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I’m primarily an anime watcher. For the lack of a proper word, let’s use the word “watcher” for now. To further elaborate, I’m more inclined to watch the anime of any titles as long as there’s an anime version of it. I’ll be more than happy to skip reading the manga, playing the visual novel or reading the light novel. In that respect, yes, I’m more of an anime person. For readers who have been following this blog for a long time would come to realize this. After all, I mentioned it several times.

So, for me to transition from the anime to actually reading manga takes a lot of work. At least, the anime must do the original work justice. This means what was translated into an anime isn’t too far off the original work. Majority of the characteristics are still there and whatever emotions are properly conveyed through animated work.

Since I started watching anime around seven years ago, there are many titles that prompt me to read the manga. At least, for a few chapters. I read Naruto and One Piece on and off, not really following on regular basis unless there’s something super exciting going on. You know, when there’s some huge battle going on and stuff. Believe me, I’ll know it when they happen. I have my sources.

kimi ni todoke

There are, however, a few titles that stick. I’ll faithfully read every new chapter that’s released. In fact so far there are three titles that successfully brought me over to the original sources: Skip Beat!, Kimi Ni Todoke and Ao Haru Ride.

It got me thinking. What prompted me to read the manga? Is it because watching anime isn’t enough? I don’t think so. My reason is probably the same as all other people. Curiosity and impatience.

Anime with on-going manga tends to stop at the most awkward places, leaving the story hanging and prompting viewers to question what happen next. For example, Skip Beat!’s anime stopped before we get to know if Tsuruga Ren really overcame the wall he had in trying to play a character in Dark Moon. It sort of bugged me a little so I went ahead read the manga. Little did I know I’ll still be reading it years later today.

Also, I get impatient with the anime’s pacing and figured out it’ll be a lot faster if I peak a little into the manga. I only do this for super long series like Naruto and One Piece.


As I mentioned, a lot of titles prompted me to read the manga but not all sticks. I either stop reading the manga because I was quickly getting bored of it or lost interest halfway through. Some, I had the intention to read the manga but didn’t follow through. For example, Chihayafuru. I love the anime so much that I always wanted to read the manga now that the anime sees no sign of a third season. But the time never came. A few months later after the second season’s last episode aired, my interest started to wane.

Occasionally though for some titles, my interest is still there as I found myself catching up on the series periodically by binge read the new chapters. Or I’ll shamelessly take the shortcut: read up on wikia. Popular titles have well kept wikia pages and it’s easy to find the latest information about the story arcs. While I question the accuracy of the information published on such platform, it never stops me from going back for more.

I think I wrote that whole lot of that just to illustrate one point: for me to transition from watching the anime to reading the manga, the story has to be extra special. From the three titles that stick, one major similarity is the emotions of the manga. How well did the manga explain the internal struggles, internal thoughts and relationship dynamics between characters. I’m sucker for stories like these.

Anyway, this is mostly some observations about how I establish relationship between the anime I watch and the manga I read. Are there any titles you saw that prompt you to read original source, be it manga, light novel, etc?

16 thoughts on “From Anime To Manga

  1. My main motivation behind reading manga is my rare luck that shows I enjoy are rarely getting a second season, like with Kannagi for example. Although I am a bad manga reader I take either forever with reading or lose interest when the story starts to feel dragged (Yumekui Merry).

    Have you ever tried reading a light novel of a show you’ve enjoyed? it’s surprisingly hard to stay focused. I badly want more of Haruhi Suzumiya and her friends, I also have all novels so far at home, but for me it’s much better suited to be animated. I just see this wall of text and faint ;p

    Reading action manga is more suited for me, I can get super fast through the panels until I’m dizzy XD
    I’ve started reading Shingeki no kyon or recently Terraformars because I got impafient with the anime.
    Terraformars works much better in manga media , the show was actually bad ;D

    • I never read any light novels before though. Do you have the English copies of Haruhi Suzumiya? Where did you get them? Actually, I’ve been looking for GOSICK. Turns out, our bookstores have them sold out a long time ago. And I’m lazy to look around as well, lol. I guess I’m like you: wall of text -> faint.

      I think a lot of us grow impatient with those action-oriented anime series since they’re usually pretty long and the anime isn’t catching up fast enough. That what’s happening to me with shounen series.

      Lol, that means the animation didn’t do the original source any justice!

