Winter Anime 2016 Mid-Week Thoughts

Prince of Stride: Alternative

When the winter anime season started this year, I followed 15 series including the leftovers from previous season. And then I dropped the total to 13 series after a weeks. I kept watching the 13 anime series until now, but of course not all episodes have been absolutely fun.

As usual, some series will have good episodes and then some bad ones. It’s the overall premise of a series that keeps me going. Anyway, I’m here to write about some of the series I’ve been following this season thus far.

Feeling Lukewarm

To pack my week this season, I’ll schedule in an episode or two each day so not all anime that I watch are interesting. Yes, I have some free time on hand right now and this is how I spend my free time!

One of the series I scheduled into my week just because I have free slot is Prince of Stride: Alternative. If I am to describe the series, it reminds me of Free! except the runners has a cuter coach. And similar to Free!, the episodes over the weeks are not particularly stellar but watchable. What made me continue to watch the series is the adrenaline rush I get that comes with its running races.

Feeling Disappointed

Dagashi Kashi

When the season started, Dagashi Kashi was one of my top favorites. It did a great job introducing me to snacks like Umaibo and Fry Potato. Just the first episode alone got me craving for junk foods. As the series progresses though, it started incorporating sexually suggestive acts on snacking scenes that sort of turn me off. I personally find the series educating in the sense that I learn about a different side of Japanese culture, or rather upbringing, but with scenes like that it’s a lot less fun.

Besides Dagashi Kashi, I had high hopes for Ojisan to Marshmallow. I know it’s weird, but the first two episodes were interesting. Weirdly interesting. But as the series continues, it became just a plain weird anime. Because it’s less than five minutes long, I didn’t drop the series. I have one reason and one reason only: I wanted to know what happen to the odd couple! Not that they’re a couple yet…

Feeling Surprised

Nijiiro Days

The pacing of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar reflects that of Tamayura. I wouldn’t go as far as to categorize it as a healing anime or something in similar veins, but the episodes made me feel relax. I blame the artwork. Grimgar has one of the best background sceneries in this season. I’d probably continue to watch the series like why I love to watch most P.A. Works’ titles: the art. However, midway through the series something unexpected happened. I was touched by how the series portrayed emotions and got pretty excited about the series itself.

Another anime series that got my attention is Nijiiro Days. It is shaping up to be one of my favorite shows this year. I was a little hesitant at first since I’m not really into watching a series featuring high school boys. The story tends to feel a little different than those featuring high school girls. I mean, try comparing Daily Lives of High School Boys and Hidamari Sketch. All I can say it is different, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what. With Nijiiro Days, this problem is solved perfectly.

My thoughts on other anime series I’m following remains the same since the first episode aired. Current favorite is Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, which continues to wow me. It is one of the best storytelling anime and I find myself captivated and hang on to every scene.

Anyway, this is just some of my thoughts on some of the anime series I’ve been following this season. Anything that particularly stands out for you?


6 thoughts on “Winter Anime 2016 Mid-Week Thoughts

  1. Like you, my favourite anime of the season so far is Rakugo Shinjuu. I’ve always enjoyed slice-of-life anime as well as anime titles with a historical bent, but this one’s truly special. I’m also very pleasantly surprised by Grimgar, which as you point out is beautiful to watch. The backgrounds are especially gorgeous – it’s like watching a watercolour painting in motion. I often find the music very relaxing as well.

  2. I recently started watching Prince of Stride, while it looks visually appealing and has nice characters, it’s not a really especially exciting. I also dislike the fact that Sakurai can’t take part in the running actively : ( I can’t believe she joined the club, to be relationer. Haha in every sport anime its the same XD
    The girl is manager or does other boring stuff.

    I like Dagashi Kashi, especially the exceptional heroine Hotaru, the certain episode with the pink candy unfortunately was too much lewdness for this kind of anime. I don’t mind some fanservice, but at this point it was a wrong turn.

    Grimgar is a very pretty anime, also very interesting as setting, it also heavily relies on atmosphere, I was surprised that there are often many minutes where no one talks and just the surrounding is shown.

    • Prince of Stride is only exciting when there are races. Otherwise, it’s not that much fun to watch. Haha, you’re right – just like Haikyuu and Kuroko where the girl characters are managers or coaches. >.<

      Luckily the episode following that unfortunate episode is pretty good. There's some historical info dump on one of the dagashi. So I'm still hoping there aren't too much sexual suggestive scenes from here onward. Dagashi Kashi doesn't need that.

      Yes! And I find those scenes especially calming. They sort of bring you together along for the ride to their world. It's amazing! Gosh, I love Grimgar right now.

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