Naruto: New Era

Naruto's Team 7

I’m a long-time follower of Naruto series. So it’s a special moment to see validation of how the characters have grown over the years. Trust me, it’s been a looooong time.

What I like most in episodes 373 & 374 is how they welcome the new era. The latest war that’s been going since forever and those two episodes welcome a new phase. It’s time for the younger generation to shine. I mean, they are comparing the new Three-Way Deadlock Summoning with the old. The students of The Legendary Sannin and the three top ninjas themselves. I suppose, it’s a proud moment for fans of Team 7 and their peers.

 Below is some of the most exciting moments (a.k.a screenshots) in Naruto Shippuuden episodes 373 & 374.

Naruto's Team Kakashi

Team Kakashi or Team 7, which consists of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura started off on the wrong foot. Things improved a little before they turned sour again until this very day. Putting the idea of fans disliking Sasuke and Sakura aside, it’s great to see them back together, fighting alongside each other.

Sakura, especially, has finally caught up with her team mates. She’s no longer the girl to be protected as seen in above screencap. When they were on their first mission together, Sakura couldn’t do much. But today, she’s fighting on equal ground. I don’t think she’s as strong as Naruto and Sasuke, but she’s proven herself as a disciple of the Fifth Hokage. So much control, highly skilled.

I think it’s very easy to write off Sakura as useless. A lot of people said that. She might not have added any significant value thus far, but she’s been helping as a medicine ninja relentlessly. She deserves a little credit.

Naruto's Team 7

I love the above moment so, so much. Perhaps it’s because they’re finally working as a team. Three of them are capable ninjas in their own rights. This is when their summoning jutsu were regarded as the new Three-Way Deadlock Summoning. Back in the days, only Naruto was capable of performing a summoning jutsu. Look at them now, all three, Sakura included, are able to perform this jutsu.

Naruto's New Era

And the other worldly creatures are summoned! Poof!

Of course, to only highlight the growth of Team 7 would not be right. Other teams have grown as well.


Particularly, Hyuuga Hinata of Team 10. When she was first introduced in the series, she’s shy, soft-spoken and weak. She would then slowly morphed into a brave and skillful ninja she is now. Who can forget that she was the one who shielded Naruto from Pain? She sacrificed her life! And in episode 373, she’s fighting alongside with her peers, improving her skills along the way. In fact, she’s more outspoken these days and was seen openly encouraging others.

She surprised me far more than Sakura did, to be honest.

Team Asuma

Team Asuma is easily my favorite team. Their skills are unique to their own clans and the three clans have been working together as a team for generations. Maybe this explains why the three has exceptional teamwork. They’re always in sync. In episode 373, it showcased yet again another one of their excellent teamwork.

The two episodes were very exciting to watch. Blame the background music too for adding the extra excitement. They did a job well done on highlighting the new generation in Naruto. Not only just the representative of the new era, but also how promising they are and how much they’ve changed for the better.

Very good episodes!!

2 thoughts on “Naruto: New Era

  1. 374!? Wow, I think I’m not cut out for such long shows, Gintama goes slightly on my nerves after 180 episodes with going back to crazy comedy after the end of an epic arc. Well, so far it is a good show.
    I might review it next year *lol* 70 episodes left omg.

    It’s good that the characters seem to develop and change over time in Naruto. I never watched it, a few german dubbed episodes on TV aside. I think it is rewarding for the viewer when the characters can improve from unskilled noobs to reliable members who also grow mentally

    Sakura can’t fight? I always find it mean if characters are called useless only when they are no front line fghters. Team 10, Team 7, just how many teams are there that get their fair share of screen time ;D?

    • Haha, I have my techniques for keeping up with long anime like Naruto. I don’t watch them on weekly basis like I do other anime series. I accumulate a number of episodes, 10 or more, before watching them again. At least that way, the fillers won’t get on my nerves too much.

      Yes, it’s rewarding to see them grow so much. That’s why I think these two episodes are among the highlights of the current war that seems to be going on forever.

      Well, I won’t say she can’t totally. When they were all younger, usually her team mates, Sasuke and Naruto, do all the fighting. She barely helped. But things have changed now, which I think it’s pretty cool given that she doesn’t have a lot of fans.

      The teams are made up of Naruto’s peers. They sort of went of missions together sometimes, etc. Lol, so I guess they don’t get as much screen time as the members of Team 7.

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