Why I Like Kuroko no Basuke?

kuroko no basuke

When it comes to being a basketball anime, I think it’s difficult not to compare Kuroko no Basuke with Slam Dunk!. After much thought, I realize I like Kuroko no Basuke pretty much for the reasons I dislike Slam Dunk!

Why I like Kuroko no Basuke is similar to why I like sports anime, except this post is very much tailored to this specific anime.

Thrilling Game Plays

From the first match against Kise in Kagami and Kuroko’s first practice game until the finals of Winter Cup against Akashi, any matches involving Team Seirin are thrilling to watch. Kai from Deluscar has an interesting piece that details what a match would normally be.

The number of episodes for each game is just enough and not long winded. They don’t bore. If I have any complaints, it would be that some of the matches are too short for my taste. Most of these matches doesn’t involve Seirin though.


I find it interesting to watch how Kuroko does he passing and how Kagami seems very excited in each of the games. Besides that, I also find it fascinating how Kiyoshi sought to protect his beloved team members or how Hyuga leads and brings together everyone in Seirin. They may not be the stars like previous duo, they played crucial roles in bringing home each of their wins.

As much as I’d like to say the collaboration between Kuroko and Kagami highlights most of the matches, it’s the super abilities that each of Generation of Miracles have that makes it even more thrilling. My personal favorite is Aomine’s ability. I’m on the fence about super abilities but that what makes the series so cool to watch. I don’t watch professional basketball games so I don’t know if anyone like Aomine really exists in the world. But if it does, that’s one hell of cool guy, playing formless basketball. Although, I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing is Emperor Eye. Am I right, basketball fans?

Likeable Characters

Save for destructible characters like Haizaki and Team Kirisaki Daīchi High, pretty much all of the casts are likeable even though they can be annoying when they’re playing a match. There’s a saying that no athletes love to lose so I’m guessing it’s the drive to win that turns them into monsters temporarily while on a match. Besides, those super unlikeable characters I mentioned earlier didn’t even last more than a match.


Team Spirit

Selfishness versus team play. Which do I like to watch more? I think this has an easy answer. What made Slam Dunk sucks is because of how selfish Hanamichi is. Sure, sometimes Kagami come off as arrogant, but in the end, he chose to play with his team. He chose to win with the help of his team mates. And thanks to that, Team Seirin remains the team Kuroko admired from afar when he was still with Teiko.

Speaking of team spirit though, Team Seirin definitely is the team that show the most teamwork and trust amongst players. After all, the show does revolve around it. However, it’s nice to see that throughout the three seasons, each team that the Generation of Miracles played for now gradually displays more such spirit as a result of change of play in the geniuses themselves.

In the end, I think what makes Kuroko no Basuke even more special is that there’s also an ending that loads of fans are happy to see.

14 thoughts on “Why I Like Kuroko no Basuke?

  1. I’m on the second season KnB and I really love it, but I always wondered what Slam Dunk was like. Sounds like KnB is the stronger show! I love the focus on teamwork that KnB has, as you pointed out—so the opposite of that would probably tick me off too. XD

    • Yes, the teamwork especially in Team Seirin is one of the highlights of the show for me. It goes to show how important it is to learn to lean on your teammates during difficult times and know that they have your back. It’s really nice >.<

  2. I agree towards your reasons to like Kuroko no Basuke. As to athletes that are like Aomine Daiki, I feel Tim Duncan would fit into that category. They are both power forwards, and have the agility to go to the basket and makes some good plays. That’s my opinion on skills wise, but some people may think differently. We could also put Lebron James or Charles Barkley or Karl Malone into the mix.

    A good basketball team needs chemistry and team spirit, and I agree. Seirin High’s team has depth and excellent players, who assist each other to make some good plays.

    • So there is someone like Aomine is the real world! That’s good. I’ve actually seen videos of pro basketball player made the basket from the other end of the court like Midorima so I know that’s possible. I really like how Aomine is able to shoot at different angles, etc. His first match with Kagami really captured my attention and is one of the matches I love the most in the entire Kuroko no Basuke.

      Yes, yes. Seirin is pretty much the reason a lot of people enjoy watching this series. They show really good games.

  3. I watched Kuroko no Basuke and now I’m trying to watch Slam Dunk since it’s so popular and Slam Dunk fans always bashes Kurobas for being unrealistic and Kuroko always win. But after watching 5 episodes of Slam Dunk, I kinda find it very boring. There is not much going on except for some gangster fighting. I still want to try watching it though but it’s very hard to do it especially when I expect it to be as thrilling as Kurobas.

    On the side note, do you think you would enjoy Slam Dunk more if you watch that first instead of Kuroko no Basuke?

    • I did question if players like Generation of Miracles exist or not. There are pro players with their sort of abilities apparently, it’s just that perhaps the anime exaggerates the abilities a little bit too much. But it’s much more exciting to watch as compared to Slam Dunk, in my opinion.

      The gangster fights in Slam Dunk is one of the reasons why I dislike the series so much. It’s really annoying. Instead of focusing on basketball like Kuroko no Basuke, it’s more like watching a bunch of high school thugs who happen to be in the same basketball team.

      Hmm…that’s a tough question since I already watched the first season of Kuroko no Basuke before picking up Slam Dunk. So I guess the expectation set by Kuroko no Basuke is already there. Given how long-winded Slam Dunk matches are and how annoying the characters are, I doubt I’ll enjoy it better.

      • Me too. I even searched on Youtube to see if anybody made a comparison video of some sort. It turned out that there are many videos that compare NBA players to the Generation of Miracles and I find it very interesting to watch. And I agree with you. Those exaggerated abilities are the very reason why Kuroko no Basuke it thrilling.

        I can’t really remember if I read it somewhere or I heard it from someone but I remember this, ‘the reason why Slam Dunk has much gangster fights is because at that time during the 90’s, gangsterism is very popular’. I don’t know if this is true or not but if it is true, then it makes much more sense as to why violence is one of the main focus of Slam Dunk. They might even want the audience to relate to the situations in the show.

        So… basically, Slam Dunk is just crap huh… Oh wait, am I allowed to curse here?

        • Ah, I see. I guess it’s also about tailoring to the target audience to increase its viewership and whatnot. It’s without a doubt that Slam Dunk is a wildly popular series. A lot of people, whether or not they are avid anime fans, know the series and even think highly of it.

          I think it’s best if you decide for yourself if Slam Dunk is crap. Have you continue watching the series after the 5th episode?

  4. Hey, thanks for the plug :p

    Yea, all the things you mentioned are actually pretty standard shounen fare, especially the last point. But I just like how thrilling and exciting their basketball scenes are, even if a bit unrealistic xD The dominance of the Generation of Miracles is also displayed very nicely, it’s as if Team Seirin is fighting constant boss battles, lol.

    And also, there’s the music, which I talked about at length at my own post. Characters like you said, are also likeable, I also like how the more “supportive” characters like Hyuga, Izuki and the rest, basically anyone aside from Kuroko and Kagami has their screentime.

    • You’re welcome! It’s a great article.

      “it’s as if Team Seirin is fighting constant boss battles, lol.” <- Lol, you're viewing everything in game play mode. But when you put it that way, it sounds more fun.

      As much as it's thrilling for us, it may come off as unrealistic for some. But who cares as long as we enjoy the series right?

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