Fairy Tail: Strong Friendships


Friendships, unspeakable bonds and trusts are one of the major aspects of shounen series. This is especially true when one has been watching Naruto, One Piece and similar titles. Naruto is famous for chasing after Sasuke in the name of having strong bond with the later and Strawhat pirates trust each other with their lives.

In Fairy Tail, there’s this sense of strong, unbreakable friendship serve as a living force not only among Fairy Tail guild members but also seen in among other guild members too.

I had been catching up with Fairy Tail these past few weeks. Words are spoken over and over again in present fights or flashbacks that more or less speaks of the importance of friendships.


Erza Scarlet was really beaten up by Kyoka. She loss her give sense and according to Kyoka, Erza couldn’t have been able to continue their battle. Seriously, if you lose all of your senses you logically shouldn’t be able to fight. However, defying all odds, Erza stood up and fought not with her senses but her fear of pain of losing her friends. In other words, her friends gave her the strength to see through the battle with her opponent.

Even while Sabertooth was still consider the bad guys, Sting was despair when Lector was apparently killed by then guild master Jiemma. The pain of losing a dear friend drove him to kill Jiemma, a man he revered. His whole being changed when he thought he lost his Exceed friend: filled with pain, despair, anger and sadness. It was perhaps then he finally understood friendships, commitment and bond that are shared among Fairy Tail guild members.


Over and over again, Natsu showed how important Happy and Lucy are to him as friends. He’s often seen regain strength, power and motivation to fight a formidable enemy when they are hurt. He’s most powerful when someone he cares about was threaten with death. I believe the same goes to Happy and Lucy. Despite Happy is often seen teasing Lucy, he showed great sadness whenever Lucy is in pain.

This act of trust and care is not only seen within a guild but also among different guilds. I rarely see different villages work with each other except for the last war in Naruto nor do I often see different crew work together in One Piece, but in Fairy Tail, the guilds are often seen working together for common cause.

Friendships. What defines it? Who do we call as friends? Why do friendship mean so important to these characters? Each of us has different definitions of who we call as friends. But seeing it as a driving force in so many things in Fairy Tail, I think it makes a word that very much appeal to its fanbase.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail: Strong Friendships

  1. I think friendship was the main reason I fell in love with this anime as well. Though as time went on, a change in taste has led me to drop this series, it certainly was a good anime to look back on haha 😀

    • I think Fairy Tail is an anime that’s good to watch for the laughs, actions and sense of friendship and that’s it. It’s not something I’ll re-watch or miss, hehe.

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