Nisekoi: Fake Love Turned Stale


I don’t think anyone would be surprised that the two main characters in Nisekoi who were initially forced to date will eventually date towards the end of the series. But at this point, we don’t know that yet for sure. From the 20 episodes we’ve seen, however, many events have suggested that the ending we all know too well will happen.

Nevertheless, that is all my guesswork based on the anime. I’m not sure how things have progressed thus far in the manga and I’m not about to find out.


Nisekoi Onodera Kosaki and Ichijou Raku

All Too Familiar Plot

In case you haven’t notice although I’m pretty sure you did, the plot used in Nisekoi is well used in a lot of anime in its genre – harem. Personally, I’m not a fan of this genre because male lead is always some sort of a loser. And then, we’ll see a bunch of girl characters introduced as the story progress and they all will fall in love with the male lead. The male lead will then share some special moments with each of the female characters.

Nisekoi shares similar traits except Icihijou Raku is bearable, which is why I continue watching the series. He’s not a helpless guy whom magically attracts girls. Raku is someone who’s helpful, dependable, genuine cares for those around him and is actually a good cook. He knows which girl he likes. At least, for the most part…

No Surprises

Is anyone surprised that Tachibana Marika popped up in the middle of nowhere halfway through the series? I bet no. Is anyone surprised that there are a bunch of transfer students in Raku’s class and are one way or another, linked to him? Again, I bet no. Is anyone surprised that Raku and Chitoge had a temporary fallout? No.

The reason is simple – it uses the same plot lines as mentioned in point above and didn’t bother to add flavors of its own. There’s nothing out of the ordinary and everything goes by the book. It gets boring.

Nisekoi Ruri

Lost Promise

The worst part is that finding the girl Raku promised was kind of forgotten towards the end of the series. Once Raku’s pendant is sent for repair, it remains at the shop until the end. We didn’t get to see the pendant again. We don’t know if anyone cared anymore because everyone’s preoccupied with the present events such as Chitoge struggling with her growing affections towards Raku, Raku struggling to understand Chitoge, Onodera mustering up her courage to confess, etc.

Once Tachibana appeared and everyone realized they are kinda like childhood friends, the story with the promise and the keys are no longer driver of the series. One can argue that it’s because the manga is still on-going and the story with the pendant and the fitting keys are eventually revisited. As an anime viewer, this doesn’t matter. As far as I’m concerned, with how the story is going, whether or not Raku finds out which of the girls’ keys can unlock his pendant is no longer important. Hence, lacking the motivation to find out what happens next.

Nisekoi Kirisaki Chitoge and Ichijou Raku

I watch Nisekoi because it made me laugh. I continue watching the series because it’s a comedy. I’m able to complete the series in a day because it’s easy to absorb.

Having said all that, I don’t think Nisekoi is necessarily a bad series. It lacks storyline that would’ve helped it stands out more. If Nisekoi has a second season, I wouldn’t mind watching. However, I won’t go out of the way to follow the manga just to find out what happens to Raku and Chitoge.

It’s not worth the time.

P.S. I’ve read quite a number of chapters before Nisekoi was made into an anime. Even then, I stopped reading way before.


15 thoughts on “Nisekoi: Fake Love Turned Stale

  1. Yep, Nisekoi is a much more effective comedy than it is a romance. A lot of the subtext with the relationships makes me mad, and plus the plot is predictable and goes nowhere like you said.

    The facial expressions in this show are gold, though!

    • Yeaps, yeaps, I love the facial expressions too, especially a few from Chitoge! I’m keeping those facial expressions though. Who knows I might wanna use them in a blog post someday, lol.

  2. Mostly all of the reasons why I stopped reading the manga (and watched only a fair bit of the adaptation) are these; plus I just grew tired of it.

    Which is a bit sad really. I mean, the manga (to me at least) didn’t feel like it was headed towards a harem, and just became one for convenience of not having the “big reveal” of the promised girl come up earlier.

    • Going at this rate, there will probably be more female characters revealed and we’ll never know who’s the girl Raku promised until a few years later. Let’s just hope that it won’t drag til as long as say, One Piece.

  3. Well, the manga’s still ongoing with nothing resolved and they just introduced a new girl to the plot so…yeah…

    “I don’t think Nisekoi is necessarily a bad series–”

    Well, you could say that it’s…average then 🙂

    • “Well, the manga’s still ongoing with nothing resolved and they just introduced a new girl to the plot so…yeah…” <- Yes, it comes with watching anime adaptation of on-going manga. I wonder if they will ever only adapt completed manga in the future. Probably not, but if it's true, we'll always have a proper ending. That would be nice.

      I'll say, Nisekoi is not bad, but not good, lol.

      • The authors won’t make money that way! Companies won’t have much material to adapt unless they make their own original anime, but how much original anime is made in a year? So yeah, that won’t happen unless companies stop making so much anime.

        “I’ll say, Nisekoi is not bad, but not good–” HOSHIKO!!!! =p

  4. Yeah, at this point I’m mainly reading just because I’ve been reading since Chapter 1. I never really considered it a bad series, but it became pretty clear that it wasn’t going anywhere for a long time.

    • Yeaps, I don’t think it’s bad either. Just nothing out of the ordinary.

      I’ve stopped reading Nisekoi for a long time now. Pretty much what I’ve read was already covered in the anime. Should there be another season for Nisekoi, perhaps I’ll watch it just to find out what really happened 10 years ago.

  5. I understand your, for a lack of a better word, disappointment with the series in general. I also agree that it’s not something revolutionary or original but it does do it in it’s own way. Maybe that’s what attracts me to the show. It really isn’t original but the throwback it gives to those earlier harems before gives me nostalgia. Overall, I think each generation has to have it’s cliched harem and while there are better ones out there, this series in particular is for this generation.

    • Hmmm…while harem isn’t my favorite genre, there are a few series these past years that are pretty good. I can recall good memories with Mayo Chiki off the top of my head and of course, Nisekoi is one of the few. Pretty good for a harem, that is.

      Thanks for commenting, shadedclan. =)

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  7. i think your wrong I very much in joyed the plot he doesn’t have one objective and that is relatable I want to see if him and chotoge get married and have children.

    • Everyone has different taste, especially when it comes to anime preferences. Like I said, I don’t think Nisekoi is a bad show. It’s just less interesting.

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