Eden of the East: Memory

Eden of the East Akira and Saki

If you’re given a chance to wipe out your memory, would you do it? If the technology exists, would you jump on the chance to start anew by forgetting the life you’ve build thus far?

The male lead in Eden of the East, Takizawa Akira, chose to erase his memory to forget about unhappy encounters he had. He didn’t only do it once but twice. He’s in such a despair that he doesn’t want to remember anything even though he has friends like Morimi Saki, the female lead, who will be there for him.

Memory is such a funny thing, really. It’s not something that we can see or touch and yet it’s a huge part of our lives. Memory plays a role in our academic lives, social lives…actually, in all aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work the way we want it to work. It makes us remember the things we want to forget, and makes us forget the things we want to remember! Frustrating.

Eden of the East Akira and Saki

So, to see the character Akira has the choice to completely wipe out his memory without putting much effort is tempting. I’m not saying I have things I desperately try to forget. Let’s put it this way – should the option of completely wiping out memory is available, I’m sure the option of completely remembering everything will be available. Then, we have the choice to forget and remember certain parts of us.

Parts of us…While memory isn’t a tangible thing, it’s an integrate part of who we are. It’s something we hold dear without even realizing it, especially the happy memories. Look at Akira, for instance. He is such an odd character. He chose to forget who he was and yet, he eagerly pursued his forgotten memories.

Now, it’s interesting that while some other Seleção had experienced much worse than Akira, they never choose to forget what happened to them. Why?

Here’s what I believe – I believe that what we experienced so far in life is what makes us who we are. It’s important to remember the happy moments as well as the sad days because when all these experiences combined, they make a unique you.

Once again, I’ll leave you with the question I asked earlier in this post – if you’re given a chance to wipe out your memory, would you do it?


5 thoughts on “Eden of the East: Memory

  1. Saki is kawaii ^v^

    I have several bad memories and they come back when I don’t need them at all.
    Partially erasing memories would be great, but not everything, there were so many good memories. Actually I would rather have the choice to redo what I did wrong.

    • Yes, she is. And she’s a very sweet girl too.

      I have my share of bad memories and they do come back and haunt me from time to time, especially when I’m in one of those reflective period. But I probably wouldn’t want to forget them entirely because they serve as a reminder to choices I make today.

  2. I wouldn’t erase my memories. It is a tempting offer due to those bad memories we all may wish to erase. But even though I do have memories I’d like to make disappear, I am certain that even if I did, those experiences or those truths will come back and haunt me, forcing me to relive the same thing over again….and that is just cruel. Plus, there are many good memories as well, so it’s worth keeping all of my memories…good and bad.

    • What if you’re given the option to choose what memories to remember and what not to?

      For some reason, I believe that if our bad memories don’t stay with us, we will make the same mistakes again anyway since the learning process was erased completely. Maybe because we’re hardwired certain ways, lol?

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