Hoshiko’s Criteria For Anime On-The-Go


“On-the-go” because it’s the list of anime I’ll bring around whenever I’m on the move. I’m pretty sure viewing experience is extremely important for all of us as anime viewers. Some of us love big screens, awesome sound system to enhance the experience while some chooses to be simpler, okay with any size of screens and time of the day.

I used to be very particular about how and when I watch an anime. The weather can’t be too hot, the monitor has to have the perfect brightness, etc. It’s a bunch of stuff I made up to enhance my viewing experience. And to a certain extent, I still held on to those beliefs. However, ever since I’m constantly on the move due to my work, which by the way, explains my absence from blogging, I’m a little more flexible these days.

Hidamari Sketch

Because I’m on the move and often faced with dodgy, spotty Internet connection, the only way to get my dose of anime is re-watching old series. Of course, I wrote a list of anime I’ll re-watch before, but again taking consideration of viewing experience, I decided to make a list of criteria for my choice of anime on-the-go. Hence, this post. Although maybe it’s an excuse for me to make another list?

1) Favorite Anime

This is no rocket science and it’s common sense. Of course, whenever I choose an anime to bring along with me, I’ll consider whether or not I like the series. More often than not, I’ll load Lucky Star into my iPad. Actually, I’ve done that 6 out of 10 times.

As always, I’ll randomly select the episodes to watch since well, it’s episodic. Depending on my mood of the day and what number I like, I’ll pick the episode to watch. I’ve re-watched Lucky Star many times and I can probably memorize what they’re going to say (in English and non-verbatim) but I still don’t know what’s in each episode until I play it. I know there are few scenes I like because they’re super funny, but I don’t know the episode number. Too bad.

2) Anime Genre

If you haven’t already noticed, I only mentioned Lucky Star in the above point when my favorite anime list suggests I have a few more favorites. Why didn’t I bring Nodame Cantabile with me? Or Skip Beat!? The answer is simple. Since I’m on the move, watching anime is one of the ways I kill time during ideal times like on the plane, at the hotel, etc. Having said that, I don’t want to watch a series with plots or better put, requiring mental focus. During times like this, slice-of-life series are the best to go with.

Watching Lucky Star too much may not be a good idea so the next slice-of-life I watch a lot is Hidamari Sketch.

a channel

3) File Size

I have a 16gb iPad I bring along on my trips. With loads of apps and whatnot, there’s little space left to fit a good number of series into the tablet. So, I consider the file size of all the episodes. Depending on the format & video quality, an anime episode can easily be well over 300mb. If it’s a 24 episodes series, that can eat up quite a lot of space.

Therefore, on rare occasions, I’ll bring A-Channel with me because I downloaded the smallest size I could get my hands on at the time of airing. You know, with crappy Internet speed back home, small file size is heaven. Besides, the video quality isn’t so bad.

4) Favorite Scenes

There’s one time I brought Kuroko no Basuke with me. This seems a bit of an odd choice comparing to the titles mentioned above. I brought the first season with me once, and I only watched the matches, especially the match with Aomine. For those who have seen the first season, don’t you think that match is the most interesting one? Aomine’s street style’s cool.

There you have it. My short list of criteria. It’s probably good to note too that some of the titles, unless I’m traveling I might not even consider re-watching. Odd eh? While I try to figure out what’s going on inside my head, what will you bring to watch while on the move? Say, one month stay abroad? Do tell!

9 thoughts on “Hoshiko’s Criteria For Anime On-The-Go

  1. For me, a big factor would be appearances. If someone saw me watching this would they be inclined to sit far away from me. Some of my favorite shows I will only watch with the curtains drawn and the doors locked!

    • That’s true. In my case, there are series that I might not want to watch in public, particularly series that are funny but full of fanservice. I tolerate fanservice to a certain extent but they’re series I want to watch with a stranger sitting besides me on the plane, lol.

  2. I actually also prefer SoL if I’m watching anime on-the-go, or just about anything episodic. But still, nowadays, I try not even watching anime on-the-go, lol. I find I still enjoy them the most when I’m watching them at home or somewhere nice and quiet. I would rather watch something else non-anime related if I’m on-the-go.

    • I watch other stuff too when I’m traveling. Actually, I mostly just watch things while I’m on the move, be it anime, movies or TV series I follow. It’s mindless, you could say, and doesn’t use up my brain juice. I consider that a very good way to relax, lol. I used to play games too but the kind of games I enjoy requires me to think and I’m just way too lazy for that.

  3. I rarely watch anime while driving, better said being driven.
    Once I watched the Haruhi movie on my Ipod, but it was a bit small actually 😀

    when Im on vacation I bring anime around who are on my going to watch list additional one or two titles to rewatch. It’s fun ^^

    • I don’t watch anything in the car…I’ll get headache, lol.

      Yeaps, iPod screen might be a bit too small. But when we’re looking for something entertaining to kill time, I can’t complain much, can we? >.<

      You're better prepared than I am! Usually, I pack things last minute so I don't have the luxury of time to make sure I have the anime on my watch-list ready for me to bring around. But I agree, it's a good idea to watch things I wanna watch when I'm away from home.

  4. Well, I’ve never started to watch anime on-the-go except certain times on a bus with a friend, so once I do so alone, I have some great reminders to keep in mind thanks to this post. :bd
    If only I can get higher memory cards for the cellphones I may get… ;A;
    Though, if I go on a trip, I hope I won’t forget anything else while I do a download-copy spree. XD

    • Haha, I’m sure if you traveling with friends and family, they will drag you out to go somewhere or do something with them. I usually end up watching whatever anime/movies/series I brought with me if I’m traveling alone though. >.<

      • Yep. So true. I guess time will come when I get to travel alone. And I will remember these simple tips especially since I want to catch up with a huge backlog of series. XD

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