Quick Anime Updates


Alright, things happened and before you know it, several months have passed. I was busy traveling for work for the last one month and a few months before I was busy with work projects. When you’re swarmed with work and used up most of your brain capacity during the day, the last you need is to use more of your brain to come up with an article or two. All you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy anime.

At least, that’s what I’d do.

During the times when I have Internet access and not traveling, I managed to keep up with all the anime that I was following including Durarara x2, Sore ga Seiyuu!, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Aoharu X Kikanjuu, Baby Steps 2, Gangsta., Working, Ore Monogatari and a personal favorite Wakako-zake. If I missed out anything on the list, that’s probably because the anime is not interesting enough for me to remember it.


Now, I’ll admit this. I sampled Wakako-zake because I know Sawashiro Miyuki voices the main character and she’s one of my favorite voice actress. Turns out, the short series is a very enjoyable with a simple approach to showcase food in Japan. I shall write a post on this series because I love it that much!

Gangsta. started off strong for being one of those “different” anime. It has different style, different storyline than most things I’m watching. I thought of the series as interesting with not too much violence. Just enough to keep me going. On the other hand, Aoharu X Kikanjuu was one of the least liked anime on my watch list but continued to watch weekly to fill in the calendar. It got pretty exciting towards the end but the ending still pisses me off.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime and Ore Monogatari are the sort of anime you’d want to watch to get that feel good feeling. There’s this sense of “fuwa-fuwa”ness in each episodes and they make us feel that the world is a better place by giving us a fairy tale like stories.

If you watched Shirobako, Sore ga Seiyuu! is what I would say as  a reasonably good must watch “add-on”. If Shirobako paints the intense world of anime production, Sore ga Seiyuu! paints the struggles of voice actresses who are vital parts of the anime production industry. I used to think that seiyuus only voice anime and game characters. This series said otherwise. I guess you could say it helps increasing your knowledge about the anime industry we all love.


The second cour of Durarara x2 turned out much more fascinating that the first cour with me feeling the familiar Durarara is finally back. The different perspectives of events unfold, the internal monologues of different character and the sheer suspense of mysteries around Ikebukuro.

Now, let’s move on to other sequels. It’s great to finally to see progress and growth in some of the characters in Working!!! although I’m starting to feel detached from the series. I don’t mind if there’s no fourth season, but I’d still watch it if there is. I think this where the series is heading for me personally. Baby Steps 2, however, remain a strong personal favorite for the intensity, fighter spirit and sportsmanship in tennis.

That sounds like a mouthful of updates anime wise. I must say though, this is the first time in my entire anime watching history, I attempted to watch at least one anime per day. That means I get to watch anime every single day every week during the whole of summer anime season. I’m lucky there are enough likeable titles to get me going.

Will I repeat this attempt again? I don’t know. Fall anime season doesn’t look very promising…

10 thoughts on “Quick Anime Updates

  1. I really liked Wakako-zake too! It was relaxing, sweet, engaging enough; good show about food! And wow I so relate to your feelings for Auhora X Machinegun. I was so. mad. at that ending. Grrrrrr. And Sore ga Seiyuu! was also nice; I got invested in the girls’ careers and enjoyed looking up all the guest voice actors too. 🙂


    • Yes, yes, it’s definitely the best show about food I’ve seen so far! And I’m so happy that I’m not the only that enjoys the series 🙂

      And yes! I did that too. It’s really interesting to know how far these voice actors have come and read about their stories online. I normally don’t look up about who’s-voicing-who in anime so there are a lot of unfamiliar names. In the case of Yui Horie though, the show made me wonder if she really dresses that differently on stage and off.

  2. Good your back and already wrote a post.
    Oh haha at least we shared two animes in that previous seasons, oh and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 😉
    Durarara x2 definetely was better than the previous one, but it got so damn complex I’m lost now.
    Gangsta started really nicely later with all the superhuman fights it was rather similar to Black Lagoon or the bloody Vampire anime, the atmosphere still was unique, hopefully it will continue soon or I’d read the manga instead.

    I actually watch anime everyday (night), on rare days I rather watch something iinteresting on TV,
    but its enjoyable =)

    • Haha, I think post like this is much easier to write. And yes, I’m back and hopefully at least for a longer period of time. =)

      Indeed there are much characters now in Durarara and story is not as simple as the first season, but once you take the time to let it all sink, I believe you’ll get right back on track.

      Oh, I enjoy the fights in Gangsta. a lot, especially the ones involving Nicholas. He’s crazy and fearless. Very fascinating to watch his movements, lol.

      Really? Do you follow a lot of new anime every season or you pick up some interesting old anime to watch? I don’t watch anime every night, save for last season. I do watch other TV series, normally procedural series, but not a lot too. I lost interest in some after a while…

      • As long as they end Durarara in a decent way, I’m fine.

        In the later episodes the villains were just too overpowered for my taste ;D

        Strangely I can fill the time I’m sitting in front of the TV with animes from the season,
        often I add an already finished anime into the timetable to have no gaps.
        That said sometimes I fall asleep after 2 anime episodes lol

        Often normal TV offers one series I like, at the moment it’s “Gomorra – La serie”
        really good gangster drama, partially a little cliched, but interesting plot.

        • I’m hoping Durarara ends soon. Am I the only one who wants it to end quickly? Some anime when drag too long, it gets boring. I’m already bored of those -monogatari stuff.

          Maybe one day I’ll know what to fill in the gap with, whether it’s with TV shows or anime.

          • Yeah, please not another 3 year wait for a Drrrrrrrrr final!
            Thats unfortunately true, I dunno why Owamonogatari plays somewhere in between now,
            its so irritating for me, bahhhhhhhhhh! XD

            Well, you don’t have to follow my example, you could read a book or go to sleep earlier ^^

  3. Didn’t watch much from this list, lol. I do like Ore Monogatari a lot :p I also like Working S3 since there’s a lot of character conclusive arcs, I actually think it’s a good time as any to end the series right then and there, lol (Wasn’t the manga ended already?)

    • Yes, I think so too regarding Working. Dragging it for too long will probably bring more harm than good. (No idea about the manga lol. This is not the type of series I’d crossover to reading the manga)

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