  2. Well, I already been an avid manga reader for years now, so transitioning from the anime to manga is easy enough. Except more often than not, most of the titles that have aired are either LNs (which I rarely read) or manga I’ve read already. The few times the opposite has happened (Ex: Space Brothers, Chihayafuru, HxH?) Yeah, didn’t bother wanting to read the manga.

  3. I’m not much of a manga reader, I think it’s better to stick with anime most of the time. it’s always so frustrating when I do choose to read the manga and it’s incomplete + it ends on a cliffhanger argh! The most recent manga I read is Tokyo Ghoul, I wish I can undo that cuz now I have this biased view that the manga is better XD

    • Hey, you’re like me! Sticking with anime most of the time =).

      “The most recent manga I read is Tokyo Ghoul, I wish I can undo that cuz now I have this biased view that the manga is better” .< Haha, are you going to watch the current season for Tokyo Ghoul?

      • Yes! I thought it was interesting that the storyline was changed completely. I don’t even know what the hell is going on with Kaneki and Ayato, like wut are they comrades now? totally unexpected.

        • I haven’t start watching yet, a little slow to start this season. But I’m looking forward to Tokyo Ghoul, especially now you’re saying there’s some plot twist.

  4. I’m more of an anime person too, but I find that I always prioritize media with higher production values. If it’s anime and manga, I will always prioritize anime, and if it’s anime and LN, likewise, I will also prioritize anime (it’s also the same reason why I always prefer to read LNs that haven’t/probably won’t even be adapted to anime). I do read their original sources of cause, but that’s usually after I had actually watched the anime, lol. And for the record, yes, surprisingly, I’m not reading the Naruto or One Piece manga :\

    • I think quite a number of people prefer to watch anime more than other form of entertainment has more or less the same reason as yours: higher production values. For me though, I feel like I could consume more with anime rather than manga. But that’s probably only a psychology factor only.

      I don’t always read the original source though, unless the anime is exceptionally well done or at least, I’m well invested in the story to want to continue continue with a title.

  5. I quickly lose interest on manga which I read after watching the anime, partly because I’m hoping a sequel would come. Not only that, I read some manga that don’t have anime yet, but quickly lose interest in them, only to find some months (or years) later that they’d be having anime adaptation. In this case, I am less likely to return to reading these manga and, instead, just watch the anime. Of course, it also depends on how the story is really interesting for my taste. That said, I have a huge pile of ongoing and publishing manga that I haven’t finished, but I’m hanging by a thin thread–thinking that maybe, just maybe, I will \read\ them in the future. Who knows when that \future\ will come.

    Nowadays, to prevent the recurring problems I have when it comes to reading manga, I try to read those that are already complete for quite a long time and don’t have anime.

    • It’s probably just me, but sometimes I think reading manga is much more time consuming compared to watching anime. Furthermore, anime has more memory impact for me personally than just reading manga. Something about the animation and sound that helps me remember better.

      Yes, I do read manga partly in hope that there will be sequel too. For some reason, some manga which I think there’s a lot of good material, the sequel never came. Oh well, there’s still the manga. By the way, any particular reason why you lose interest in them? The story’s becoming less appealing?

      • That’s true.

        Some manga’s stories are interesting only at the beginning, and the appeal fades the longer it gets. I am not sure if the mangaka’s just losing the creative juices to make their stories even more entertaining in the latter chapters. But there’s the aspect of manga publishing where the popularity of a good manga would most likely push the editor to talk with the mangaka in pursuit of a lengthier run. And it’s not rare that the result of that \let’s make this sell a lot\ mentality is the story’s quality gradually dropping, as it is also common to find long-running manga getting more interesting in the later parts of its run.

        For me, though, I quickly lose interest because I’m a really slow reader and I prefer to see the story in audiovisuals. I’m still working on that \reading\ part. It also helps me forget about some manga when there’s nothing that hooks me to reading it.

        • I heard and read about it too, that some manga gets lengthier due to its immense popularity, not necessarily because the mangaka wanted it. I suppose the quality of work could be affected too since additional unplanned scenes needs to be added in to make up for the request, but this is just me guessing.

          Yes, I understand that. I’m pretty similar in the sense I prefer watching than reading.

  6. I’m pretty much like you – an anime viewer who will dabble with manga to see how the story of shows I enjoyed continued. Generally I prefer the anime adaptation, but sometimes the source material proves to be superior.

    • Yes, some source material are better compared to adaptation. Some provide better insights to a character and their thoughts, which at times add value to the progression of a story.

      Thanks for commenting!

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