On Re-watching Anime


In the spirit of revisiting old anime starting by re-watching Bleach, I continue on to attempt watching other old anime still in my possession. Let me repeat, attempt to watch.

Why attempt? Because for some series, I gave up after only watching few episodes. For other series, I continue to enjoy watching or even have a newfound understanding of what I’m watching.

I find this odd because I only keep anime I really, really like in my possession. There’s no point to keep meh titles right? They only take up space. So naturally, I thought I’ll still have that same amount of enthusiasm that I had coming into any given anime series.


In this post I’ve written ages ago, I listed five anime titles I know I’ll re-watch with the same amount of enthusiasm no matter how much time has passed. I didn’t revisit the list as often as I should have, but four years gone, the list is still somewhat valid.

Lucky Star is an anime I re-watch the most due to its slice-of-life nature. It’s also one of the anime series I watched in the earlier part of my anime fandom. There are a lot of references that I didn’t understand, but would later laughed out loud after watching whatever anime series they referenced to. This is the best part of re-watching an anime.

Other anime titles I often re-watch over the last few years are Skip Beat!, Hidamari Sketch and Nodame Cantabile. They never bore me. That’s a good thing.

Now onto the dark side.

bamboo blade watching tv

I have fond memories of Bamboo Blade and in fact had re-watched once years ago. Having that thought in mind, I picked Bamboo Blade over the Christmas holidays last year and wanted to watch again. Lo and behold, only seven episodes into the series, I’m feeling bored. What happened? I used to enjoy the series very much.

Lovely Complex is another anime I really like and had also re-watched before, but only to recently find myself not being able to get pass the first few episodes.

Perhaps it’s due to change of preference in anime. Perhaps it’s knowing a story all too well. Needless to say, by re-watching I now have a different impression of those anime series. Now this isn’t a good thing.

Hidamari Sketch

I mentioned earlier that my list is still somewhat valid because I still haven’t attempt to re-watch Kimi ni Todoke even though the manga is my all time favorite. Yes, I’m still reading the manga and yes, I’m still getting the fuwa-fuwaness from the series. Whatever that means. So should I really list Kimi ni Todoke as one of the anime I will re-watch over and over again? I don’t know. You tell me.

Honestly, I have this crazy idea of re-watching One Piece once the series ends lord knows when. At the time of writing this post, the wildly popular shounen series has 722 episodes. Perhaps I should re-think the thought to preserve the good impression, lol.

Anyway, have you guys attempted to re-watching a much loved anime series only to find out that you don’t like it as much as you think?

20 thoughts on “On Re-watching Anime

  1. Lots of times. There are many anime that make me nostalgic. I loved them when I watched them the first time as a kid, but not so much as an adult. An example would be “Eyeshield 21”.

      • Exactly. I also think it depends on our moods—well, at least for me. As I’m a marathoner, I like watching one series and finishing it in one go because I don’t like waiting every week for each episode to come out. And the series I watch are mostly based on my current mood. Right now I watch shounen-fantasty series, so I’m currently not interested in watching series outside of this genre. A couple of months ago, I was in a sports anime mood so I only watched sports anime. Do you experience this, too? No?

        • Now that you’re mentioning this…actually yes. Last few seasons the titles I’m watching are mostly sports and mystery series. At that time, I wasn’t really keen on picking up other genre. Not even slice-of-life. I tried, but dropped most of them.

  2. I re-watch anime on occasion – whether for fun, or to pass the time when friends come over. And yeah, that feeling of anime losing its taste (for lack of a better word) has definitely happened. For me it was Ookam-san. Even naming it my “guilty pleasure” anime feature, I believed wholeheartedly that I’d never grow tired of it. I still love Ookami-san, but despite it being 12 or so eps long, I dunno.. I just can’t get myself past three or four.

    I still have a couple of titles that I enjoy re-watching though (Big Windup! and Saki, primarily) so I can’t say for sure what it is exactly that makes an anime lose its “replayability” after a while.

    • I don’t think anyone knows exactly why but most, including myself, will definitely say time changes a lot of things.

      Like yourself there are titles that I still enjoy. Just some aren’t as exciting as it was before.

  3. I rarely rewatch anime, but I find that rewatching moe/slice of life are good since you don’t really need to follow such a strict plot (I would argue and say moe -has- a story for those who say otherwise, just episodic and mundane in nature, but I digress), and with the nature of these shows, you can watch and stop anytime, anywhere you like. Perfect if I suddenly want something relaxing to watch, lol.

    • Your point on slice-of-life is the reason why I can re-watch Lucky Star and Hidamari Sketch and not get bored of it. I choose random episodes to watch these days although I re-watched the entire series before.

      However, what I found is my impression changed over time for those that aren’t necessarily slice-of-life like romance or high school club series.

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