Shirobako: Chasing Passion


I enjoy watching Shirobako pretty much the same reason as most anime fans: it’s a welcoming peek to the world of anime production. After all, we anime fans have long been a fan of the media and would love more than anything to see the behind scenes. I loved every episode of Shirobako and it’s one of the best anime this year so far. Heck, I think it’s one of the best P.A.Works’ anime I ever saw.

I’m sure there are tons of people enjoy seeing the donut ladies stepping closer to their dream each episode or the excitement and drama in anime production. I’m one of them.


There’s something so captivating about watching people putting in their all and chasing after their dreams, their passion in life. Nevermind that Aoi never knew what she wanted to do or if being a producer is what she wants to do. The fact that the ladies stood firm on that very one promise that made each other way back in high school is amazing enough.

Throughout the entire series, the limelight shined at different girls at different stages of their lives. Despite being one of the characters with less screen time, Shizuka was the one I cheered for the most. Watching her struggling so much was particularly heartbreaking. She’s one character that worked so hard, failed so much and the last to find a certain success among her friends. It took her what seem like an eternity to finally earned a breakout role she long for since high school.


What’s so captivating about watching people chasing their passion even if it’s just an anime with a bunch of fictional characters? I think it’s pretty much the same reason why the world loves to talk about successful public figures from a humble root. The drive to do something they’re passionate about, be it an idea about changing the world or simply sharing their talent, has a positive influence on many people. It’s encouraging, confirming, supporting.

The donut ladies, as I like to refer Aoi, Shizuka, Ema, Misa and Midori as, had that sort of drive to chase after their dreams, goals and whatever you name it. More importantly, they’re brave enough to endure the hardship, challenges and adversities that thrown their way as they slowly step closer to their dreams. The drive and bravery are not values that some of us embody, but should.

At the end of the day, what makes Shirobako that much fun to watch it’s not only the peek at anime production or the drive for chasing passion. It’s this much fun to watch also because of the dynamics between the characters and the storytelling in all of the episodes. It’s a well done anime, in my opinion and it’s an anime I’ll remember for a long time.


5 thoughts on “Shirobako: Chasing Passion

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  2. Indeed, one of my favorite anime of the season. It’s an anime about making anime with all the FEELS at the right places. Episode 23 and 24 are especially feels-inducing. And I definitely agree about Shizuka, and it really does reflect the competitive nature of the voice acting industry.

    • Yes, yes. It hits all the right places at the right time and that what makes this series so good. It’s a plus that it’s sort of motivating to viewers as well: To chase after their passion much like in Bakuman. Easily an unforgettable series.

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