Why I Like One Piece

One Piece Caesar Got Praised By Strawhats

I suppose it’s not easy to be watching a series for 5 years. One has to be a huge fan or the series has to be real good for anyone to keep following a series after so long. A lot can change in 5 years. In my case though, I’ve been faithfully following One Piece because the series never ceased to amaze me. I never grow tired of it. Sure, there are short periods (a few months in between) in which I watch or read nothing One Piece related, but I’ll always come back to the series, loving every moment of it.

Why I like One Piece? It is a question I never ask or be asked until a few weeks back when I was catching up with series and thought, hey I really like One Piece and this is why. So instead of letting the thoughts come and go, I’ll write them down in this post.

Funny, little moments

Over the past few weeks, I might have tweeted two or more One Piece moments that I absolutely like. It’s not something extravagant. In fact, it probably only happened a few seconds in an episode, but I love it. One Piece is weird like that. Or I’m weird like that.

These moments don’t add much to the plot or entirely irrelevant at times, but they are what makes One Piece so special. Its part of the package – the flair for comedy is something much appreciated. Otherwise, I don’t think I can last this long watching the series. I started following One Piece when it was airing the Thriller Bark arc. That’s like 300++th episode. So to be able to catch up in the span of few weeks, One Piece has to be pretty damn hilarious for me to keep going.

One Piece Penguin


I mentioned in this post about virtual wonder worlds before about how much I enjoy One Piece’s world. Places like Water 7 and Fishmen Island have touches of magic. It’s beyond my imagination.

Furthermore, the creator Oda loves to include funny characters into the series, serving as something or objects we think could work if that creature has the capability. I don’t really know how to explain this in words so I’ll give an example instead. For instance, like the penguin above. It’s fitting and clever to view penguins as possible transporter of medicine in icy weather so Oda used the animal as the vehicle to drive around medicine. He used something in real world that could possibly do the job required because it has the suitable characteristics, but not necessarily is capable of doing it.

These clever moments made me appreciate the limitless boundary of imagination.

Interactions & Dynamics Among Main Casts

People usually stick around a show, not just anime, because of the cast. One Piece is no exception for me. Perhaps, if this show is solely about Luffy, I wouldn’t like it as much. But this show isn’t just about Luffy. It’s also about his crew – Chopper, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Nico Robin, Brook & Franky.

Drawing comparison between the main cast of One Piece and Naruto, another series I’ve been following for even longer period of time, it’s pretty clear to me One Piece has the better casts. Sanji’s eternal drooling over women, Usopp’s hilarious self-proclaimed diseases, Zoro’s horrible sense of direction are some of the things that I actually never get bored of. You could say because they always have the right timing so it doesn’t feel overused.

Followers of the series will know the close relationships between Usopp, Luffy and Nami. How they poke fun at and tease each other, just having fun, enjoying the day, is something I love to watch. The best part is, they’re not explicitly highlighted most times. They’re things happening at the background while the focus is supposed to be on some other characters. For me, this make the characters very likeable.

This point is somewhat related to the first point, actually.



Hmm…put it this way, Luffy is the typical shounen main character. But, and it’s a very big but, he holds value that I resonate with. Like Naruto, the main character in Naruto series, he puts his friends first. Like Naruto, there are times he feels completely helpless and acknowledges his weakness. But most times, Luffy projects positivity, optimism and carefreeness (is there such a word?). And this is something I truly value.

In other words, most scenes in One Piece are not very gloomy.  Even pessimist like Usopp doesn’t bring down the spirit much. Get what I mean? This is not to say One Piece is full of comedy. It’s not. The war that took Ace’s life is a great example to prove this. However, these dark moments don’t overshadow the overall positivity I feel One Piece tends to represent.

If you’re watching the anime or reading the manga or doing both, what is it about One Piece that keeps your attention?

9 thoughts on “Why I Like One Piece

  1. I haven’t been watching One Piece too, and stopped a while to wait for more episodes, just around when the crew regrouped after two years. But I bet it’s gonna be awesome sailing (see what I did there?) from there onwards.

    • Are you planning to continue watching? There was one time I watch One Piece on per arc basis. But nowadays, I just let a few episodes pile up then watch the episodes whenever I feel like it, regardless if the arc is finished.

      • Of cause I do, lol. I prefer to watch it in a arc by arc basis for better conclusion when I go on hiatus again. One Piece’s arcs are extremely long anyway, lol, so even when I went on a long hiatus and came back to it, there’s a high possibility that the arc might haven’t even been completed yet. In fact, that was the case most of the time.

        • Yeaps, I agree – the arcs usually take months before it is complete. They just started a new arc so you probably can continue now while I go on break, lol.

  2. When a show runs that long it needs really good characters and a good chemistry between the different personalities.of the crew members. I don’t know, are their any couples that developed in One Piece?

    I only knew a few of the old episodes, they are airing on a german tv channel from time to time, but they forgot to acquire new episodes it seems. Once they showed the movie Strong World, that was good stuff.

    600 episodes + seems impossible when you have to start from the beginning. At the moment Im watching Gintama to see if I can handle long running anime.

    when animes of normal length come to an end, I often see myself wanting to see more of it, just following the characters and their relationships a bit more. I think with long running anime like One Peace you can get really attached to the charracters and the universe of the show, but there is always the risk of getting tired of it.

    • I don’t really think romantic relationships will play any important role in One Piece. The only obvious one I know is Hancock’s crush on Luffy. Other than that, I’m not really sure if there’s any other boy/girl stuff going on. Even void of romantic relationships, One Piece is a ton of fun to watch >.<.

      How many episodes is Gintama? I think I saw you tweeted about 100++ right? You don't have to watch all 600 episodes. Maybe you could try to watch based on the arcs. That way, you're less likely to burn out from watching too much One Piece in a short time.

      So far, I haven't found myself hating One Piece. There was one time I got sick and tired of a few Naruto characters but got over it after watching them grow and stuff. With One Piece, perhaps it's the constant comedic moments that it's kind of hard to not like it.

      • I see, being just friends is also good enough, but funny enough that the pretty lady has a serious crush on Luffy (at least I know the characters), such things are cute ^^ in the long run a more romantic relationship could get in the way of the storytelling, haha maybe near the end.

        It has just 252 episodes, I’ve already “eaten” 49 ^^ Yeah I could also start with passing the earlier episodes or starting in the middle when the animations improved. I definetly liked the movie.

        Do you follow One Piece since 1999?

        • Haha, “eaten”. That’s a nice word to describe.

          When you say movie, do you mean “Strong World”? I know there’s another movie after that but I haven’t watch it yet. It’s somewhere hidden in my PC >.<

          Nope, I started around 2008 I think. I only spent around 5 years watching One Piece. A friend introduced it and was hook ever since. My friend stopped watching though. I blame him, lol.

          • I refer to myself as “anime eater” As I started with watching anime I finished up to 2 animes per week, but that was years ago ^^

            Yes, this movie, afterwards I intended to watch all the movies, but the russian subs prevented any progress, I really wanted to watch more 😦

            Ah I see, so you had more episodes to marathon 😉
            lol thats interesting

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