Rediscovering Anime

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I gotta say this: it’s feels extremely good to be able to sample most new episodes in this new winter anime season. It’s something I haven’t been doing for quite a while. And I said most because I don’t sample second seasons of anime I never watched.

For the past three years or so, I haven’t been spending enough time doing things I enjoy most such as this hobby here. Getting back to this one hobby that serves as stress reduction will always be a positive thing. Believe me, this is not just an excuse to watch more anime!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.06.14 PMSampling new anime episodes regardless of genre, I’ll call this experiment. Experimenting with different genre and not letting short summary of an anime defines a particular title allows me to discover anime I otherwise wouldn’t watch.

Speaking of genre, I noticed my anime list last year revolves around sports and mystery (or detective series to be precise) genre. The easiest explanation to this is because they’re genres I enjoy most and have higher chance of following. Slice of life is kind of a miss or hit thing so I found myself moving away from the genre.

In the midst of this habit of selection, I’ve forgotten the thrills of discovering little gems. I don’t remember what’s it like to watch a fun Japanese high school series. By going through the first episodes this season, this sort of brings back the familiarity I once had with anime.

How so? For example, when I was sampling Musaigen no Phantom World, the first thought that crossed by mind was how I’ve forgotten the prestigious feel of private schools in anime series. Like the one I remembered from Ouran High School Club.

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When time permits, I pick one or two anime titles from the winter list and watch. I try not to let preconceived opinion about a series refrains me from discovering interesting titles. By doing so, I found out that a short series called Ojisan to Marshmallow’s first episode was one of the most enjoyable I had so far. So was Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Plus, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar has such beautiful scenery artwork, I’m falling in love with the series. By the way, the screenshots here are all from that series.

I’m glad I’m running on a slower pace this month in all aspects of my life. This way, I’m able to rediscover the joy of discovering anime. The good ones and the bad ones. The weird ones and the funny ones.

Wanna know what I’m watching this season? Head over to my MAL account! What are you watching this season?


8 thoughts on “Rediscovering Anime

  1. Good that you are able to watch more than in previous months and can be at a slower pace overall 😉

    It’s definetely good to explore other genre’s and also returning to a few you subconsciously ignored over the years. I often only go after an animes cover picture when I decide about what to watch ;D I like to be surprised this way.

    Especially this anime season seems to have real variety of shows. Recently I’m either tired or have no time, so I can only focus on a number of shows per week, but I really like to look at the shows I haven’t touched yet. There are so many interesting animes this time in my opinion.

    • I initially thought this winter season has nothing I wanna watch besides the second seasons of series I’m already watching. As it turns out, I have quite a number of series on my watch list. There are additions that are usually not something I’d pick based on genre or summary so I’m glad I really had the time going through the titles. It was really fun.

      Yeaps. Whenever I feel bogged down by work, I cut down a number of shows I watch per week. I was simply too tired and drained to be bothered with having too many things on the plate. Take it slowly. Do what feels like a good pace and you’ll enjoy as well 🙂

      I take that character designs and general artwork is important in your decisions for picking up a series?

      • I would say character design is a main criteria, also if there is a nice landscape as coverI get interested.
        I once dropped a show because everything looked fugly and unappealing, I watched a few episodes until a dog was shown, it was ridiculously bad looking, then I was really fed XD

        • LOL!! Normally I’ll find it hard to tolerate weird character designs, but there are some with really good story so I kept on watching like One Piece. Never a fan of its art >.<

  2. For the first week in every season sometime i choose maybe 5 to 10 tittles, and after 3 episodes i decide to drop or continue, then the tittles reduce to only 3 to 5 in every seasons. For this season, i like Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi and Shouwa Genroku. Shouwa Genroku introduce me about another japanese culture and it so interesting. Ojiisan to Marshmallow is a fun alternatives 😀

    • I had more on my watch list earlier the season and I dropped a few titles after the second episode.

      The first episode of Boke Dake Ga Inai Machi was really interesting. I like the premise of the series but feel that it’s better to watch marathon-style so I’m gathering the episodes and will watch the series once it ends. And yes, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu also introduced me to another Japanese culture I never heard of. The episodes are fascinating in the sense that I get to see the presentation of an old Japan, something that’s rather rare in anime. At least, I haven’t seen any such as this.

      Thanks for commenting 😀

  3. I’m sure it will be fun sampling and just pretty much experimenting watching anime you would normally never watch. In fact, I had been seeing some of the titles you watched and some of them are something (and I daresay) most wouldn’t pick, lol. For now though, just keeping up with the shows everyone’s talking about on twitter is already hard enough for me.

    • Yes, it is fun to explore different genre or style sometimes. If anything, I’ve learned that time changes everything so perhaps what I thought I dislike but be different now.

      I try to just watch what I want and not affected by others are talking about on Twitter. It makes watching anime more enjoyable if I’m watching what I choose to watch.

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