5 Favorite Uniforms

Vampire Knight

Let’s do something light and fun this week! I’ve seen plenty of anime in which characters don uniforms for the most part of the show. Since I’ve done a lot of “favorite” posts like favorite slice-of-life series and favorite mascots before, I thought I’ll give uniforms a shot too. The term uniform here refers to distinctive clothing worn by members of same organization, team or school. So my list doesn’t only consider school uniforms.

The criteria that determine my choices are combination of colors as well as styling. These are all about personal preferences, of course. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my favorite uniforms from 5 anime series.

1. Haikyuu!!


I’ve watched a lot of sports anime but Haikyuu‘s orange and black made it stood out. The contrast of colors appears at all the right places, making the uniform pleasing to the eye. I like the fact that the shorts have the same contrast of color on both sides in line with the ones on the jersey.

2. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

If I have to choose, I’ll say Night Class uniform stands out a bit more. However, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Day Class uniform or Night Class uniform, Vampire Knight‘s school uniform works for me. Because in the two uniforms, they share the same combination of colors: white, black and red. I like how the lines highlight the curves for the girl uniforms too.

3. Mashiro Iro Symphony

Mashiro Iro Symphony

To think that I remember its name even though I only watched two episodes three years ago says a lot about the first impression Mashiro Iro Symphony‘s school uniform gave me. What I like about the uniform is its cutting, the slight shoulder puffs and laces on the skirt. The combination of white, black and red (ribbon) works for me as well, just like Vampire Knight’s.

4. Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin

What I like best about Shingeki no Kyojin‘s military uniform is that it’s made of midriff light brown jacket with its organization’s emblem displayed proudly on its back. With dark brown high-knee leather boots covering half of the tight white pants, the members perhaps have one of the most fashionable military wear.

5. Persona 4: The Animation

Persona 4

I like the guy version of Persona 4‘s uniform better than the girl’s, especially how Narukami wears it. My favorite part of the uniform is how the collar pops up, covering the whole neck and some of the face. The white dotted line accentuates the cuttings too. These combinations make the uniform looks cool and casual as opposed to being a very school uniform-like.

There you go, my five favorite uniforms from anime I’ve seen before. Care to share what’s your favorite uniforms? I love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Uniforms

  1. Haikyuu has great uniforms, orange is my favorite color btw.
    Together with navy blue it creates a dynamic and proud look.

    Mashiro Iro Symphony has lovely uniforms for the girls, it creates such a pure and elegant look. The fine lines around the edges looks nice and I love the sleeves, where the back of the hand is slightly covered, it’s so pretty.

    m a fan of the sailor uniform design in general, like in
    Hyouka, the blue white looked great on the dark haired girls.
    Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei has great winter uniforms, the black jacket over the high collar white shirt gives them such a grown up and cool presence. In
    Ao no Exorcist I liked the uniforms for the boys a lot, they looked a bit delinquent like with a few punk elements, loved the red thin tie. YuruYuri, impressed me with a rather unique design, I loved how they put the short sleeved white shirts with short sleeves over the autumn red dress with long sleeves. The opening at the front is so cute and gives the uniform a light look. The brown accents are also nice. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere had a quite eccentric design of uniforms, but I find them damn pretty. It were futuristic black and white bodysuits with wide sleeves. I always liked the soft and comfortable look it had in the show. Ok, they accentuate the girls attractive points quite a bit, but the male version also looked good in my opinion.

    A uniform for younger pupils I really liked was in Nanatsuiro Drops with a cute design and friendly colors.
    I liked how the pullover was combined with a skirt. The vanilla color of the pullover goes very well with the raspberry red skirt. It looks a bit like cake *lol*. Also the details like school logo on the side and the orange and green stripes or the detailed neck tie made them look nice. The summer version is also super cute ♡

    • You’re quite the fan of sailor-fuku eh? If I’m correct, it’s one of the most popular school uniform design. It’s interesting to see that with a touch of different color, it can change the appeal of the uniform. I actually like the Hyouka’s design because of its color.

      Reading you name your favorite uniform designs reminded me that there are still many titles I’ve yet to see. Haha.

      Thanks for commenting, Wieselhead!

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