Ookami Kodomo: Hana’s Mom Of The Century

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki after almost a year since getting my hands on the anime movie. You see, I dislike the idea of spending two hours watching something, doesn’t matter what, because I think the time is a bit too long to waste. A normal series episode is around 20 minutes, that’s still acceptable to me. It’s psychology so I don’t have a valid reason for thinking this way.

But anyway, I finally motivated myself into watching the movie. While I didn’t particularly enjoy the courtship of Hana, the lead character, and her wolfman partner, I liked the part where she resolved to raise her wolf children on her own.

As you can tell from the title of this post, what strikes me to write this post is the lead character – Hana. I find her quite a rare character, probably doesn’t exist in this world, logically speaking. Her temper is so mild that she hardly loses her cool in all situations. Yes, she freaked out a little when her children were sick but she remained clear headed as not to expose her children’s real identities. On top of that, she constantly prioritise her children’s well-being over her own. Most parents do, by the way. It’s just that her dedication to Yuki and Ame is so strong, so deep that she lives and breathes only for them.

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

A Patient & Understanding Mother

What is even more astonishing is how she handled her naughty kids. I’m at the age where most of my friends are already parents. So you can imagine most our conversations are about their kids. While they love their kids and often praise them, occasionally though they grumbled, complained and basically got fed up with their children’s bad behaviors. A night out with friends were filled with angry or disappointing comments instead of joyful cheers.

Throughout the whole movie, Hana rarely raised her voice to her children. Instead, she patiently explained to them their unique situations and cleverly let them choose their own paths. Whenever Yuki misbehaved, she would patiently explained to her her wrongdoings without getting angry. Perhaps the only one time (which I can remember) that she ever raised her voice so slightly is when Ame was beginning to show his rebellious side.

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Yuki and Ame are quite the difficult pair to handle, in my opinion. Yuki, especially, when she was little. She would do all sorts of crazy things that if I’m Hana, I’ll go crazy. Instead, Hana let Yuki does whatever she pleases. As if, she’s confident Yuki will someday figure things out and not make her life hard. There are few occasions where Yuki and Ame would mess up a clean house with their wolf nature, but Hana never once asked them to clean up after themselves and scolded them.

Ha, I was thinking at those times, if such things happen to me and my friends, our parents would make sure we get our deserved punishment.

A Determined Mother

Besides her super soft and caring attitude towards Yuki and Ame, her determination to raise them in utmost secrecy was something I find hard not to be in awe of. Because of the increasing difficult situation to deal with outsiders such as neighbors and social workers, she fled into the countryside and single-handedly fix her new house and feed her children. She left her familiar, comfortable life to raise her children in an unfamiliar and difficult surrounding. With very little money life and through pure determination, she learned the ropes of gardening in order to feed her children. It’s assuring to see she never once give up after failing so many attempts in trying to grow her crops.

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

A Smart Woman

Hana’s incredibly smart. For those who saw the movie might say, if she’s smart she wouldn’t have landed in the situation she was in. Let’s put that thought aside and see what she did afterwards. She’s able to learn ways of living by just reading relevant books. There are many occasions she resorted to reading variety of books to learn how to raise her children and feed them. And guess what? She successfully raised her children without letting them go hungry once. Also, she’s quite the handy person too. Fixing the rotten house like that. Pretty cool.

I believe my post here pretty much sums up why her deserved Mom of the Century award. She’s simply too nice, too patient and very determined to the point I find it scary >.<.

P.S. Everytime I see Ame (the little boy on the picture below), I was like “Oh, that’s mini L (Death Note)”. Haha. Don’t you think?



2 thoughts on “Ookami Kodomo: Hana’s Mom Of The Century

  1. I love long anime movies, even though I barely can watch them at once XD
    At the moment I’m watching the One Piece movies (finally found english subs)

    Ookami is something I have yet to watch, I will probably be turned into a crybaby by it.
    Im curious now maybe I can watch it these days.

    I found it a bit sad to read “if she’s smart she wouldn’t have landed in the situation she was in.”
    I mean it are her children, you can’t just leave them behind when it gets tough.

    Haha I wanna see the rotten house.

    haha the reality of raising kids is harsh, there is no manual for them, some parents are blessed with a hand for raising kids, many not. knowing a bit about psychology helps in understanding situations where they go berserk.

    • Lol, I don’t think it’s sad though so you won’t cry. At least, I don’t think you will cuz it isn’t exactly a tear-jerking movie.

      Hana is smart and she was in love, I guess. Usually, some people will say she should’ve seen it coming by being with a wolfman. However, I’m impressed how quickly she thought of the consequences when she realised she was pregnant and proceed to make the correct choices for the well-being of her kids.

      You should watch this movie just so you could see the terrible, rotten house she fixed. I don’t think I can fix that bad of a house. >.<

      True, true. And some children are naturally obedient so the parents are a little relaxed. It all depends. In the end, we're all wanna see a happy family, don't we? =)

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