Wakako-zake: Learning Simple Dining


Few months back when it was still airing, I’ve tweeted this show a few times only because I really, really enjoy it. Of all the culinary anime I’ve seen thus far, this is by far the best. Why? I believe no-nonsense is best way to describe it.

Wakako-zake follows the many solitary, after-work dining of 26 years old Murasaki Wakako whereby she enjoys and discovers a variety of foods and drinks.

Each episode is only two minutes in length including the OP song, which in my opinion has a very happy feel about it. It sort of makes me wanna move along with the rhythm while having this huge smile plastered on my face, you know what I mean? Not that I actually do it. It’s an image I can give about how the OP song really feels to me.


Why do I say this is a no-nonsense anime? Because from beginning until the end, it’s all about Wakako’s simple dining experience: why she chose the food, how she savors them, etc. It’s only two minutes, there’s little room for anyone to go astray anyway. Like you know how Koufuku Graffiti does with its foodgasm.

I enjoy this anime a lot also because of how I sometimes love to end my day with some delicious, comfort food. I wish I have Wakako’s variety menu to choose from, but I normally stick with just a few choices such as char kway teow, chee cheong fun and wanton mee . I guess I should consider myself blessed given I actually live nearby many hawker stalls.


After watching this, I thought I should also be mindful about what I’m eating: its texture, its flavorful profile and maybe its origin. I’m not sure if it’s Asian culture or if it just so happens it’s the lifestyle I’m living, 99% of the time I only have one course meal and it’s mostly made of carbohydrate.

Oh by the way, perhaps one of the motivating factor for me to at least stream this short series is because the voice actress is Sawashiro Miyuki!


5 thoughts on “Wakako-zake: Learning Simple Dining

  1. Haha, that’s a nice little anime, very little actually, but the episodes capture a good atmosphere.
    The opening is relaxed and happy.
    She eats in such a conscious fashion and gives each meal much thought. Good she ate no bad meals or things she disliked lol. I’ve been a picky eater, I still am honestly, but I recently try to improve with adding new food to my list ;D

    It took me 6 episodes to notice Sawashiro Miyuki here, she used totally different parts of her voice, I’m mainly used to Kanbaru Suruga, Celty and other roles, but anyway she has one of my favorite anime voices ^^

    • Yes, I agree. I wouldn’t recognize it’s her if I haven’t read about her voicing the character. Thank goodness I read the article cuz I normally skip this super short series. And high give to this: ‘she has one of my favorite anime voices’

      It’s been a pleasure with this series and what you said about the character vs the food is very true.

      Hmm…I don’t think of myself as picky eater but there are food that I won’t. Ever!

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