Glasslip: Do You Want To See The Future?


For those of you who doesn’t know, Glasslip is a currently airing anime revolves around Fukami Touko and her friends. It’s a bit of drama, a bit of romance, a bit of this and that. One of the underlying themes of the series is foreseeing the future. Apparently, Touko and the new boy in town, Okikura Kakeru share the ability to see/hear tiny fragments of the future.

As I’m following the series, the thought crossed my mind a few times: do I want to be able to see the future? It’s just a wishful thought, a wishful what-if. Because let’s face it, is there really a person here on earth that can see the future?


Now, back to my question: do I want to be able to see the future? While watching episode 6, Touko’s mother said something quite interesting about being able to know what happen next: You can enjoy it twice. Her mother is a very positive person to be able to come out with such an interesting perspective. Normally, people will have mixed emotions about it. Like I do.

If I’m really to be honest with myself, the answer to my own question is yes, I’d like to see the future. No, it’s not because so that I can enjoy the experience twice. Here are my two big reasons why:-

Decisions Made Easy

How many times did we ask ourselves the what-ifs questions? Now, if we have the ability to see the future, won’t we make the correct choices based on what were revealed to us? The revelation of the future, that is. It’s like a straightforward if-else route. If I take route A, what sort of consequences ensue. If I take route B, what could happen. That way, I don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice.

Think about it:  no more hard choices!

At the same time, we get affirmation that we’ve made the correct decisions. There are times we wonder if we’ve made the correct call, did we do the right thing. Being able to tell the future affirms our decisions. I’ll be able to rest well knowing that I chose the correct course. If I didn’t, I still have time to change. Crisis averted!


Skip The Anxiety

In episode 5, Touko’s friend Takayama Yanagi wanted to know what the future holds so her step brother Imi Yukinari doesn’t have to worry about his track and field career. I call it career, but he’s just running at school races.

I bet everyone has that moment too, that we shared Yana’s wishful thought. This is especially true when we’re waiting for results! Be it exam results or interview results or whatever its. The kind of stuff we’re most anxious about but can’t get a immediate reply. Then, we’ll lose of few nights of good sleep getting really worried about it. If we’re able to see the future, we’ll save those worries, don’t we?

As much as I’d like the benefits of being able to see the future, there are downsides too like I mentioned earlier. Touko briefly mentioned about it being boring, which I agree. To live is to get excited about unexpected events and navigate through life challenges with undiscovered sheer willpower. That’s a life well live, in my opinion. Also, remember this: With great power comes great responsibility. I think the famous quote from Uncle Ben speaks for itself >.<. It can be an inconvenience when it starts interfering our daily lives and becomes a burden.

So let’s say, hypothetically, such power exists, do you want to be able to see the future? Why?


4 thoughts on “Glasslip: Do You Want To See The Future?

  1. I don’t wanna see the future. Some stuff is better that way. As I’ve said before life is simple just like Barakamon. Keeps things simple and everything will be good. Look how lacklustre Glasslip is :p

    • Simple life doesn’t escape the times when we need to make hard decisions though. But I agree, simple life is always the better way to live.

      Haha, Glasslip is well…disorganized in more ways than one.

  2. Well, the whole precognition-thing… it isn’t handled that well by Glasslip. It’s more of a plot-device for this slice-of-life-drama in this case. I mean, sci-fi and fantasy have a ton of examples of how to make knowing the future an interesting thing. In the case of the latter, it’s the whole prophecy-shtick and in the case of the former it’s all the time-travel-paradox-stuff.

    Now in regards to seeing the future, I think the most interesting perspective is for me personally the one that you don’t change a thing. It’s all just a loop and knowledge of the future or you travelling back into the past doesn’t change your decisions but rather your decisions already have been influenced by those future ones. After all, the romantic notion of knowing the future is all tied to improving your life but what if time-travelling and knowledge of the future actually cannot improve your life…? What if it just produces another form of mundane life with a new source of information? Or a ton of busywork in the case of time-travelling… So, personally, nope, not really interested.

    • If I don’t get to change a thing at present, then the ability of see the future is a burden. Knowing something bad is about to come and yet stands hopelessly now and not able to prevent, that’s a little too much to take. So if that’s the case, I wouldn’t want to see the future.

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