Isshuukan Friends: Hase’s An Idiot

One Week Friends

It started off really sweet, in my opinion. I thought Hase Yuuki was very kind and persevered in his quest to befriend the girl who no one talks to in his class: Fujimiya Kaori. I suppose in the real world, there is very little people who is willing to put up the effort to maintain a friendship, let alone a romantic relationship, with a person who will forget you when Monday arrives. So yes, I thought Hase was doing a good job trying to get inside Fujimiya’s closed, mysterious world.

Although it’s been very clear from the start (to us, anyway), Hase’s intention is more than just being friends with Fujimiya. He probably didn’t realize, or rather didn’t want to acknowledge, his actual feelings for Fujimiya. Despite having the knowledge, it still didn’t make it any easier for me to watch Hase’s constant jealous fit whenever she tried to make new friends. It’s way worse than watching Kazehaya trying to keep Sawako to himself in Kimi ni Todoke.

One Week Friends

While I applaud him for making the effort initially to get to know Fujimiya, it’s not long before I started to distaste watching him around her. Perhaps distaste is too much of a strong word to use. I’ll take note to update this post with a better description that fits what I feel about Hase.

In some ways, Hase is very possessive of Fujimiya. He wanted to be the special person who gets to learn her secrets and see the sides no one else in his school has ever seen. Heck, he even said so himself. Despite not willing to share his new friend with others, weirdly, he started asking Fujimiya to step out of her shell and share her secrets. Talk about contradictions! He sulked, got jealous, used his friend Kiryuu whenever he felt convenient, etc.

One Week Friends

He’s indecisive and is plain annoying to watch. Unlike good friend Kiryuu, whose actions are a little more direct, Hase tends to not know what to do when it comes to his friendship with Fujimiya. He only knows he wants her to be his friend, but he doesn’t know how to be her friend. Like all kinds of relationships, friendship also takes two to tango.

Hase turned from being the role model friend to an undesirable friend. And sadly, that’s pretty much what I’ll remember Isshuukan Friends for.

P.S. Despite my last statement of the post, to give credit, at least Isshuukan Friends has a different take on normal high school series with the female lead being an outcast. It’s interesting to see how a girl with memory problem struggles in her high school life. And more importantly, the male lead isn’t some kind of a high school superstar. Please, he can’t possibly be one.


10 thoughts on “Isshuukan Friends: Hase’s An Idiot

  1. >It’s way worse than watching Kazehaya trying to keep Sawako to himself in Kimi ni Todoke.
    I fail to see how he’s any worse, really. In fact this is basically little more than another take on KnT, right down to the secondary cast being far more interesting to watch than the primary cast. It started off better, until it became clear that Fujimiya wasn’t any more interesting than meets the eye. Now it’s just KnT take two to me. In fact I’d say the characters are slightly less frustrating here, because at least Shogo is around to be a voice of reason that doesn’t feel like it’s written for some lame after-school-special.

    • Kimi ni Todoke’s characters are interesting to watch in a sense that we, at least I, get to see them gradually grow and change. In this case though, Hase remains the same throughout the episodes thus far. What I meant when I say watching Hase’s getting jealous over other students is way worse than watching Kazehaya is that, from the get-go, Hase becomes jealous when other people gets to spend more time with Fujimiya and see her other sides. He pushed her to reveal her memory problem and yet, he’s acting like he shouldn’t have done it in the first place. As an audience, I get confused with what he really wants. Is it Fujimiya finally not being misunderstood or he finally gets to be with her?

  2. Hase’s intentions were skewed to begin with. At the very least, I also share in the idea that he didn’t plan on being “just” friends with Fujimiya when he first tried to introduce himself. That said, I’d like to think that Hase’s selfishness stems more so from wanting to keep for himself what other people don’t really see; which is Fujimiya’s real nature. Like, I want to think he feels cheated when her classmates see that side of her, when before they didn’t even try to get near her as much as he does.

  3. I guess girls don*t want male friends like this.
    Im not that harsh about Hase to be honest, I like that the show portrays him as ambivalent character and not as saint. Sure it was very kind to give Fujimiya a push in the right direction and some advice how to break the chain of weekly memory loss with simple tricks. In return he wished to have a special relationship with the girl, an exclusive one on top of that. Since Fujimiya turned out as more cheerful and less socially awkward person, he can*t be her only friend. Hase has a crush on this sweet girl and therefore I can forgive his subtle jealousy towards otthers. When people do kind things. they want something in return and even when it is just a kind of proof of ones own kindness. Don*t be so hard with Hase, he is just a silly, insecure teenage boy in love ^^

    • I don’t really think his jealousy is subtle. It’s very obvious. And it isn’t really about girls prefer not have a friend like him. I think even boys will have issues with his inconsistencies when it comes to Fujimiya. Like he’s quite the pain to deal with?

      Haha, alright, I won’t be so harsh with Hase. Maybe I’m a bit too harsh when I wrote this post, hehe.

      • Haha he is bad at hiding it after all, but he isn’t mean towards his rivals, as far as I’ve watched, Im two episodes behind my holiday internet is too slow for downloading big files. Oh of course, its not really gender specific, but Hase acts like that because he wants more than just friendship in the end. I have the impression that it is somewhat different between friends of the same genders.

        You have to show Hase the right way haha :p

        • Haha, I actually can’t imagine what would it be like if Fujimiya is a guy and Hase is working hard to befriend him. Perhaps, as you’ve suggested, it’ll be very different. It requires much imagination to replace daily bentos with something else.

  4. I got frustrated watching Hase too. Other than the thing you mentioned here, him being possessive of Fujimiya, it also felt like he just kept bothering his friend, Kiryuu (who is a character like ten times better than him), and disregard him when he doesn’t need him. It’s to the point that I wondered how the heck Kiryuu doesn’t get annoyed, lol. Or maybe he IS annoyed, hard to find out his emotion with his “dead-fish” eyes and all.

    • Yeaps, I did make a point about him using Kiryuu when he feels convenient. I really dislike that part about him. He should be grateful for having a friend with such patience.

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