Yowamushi Pedal: Makishima vs Toudou

Makashima and Toudou

In the world of competitive sports, an athlete should consider himself/herself lucky to have someone he/she deems worthy to be called a rival. A rival, in my opinion, is someone who is competing for the same goal and considered to be an equal in terms of skills or talent. This is why I think it’s lucky if athletes could find someone with equal ability to compete with in races in order to truly unleash their fullest potential in any sports.

Yowamushi Pedal presents many forms of rivalry, some one-sided while some of good-natured. But none stands out more than Toudou Jinpachi and Makishima Yuusuke‘s rivalry. In their case, they considered each other as rivals and compete with the thought that they’re both equally capable of winning the race.

Makashima and Toudou

On the first day of Inter High, Toudou challenged Makishima to race to goal of Climber’s Checkpoint in their final race together, which is also their own tie-breaker race. The former was eager to have a showdown with someone he affectionately calls a rival and also because they have a score to settle.

Background on Makishima and Toudou

Their history goes back as far as to when they were second year students. Makishima surprised Toudou by going on head to head with him, far ahead of other racers in a race called Okuchichibu Hill Climb. Over the years, both of them have competed in many races together and each always just ahead or behind each other.

If you ask me, I think they’re an odd pairing. I mean, Makishima strikes me as a laid back and cool person who prefers to observe the worst of others and acts as though he doesn’t care much about his teammates. When everyone else is cheering on Onoda Sakamichi, Makishima always prefer to state the obvious expectations from a newbie. However, he ended up becoming Onoda’s biggest cheerleader and also as a mentor. If anything, he serves his role as an upperclassman well, giving as much guidance and advices as possible to his juniors.

Makashima and Toudou

Toudou, on the other hand, is extremely boastful of his non-existent beauty and fans. He comes off as vain and is an attention-seeker. As a matter fact, during their first meeting, Toudou commented on Makishima’s lack of aura and weird hair style. They didn’t have a good start, but ended up pretty close after that with Toudou often calling up Makishima to check on latter’s well being.

In terms of their competitive nature, one can see coexistence with respect to rivalry. While racing hard to reach the peaks, they often laugh together, cheering and challenging one another. Toudou was even upset when Makishima had to retire from a race due to flat tires.

So it doesn’t matter if they’re different. Their sole focus and determination to reach the peak first brought them together. As it cheesy as it sounds, it’s a beautiful friendship.

Makishima and Toudou

Thoughts on Rivals

I always enjoy watching people compete with good and open hearts. Personally, I think having positive and constructive rivalry can never be a bad thing. This has been well illustrated in the rivalry between Makishima and Toudou. I believe finding someone to share the same passion and goal in life is not easy. And to finally found that person and build an encouraging relationship him or her is another difficult task to achieve. This makes having rivals all the more interesting.

Having someone to call a rival not only encourages one to work harder, hone their skills, improve themselves in order to win, but also to share the physical and emotional challenges, pain and difficulties only a rival would understand. In a way, rivals are each other’s best support system, very much like the two road racers in Yowamushi Pedal. They’ll shout at each other to keep moving forward in races and support each other on other non-race days even though they’re representing different schools.

 I’m no athlete. Heck, I’m don’t remember what’s my last race. Generally, I’m not a competitive person or am I particularly good in something that needs competing against. So watching anime series that highlights on this aspect is really fascinating. At least, it is to me.

5 thoughts on “Yowamushi Pedal: Makishima vs Toudou

  1. I like these relationships in Yowamushi Pedal, not these villain like cyclists that appear later in the story.

    Makishima and Toudou are more like friends who like the same sport, Todou seems to have stronger feelings, though. Hmmm team Hakone appears partially Yaoi anyway, but nevermind ^o^

    Yeah both are actually very different, but somehow they are still compatible when cycling.
    This certain pair reminded me of Haru and Rin from the Free! anime with a similar chemistry, one guy is always very clingy, not entirely likeable at first and very serious about competing with the laid back person who doesn’t seem to take it seriously. Well, Makishima is not as mentally absent as Haru and enjoys competing with others.

    I don’t know if it’s realistic to have such friendly rivals between different teams in sport, but it’s a nice thought.

    I can relate to Makishima and his personality the most, and he has beautiful hair haha.
    If he was a female biker …♡

    • Really? The new villains are bad? Oh my. I hope they’re not as bad as Midousuji. I stopped watching the second season after the end of Day 2 race. I’m waiting for Day 3 to complete. Has it complete yet?

      I don’t know why, but I enjoy watching this pair better than any of the ones in Free!. Maybe because Toudou and Maki-chan are equally good and don’t really carry any emotional baggage with them so it’s easier for me to enjoy their rivalry relationship as it is.

      Yeah, it’s probably hard to imagine different teams to be on such good terms. To properly answer this question, i think we need to ask real athletes, lol. From media perspective, it probably rarely happens, if it ever did. >.<

      No wonder he is your favorite character from Yowamushi Pedal. I think he carries a cool vibe. Especially with the hairdo!! Hahahaha.

      • The new one is worse than Midousuji, doing very underhanded things. I hope Midousuji will cause some trouble for him… evil vs evil, would be great if it would actually happen in one episode.

        No, day 3 has barely started, I forgot how long the last part was, but only a few kilometers were scratched. It’s quite awesome at the moment 😀

        Yeah, Rin had really a few problems, Toudou and Maki-chan have no such hard feelings involved.

        • What? Day 3 barely started?! Haha. I’ll have to check how many episodes are there for second season. I want to watch it already, but I don’t want to watch it on weekly basis. I’ll die of heart attack.

          Wow. That means the new villains are way worse than Midousuji. At least he’s just being tactical, strategic and plain noisy. Oh boy.

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