Aftermath Of A Manga’s End

Naruto Manga

Several weeks have passed since the world of manga bid farewell to the much popular series Naruto. And several weeks before that, my friends and I bid farewell to another of our favorite series Kuroko no Basuke. In other words, we’ve spent a lot of days these past few months “chasing” the weekly chapter. We would eagerly and anxiously waiting for the release of the translated chapters. Worst part is, the translators seem to delay the release of the last few chapters on many occasions.

For us, we would greet each other each morning to with either “Kuroko still not yet release.” or “Naruto not yet out”. And then we’ll go on with our work while periodically check for possible updates. On a “bad” day, we would end the day with the same sigh. Figuratively speaking, of course.

When the chapters finally arrived, we would be left with more anticipation of the next. This is especially true with Kuroko. We would be exclaiming stuff like “Why hasn’t the match ended?!”, “OMG! More torture!”, etc. By the way, we’re always chatting in the chat room. So it’s not like we’re really throwing tantrums and whatnot.

Kuroko Manga

Now that both manga have officially ended, our days are not as exciting. Life still goes on. Still exciting, but less. Perhaps we’re still recovering from the weekly dose of over-excitement, if you will. After all, the period in which those two manga ended are quite near. Imagine, we were “high” almost on daily basis, waiting for the new chapter. And then the next. And then…the next. It repeated for weeks on end.

Put it this way, the feeling is similar to the one you get after a wonderful vacation. During the vacation, we see and experience new things. Our energy are on its highest level. Whatever excitement we had when we get back from the vacation, it will linger for weeks. At least, for me that’s the case.

Right now, I’m just feeling the aftermath of spending weeks “chasing” that new chapter of an ending but much beloved manga. So in case you haven’t notice yet, this post is just that.

Are you affected too?

4 thoughts on “Aftermath Of A Manga’s End

  1. Right now, I’m affected by Koe no Katachi’s end. That was a really beautiful manga, aside from the fact that it is unique and exceptionally serious on its story elements, characters and plot. It’s really memorable. Every week I read a chapter, I would feel satisfied but also feeling hungry for the next chapter as it usually ended with cliffhangers. 😀 Good thing there’s the anime to look out for.

    • Yes, yes! All those cliffhangers only left me wanted for more each week! Arrrghh! I’m also eagerly waiting for Kuroko No Basuke’s 3rd season. Man, with all the adrenaline rush and everything, it’s going to be so much fun!

      I never read Koe no Katachi before, but I think it’s a good thing that the manga has ended before the anime adaptation begins. That way, at least the anime’s chance of having an actual ending is higher.

      • I heard there’ll be a sequel manga to Kuroko no Basuke. You will be happy when it comes out.

        Yes, I’m really hopeful that Koe no Katachi anime will just follow the manga and have a proper pacing, length and duration, and ending. 😀

        • Really? That’ll be wonderful! I’ll check out the news to see if there’s a tentative date or something. Thanks!

          Yes, if I have read a manga, I would prefer the anime adaptation to follow the original source closely. It’s okay to differ a bit, but not too much. I hope you get your wish! When will the anime start airing?

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