maintains its comedic flare even in the serious, life-threatening, future-determining battles. Having a “mascot” in Happy the blue cat helps in that area. Throw in a maiden in distress Lucy and an almost-lacking-common-sense Erza, the already chaotic world in which Natsu lives in gets turned upside down every single day.

Fairy Tail

As mentioned before, Fairy Tail isn’t unlike other popular shounen titles. The main characters in it always fight for what they believe is right and just. Perhaps it’s because of this, series like Fairy Tail fare very well among fans. Even for me, it can be very encouraging to see Natsu staying very positive and determined until a match is decided. “I’m fired up!”, a phrase Natsu often says is becoming my chant when facing obstacles at work. >.<

Fairy Tail can be very random at times. What’s even weirder is that meaningless things can take up a good chunk of time per episode. Also, it’s probably the first shounen title I watch that’s not shy on the fanservice department. C’mon, with a designated pinup girl called Mirajane, do you really think there would be no fanservice? It’s mild though so don’t keep your hopes too high (if you’re all in for fanservice).

I think the main reason I’m able to enjoy Fairy Tail anime as much as I did is because I never read the manga. I might have glanced through a few chapters but never did end up following. Now that I don’t know what’s filler and what’s original, I can just enjoy the anime as it is. Nothing to dislike about. Although I must say, I find the rubber-wearing three stooges who call themselves Jiggle Butt Gang the most irritating. Do they appear in manga too?

Fairy Tail

My initial complaints about the series is the lack of growth in the characters. After many arcs, I still see the same old patterns from the main characters. Erza seems to be using the same outfit repetitively. Natsu is using the same skills over and over again. Gray isn’t doing anything differently. Lucy always get into troubles and almost always ended up in compromising situation. It gets boring.

Thank goodness I’m seeing some major improvement in terms of skills in the recent battles of Fairy Tail members. For one, I’m enjoying the fact that Lucy, one of the weaker members, is becoming more powerful and playing a crucial role in whatever fate that lies ahead for Fairy Tail. Also, I was delighted to see Elfman overcoming a strong opponent in the recent arc on game tournament. Seeing what used to be weak characters becoming so strong, I couldn’t hold my excitement of what would become of the already strong members – Erza, Natsu and Gray.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the end of Fairy Tail so I can’t say for sure if the good guys will win at the end but I have a rough idea. My question now is: Can I continue from where the anime left off? If yes, from which chapter? Or should I just wait for the anime to be continued, whenever that may be…

11 thoughts on “Fairy Tail: Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. Some fanservice, eh 😉
    Hmm Im not that convinced to start watching Fairy Tail. I can imagine myself liking it, but watching 175 episodes sounds quite demanding in terms of time. And it isn’t even over 😀 Im also scared to find myself trapped in a filler loop halfways. On the other hand I liked all the longer shows I’ve watched so far, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Eureka Seven. It was really nice to follow these Chsaracters for a longer period of time.

    Im still between the choice of Fairy Tail or Gintama, I feel a bit more gravity from Gintama, but thats even longer hahaha.

    Its a common question where to go on after finishing an anime with an unfinished story. Small changes from the manga can force you to go a bit back in the story and its hard to find the chapters that play after the anime events. Good Luck ^^

    • I think if you’re not reading the manga, you wouldn’t know if you’re trapped in the filler loop so that’s okay! I’m fine with Fairy Tail fillers (although I’m not sure which is it) because they’re not emotionally heavy like what some Naruto fillers do. With each Fairy Tail episode, laughter is guaranteed (at least 99%, lol).

      I haven’t watch Gintama yet, and I’m a bit afraid also due to the length, which is why I understand your reluctance to pick up either of the series.

      Haha, I need all the luck in the world to be able to just pick off where the anime has left off. So far, only with two series I’m able to do just that – Skip Beat! and Kimi ni Todoke.

  2. Ahh, fairy tail, I still have more then 80+ episodes of them to keep up. From all the episodes I watch, it also feels like Natsu, Gray and most of the stronger characters had been using the same powers over and over. Guess That’s one problem with characters already started out strong, they mostly lack developments. Unless they became One Piece, characters are strong, yet they still develop stronger. And the antagonists are even stronger, with so many strong characters destroying each other; landscapes destroyed, warships broke in half, island exploded, man-made tsunami, etc…

    • That’s true, I’d say so too that One Piece fares better in terms of character development. It’s also better in terms of holding on to viewer’s attention by constantly introducing new skills and crazy powerful enemies with different abilities. Personally, I think it’s smart to devil fruits as devise to keep the interests going. I always love to see what sort of abilities there are out there.

  3. Although I must say, I find the rubber-wearing three stooges who call themselves Jiggle Butt Gang the most irritating. Do they appear in manga too?

    No. They didn’t. That whole arc is a mess in my opinion.

    Can I continue from where the anime left off? If yes, from which chapter? Or should I just wait for the anime to be continued, whenever that may be…

    Yes, you can continue. The anime pretty much followed the manga, so start with chapter 300. But as I can see, you may be better off waiting for the anime to continue.

    Okay, for me this is the only shounen show that I followed from episode 1 to its ending. Well, maybe because compared to Bleach, Naruto and One Piece, it has fewer episodes. It also has fewer filler episodes, with only one filler arc. The author promised a much lighter mood in this show, so it’s no wonder we find it so funny even at those supposedly serious moments.

    Regarding the characters, they’re powers are interesting enough but like you said it feels like they’re not growing anymore and if they did, it’s feels kinda rushed like one moment they’re like this and then poof, POWERUP! I’m also getting tired with Natsu’s nakama power, it always saves the day. But wait! Don’t get me wrong, I love this show. I really do. Anyway, nice post 🙂

    • Thank you so much for answering my questions! At least, now I know where I can start from should I choose to read the manga. I haven’t started yet. I don’t know how long I can wait though since there’s no announcement whatsoever about the anime.

      I think it makes it easier for me to follow this series because I started watching it about the time it started airing. So I’m not that much behind and was taking it in slowly. It’s like how I’m having quite an easy time with the new Hunter X Hunter (also because I’m not reading the manga).

      I agree with what you said and I love the show too. As long as we have fun watching, that all that matters, really. Thanks. =)

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