Ramblings on OreImo2

Kyousuke Kirino

I won’t exactly call myself a fan of Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo for short). I watch the anime series only because it’s something easy to pass time with. It doesn’t require anything from my part except a good 20 minutes or less. My brain probably stops functioning actively once I play OreImo. That’s besides the point. The point is, because I don’t qualified as a fan, I almost never search any news/articles/etc regarding the series. There are a lot of things I don’t know about. Maybe that’s why I find the second season of OreImo a bit confusing.

Before I tell you what are the things that confuse me, let me be clear though – my confusion could be resulted from not refreshing my memory on the series before diving into the second season. Usually, I’ll try to refresh my memory via different methods but with OreImo? Nada. What more to say the first season was quite a while ago.

Spoilers Alert!

Kyousuke Ayase

Now, I find the second season confusing because the characters aren’t really how I remember them. The few characters who seem to be consistent are Kousaka Kirino and Tamura Manami. One remained tsundere and one remained mild-charactered. As for others, they seem to grow exponentially without me realizing it until it happened! I’m slow maybe?

For starters, I’ll talk about Kyousuke, Kirino’s brother. He seemed to be a lot more perverted in the second season. In the previous season, he was just the protective brother, whom at the same time couldn’t wait to get out from his “life-counselling” duties. This season, however, he has transformed into a harassing older guy who would search his younger sister’s friend on the web as a way to pass time. Very surprising, although I know I shouldn’t be since I could’ve guessed how this series would end. Still, this wasn’t how I remember the character.

Kyousuke Kuroneko

Secondly, Aragaki Ayase. I remembered her as a yandere who likes Kirino. Likes, as in romantically interested in her best friend. That was the impression she gave me. I really believed that she hated Kyousuke, thinking he’s the reason why Kirino picked up playing eroge as a hobby (turns out to be quite true!). So when she became very agitated upon learning the news that Kyousuke is dating Kuroneko, it was so funny that I laughed. It doesn’t seem like her, that’s all. That not the scenes were particularly funny…Anyway, in the end, I guess she’s not interested in Kirino like that. >.<

Lastly, Kuroneko. To be fair, she retained most of the characteristics I remember her having except during the part when she confessed to Kyousuke and while dating him. I guess girls in love sometimes exhibit different personalities? She was exceptionally shy yet demanding, taking lead in all situations. I’m impressed, actually. From how Kuroneko dealt with her friendship with Kirino – often seen arguing together but at the same time, often seen spending most time together, secretly enjoying each other’s company, it’s easy to think that Kuroneko will behave like Kirino when it comes to Kyousuke. But then again, having two girls masking their feelings for the same guy are a bit too much in a show perhaps?

Characters do grow and change in anime series, but more often than that, they’re gradual and with reasons. Somehow, with OreImo2, it doesn’t seem like the case.

Anyway, these are just some ramblings from me, writing my thoughts now that OreImo2 just ended.


15 thoughts on “Ramblings on OreImo2

  1. So I won’t trample your feelings when I let my rage take over and share my problems with the whole concept? Thats good XD This is a rare case for me that Im totally annoyed by an anime.

    I was watching the first season after a few episodes of trying to get used to and to like it, I only watched it with a feeling of annoyance which probably was a bad idea overall. I totally despise the show about Kirino and silly portrayed otakuism. When I just think about the episode where Kirino should get her own anime adaption *facepalm*

    the female characters (Kuroneko aside) were a pain Ayase was a self righteous psycho and Kirino had the worst tsundere personality ever I can’t deal with it a single second longer.*headexplodes*

    What I find interesting is that Kuroneko is dating with Kyousuke, in such show the main character rarely chooses anyone. But no I can’t watch it, even though the animated gifs of Ayase look hilarious when I see Kirino “in action” I will probably throw the TV out of the window. ;D

    On another note I started to watch Bakuman and it’s really great, season 2 will be next.

    • Lol!!! Sounds like you hate the series so much!! I did find Kirino a bit hard to handle during her first season, especially with her demanding attitude and whatnot. In second season though, she’s much more toned down, less demanding, more affectionate towards Kyousuke (in a bro-com manner, I’d say).

      Ayase…well, never really liked her anyway.

      On the note of otakuism, I’ve seen too many similar portrayals to feel anything about Kirino’s behavior as well as Ayase reactions. Now, I wonder how the anime fans feel about this. That’s something to ponder…

      Awesome! And I’m glad you think the first season’s great. You have two more seasons to go!! Go, go, Wieselhead!

  2. Never been a big fan of Oreimo. It did undergo some major changes this season. But I personally really liked that about it. Probably because I kept comparing it to its first season, which quite frankly, sucked. This season seemed a lot more fun and it had more heart. You could really tell that the people behind Oreimo were putting a lot more of their hearts and souls into the anime. But I’ll probably end up forgetting this series soon enough. It’s just one of those series.

    • “But I’ll probably end up forgetting this series soon enough. It’s just one of those series”. .<

      First season focused more on Kirino, I'd say while the second season focused more on her renewed and better relationship with her older brother. But gosh, it's a bit hard to keep up with the characteristics of the characters change so much in such a short time.

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  4. The most confusing thing for me watching OreImou 2 is that I watched without even knowing the existence of “true route” in season one. I was like.. “Did something like that even happened?” I looked around then, and ended up watching everything again from season one to true route before actually beginning OreImou 2, lol.

    Kuroneko’s the one with the most gradual flow in terms of development. The rest however, does seem to have their characteristics altered awkwardly here and there. Perhaps Kyousuke got influenced by his sister’s perversion or something, but his perverted teasing towards Ayase were pretty fun to see nonetheless.

    • I watched the true route episode and still find myself scratching my head wondering what happened to the characters. It’s as if I missed something.

      Haha, I agree that Kyousuke’s recent behavior maybe due to his sister’s influence. He changed so much from the first season.

      • Awkward time to revive this, lol. But just wanna ask. Have you watched the last few episodes (14-16) of OreImo2? What do you think of the “fabulous” ending..? xD

        • I did. I was speechless. I think none of us is actually surprised with the ending, but still it managed to caught some of us off guard. I wish I could un-see those episodes, really.

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