Watching Anime My Way


I admit. It wasn’t easy for me to adapt into this “watching style”. It takes a while for me to settle in into my current pacing. Compared to when I started blogging, the way I watch anime and the amount of time I spent watching anime have changed. Not too drastically, but the effects didn’t go unnoticed.

Since last year, most of my time has been filled with work-related projects and constant traveling. Going away from a few days to a week to another place has a few disadvantages, most notably bad Internet connection. If I’m having bad Internet connection, how am I suppose to get my dose of anime? I remember last year when I traveled to a less developed city in my country, I struggled even to get my cellphone’s signal working, let alone Internet access.


Even if I have stable Internet connection, there’s no guarantee I have free time to watch. I’m on a business trip. To reduce such trips, I should get as many done as possible while I’m at whatever place I’m supposed to be at. That means working through the night.

So what’s this new “watching style” I’m saying? No fixed schedule.

During my early years of anime fandom, I’d watch an episode the moment it aired. Hence, I was more or less on a fix schedule. The main reason was I didn’t want to miss out. I didn’t want not to know what others are talking on Twitter. I didn’t want spoilers. I wanted to stay in the loop. Also during that time, I was doing episodic blogging for selected series, so timely posts are important.

But now, I might have to wait (not by choice) until 2-3 weeks later before I’m able to catch up with the airing series. I usually do my catching-up on weekends, but if my weekends are filled with social activities, it’ll take a month or so later before I finally caught up with others.

bamboo blade watching tv

At first, I felt I’m missing out. I’m sure there are tons of fun anime out there, but I just don’t have time. Moreover, I felt like I don’t know what people were talking about half the time. Are what they’re saying suppose to be funny? Are they not suppose to? I don’t get it.

After getting over that feeling, I’ve settled into a passive way of watching anime. When I say passive, I just meant anime’s taking the back seat. Getting the latest anime isn’t a priority anymore. Heck, I’m not even sampling series these days. I solely rely on recommendations and tweets on my timeline that caught my attention.

There are also other ways to stay current with latest release like what I did with Sakurasou, which I watched on my iPad, in the hotel and while on plane. Instead of wasting time people-watching at the airport or flipping through pointless magazines on the plane, fitting an episode or two while flying not only makes the trip seems shorter and mood lightened too (depending on what you’re watching).

The point is, it doesn’t really many how frequent I watch anime per week. It isn’t about how much time I spent on anime per week. The more time I spent on anime doesn’t make me a better fan. A hobby is meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner. I’m doing just that.


19 thoughts on “Watching Anime My Way

  1. “I remember last year when I traveled to a less developed city in my country, I struggled even to get my cellphone’s signal working, let alone Internet access.”
    I know that feel all too well at the moment.

  2. “The more time I spent on anime doesn’t make me a better fan. A hobby is meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner. I’m doing just that.”

    THIS. While I keep up with the latest anime, I don’t usually watch them until several days after they air, since I like watching anime at my own pace. There really should be no distinguishing between one fan’s enthusiasm and another’s. If we all say we like anime, then we like anime. Are we not anibros?

    • Totally agree with you. Everyone enjoy what they like at their own pace, with their own style. We’re all different, so there bound to be different methods of enjoying the same medium.

      Yes we are!

  3. “being on time” with anime is only necessary and important when you want to interact with others who watched a certain thing recently. Otherwise there is no reason, to feel obliged to anything.

    I take my time in this season, I haven’t even decided about what to follow and what not.
    I actually had more fun with Chihayafuru S2 than watching the first fresh episodes of the new season.

    At the moment I always get sleepy after three episodes, a few months before I watched 6 in an anime session.

    • “Being on time” was necessary to me. At least, that was what I felt before. But now, it’s no longer necessary. It’s not even important anymore. As long as I get my dose of anime whenever I needed them, it’s enough.

      I still haven’t watching Chihayafuru S2 yet. I’m opposite you at the moment in the sense that I quite enjoy a few anime from this new season. I’m most excited about Danganronpa. Thrilling to watch.

      I didn’t watch a lot for the past few seasons. Quite a while already actually that I was only following 2-3 series per season. Even then, I was watching on irregular basis. This season, however, is quite special – I got about 7-8 airing series, not counting the long running shounen series that’s forever on my plate.

  4. Wise advice for people trying to watch anime while working a job that requires the animeniac to travel a lot…though recommendations aren’t my thing. I prefer picking what I want to watch and read comments to look for other shows that might have what I’m looking for but watching a show just because people other than my trusted broskis told me to…nope.

    • Well, if more than one people are tweeting good things about a show, I’m sure there’s no harm in trying right? I’m not suggesting to just follow what others and pick up whatever they are watching, but given the lack of time to sample new series, might as well take recommendations from the majority. Whether or not a show is my cup of tea is still up to me to decide.

  5. I seldom even try to keep up with weekly episodes of anime, I did before, yea, but I’m also having problems squishing in within my time schedule. There’s also the fact that I dislike watching anime stories cut halfway in between, I prefer watching them consecutively until to the end, or at least, until a proper conclusion point, in other words – marathon xD For the new anime, I usually wait until there are about 10 episodes of them and only then I watch them. In the meantime, if I’m not buried with my mountains of tasks and obligations, I go to my games, visual novels, etc..

    • See, we all have different ways of watching anime right? Sometimes, it even changes after a while. Other priorities may need our attentions first and then, we get back to anime, one of our many hobbies.

  6. Yeah, with a job you just have priorities to take care of before getting to anime. But then even so, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to watch anime right when it airs or immediately. You watch it when you can and have time.

    Of course, I’ve sort of had to deal with this a few years ago, when I was at school and I had to work. Now unfortunately, aside from two days of the week at my internship, I have way too much time so I can watch anime when it comes out, but I can already foresee a situation where I get a job but I will have to manage what I do with said time. But obviously, the anime will still be there for you to watch…eventually 😀

    • Yeaps, I shouldn’t. I have already settled into a new way of watching anime, learning to just truly sit back and relax. Even so, there are occasions that I can’t help but to think watching anime when it airs provides more room for more discussion rather than a few months later when everybody has move on to the next new thing. I’m not saying there will be no interaction with other anime fans, just maybe a little less.

  7. It all depends on the job and situation you are into and I can understand you that sometimes time just is lacking. Taking the relaxed approach is good! (when I started watching anime many years ago I did the same with no schedule or stress).

    Luckily my job kinda leaves me the evening free to watch anime, or I don’t know what I would do…*shivers*

    • Does that mean you’re watching anime on a tight schedule right now? You’re writing an episodic blog and the posts are very, very frequent and up-to-date.

      Haha, I think about two years ago, that would’ve been me too. I’m not complaining, but I won’t deny that I occasionally miss those days.

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