Mid Spring Anime 2016 Thoughts


Compared to last season, this spring anime season I’m only following five new series. Perhaps subconsciously I was feeling a little burn out by the amount of titles I was watching so I made an effort to scale down the number of series to remain on my list. That being said, I find myself not knowing why I following some of the series I follow…

Anyway, I shall share with you (I know you’re not asking but I still want to) my thoughts on the anime I’m watching thus far.

My favorite titles so far are Kuromukuro, Flying Witch and Joker Game.


Watching the first episode of Kuromukuro brought back the feeling of how I once loved P.A. Works series so, so much. The production values, the superior quality its anime exudes and storylines normally become secondary to me when it comes to P.A. Works. How else am I able to finish Glasslip?

Kuromukuro has a good blend of comedy, action and drama. I especially enjoyed the action scenes as they’re all very engaging and visually spectacular. It doesn’t hurt that the background music complements the scenes very well too. The series also cleverly blends in comedy that fits well with the scenes such as Kennosuke’s encounter with all things in modern world. I had a good laugh watching that episode.

I’m pretty stoked that this lovely series has 26 episodes. At least I know I have an anime I’ll look forward to each week next season!

Flying Witch

Flying Witch

Flying Witch is exactly the type of anime I enjoy watching. It’s what they call the healing anime apparently. I love the calming, peaceful atmosphere surrounding the series making it the perfect anime to unwind with after a long day. Never mind that the story has a witch as a main character. It still managed to stay simple and fun with mini expedition trips around its small town in Aomori. For some reason, it made me wanna live in that town with the tranquility and laidback lifestyle.

Anyway, Flying Witch only makes me smile each time I turn it on.

Joker Game

Personally, I like Joker Game a lot. I don’t read a lot about them on my Twitter timeline so I’m not sure what’s the following of this series. What I like about Joker Game is how it shows another side of actually being a spy. I said this because Hollywood flicks tend to paint the more lavish and cool side of being a spy. In this anime, however, it tells the struggles and challenges of being one without all the fancy gadgets and pretty women. Of course I’ll never know what’s it really like being a spy but I like Joker Game’s interpretation better.


Anne Happy

Now that I’m done talking about the series I’m following because I actually really like them, I’ll move on to the two series I’m not really sure why I’m watching but at the same time, it’s kinda fun watching them. The two series are Anne Happy and Sansha Sanyou.

They don’t exactly stand out. They are the average comedy, slice of life anime that I love to watch. Flying Witch is slice of life too but Anne Happy and Sansha Sanyou lacked the peaceful atmosphere I like about series like Flying Witch. The two series are also less relatable than some of my favorite slice of life anime.

However, I still watch them because 1) they’re light and 2) they do make me laugh. Do I really care about the characters? No. Will I remember them in future? No. Will I re-watch them? No.

There you have it! My thoughts on the five titles I’m following this season. What are you watching this spring and would you recommend anything that’s not on my list?

10 thoughts on “Mid Spring Anime 2016 Thoughts

  1. Love seeing Flying Witch being mentioned on this list.

    Never tried the PA works show, might give it an episode or two chance.

    But I suggest you check out Boku no Hero Academia, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Sakamoto, and Tanaka-kun.

    • My apologies for not approving your comment sooner. It went into spam folder! Argh!

      Whenever you feel like it, I’d suggest you to try watching Kuromukuro. It’s been fun so far.

      I’ve seen the first episode of Tanaka-kun and kinda like it. I decided not to pick it up right now but would love to revisit the series at a later that. As for your other suggestions, I’ll keep them in mind!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for commenting.

  2. I also thought about writing such a post, but motivation is a limited factor recently.
    I watch less titles than in the previous season, simply put less anime looked promising.

    Kurokumukoro is very good, I like the epic setting, while attackers from space are no invention,
    they promise lots of action and darkness. Ah yeah 26 episodes sound great, it reminds me when 20 + episodes were still en vogue ;D
    The chemistry between the characters is nice also Kennosuke makes good comedy scenes.

    Actually I planned following Flying Witch weekly, but so far I could not find time to even start lol,
    my list might be too big again, even though I already dropped one. I’ll marathon that later for sure.

    For me there is something special in Anne Happy, it has a big big heart. While the unfortunate characters suffer in mainly hilarious ways, everyone is polite and shows lots of kindness. I especially like the group around Hanako and when thy do stuff outside school.
    Part of the appeal are the cute look of the characters and the voice actors do a great job.

    I could recommend Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, it appears rather like youthful comedy at first, but it quickly turns into a plot heavy, slightly dark adventure, with very interesting elements.

    Also Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is a epic action adventure, I was stunned by the animation quality 😀

    • Compared to last season, I find less titles attractive and I also found myself more willing to drop an anime series. Work stuff is starting to creep up already now that it’s mid year. I had way too much fun earlier in the year >.<

      The chemistry between the two main characters in Kuromukuro definitely sets it apart from the rest of the anime I'm following this season. It's been great watching those two together and am curious about how they would resolve their differences for greater good.

      Anne Happy certainly has many characters with big heart. Even the girl who always got lost has a big heart and my favorite being Hanako. She shines with joy, if I may say so. I enjoy Anne Happy for what the series is: light, fun comedy. Unless something changes down the road, I'm pretty sure it's not as memorable as other series this season.

      How many series are you following this season? You sound like you're following more than ten series!! I'll most definitely give your two recommendations a try, especially Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. Animation quality is something I always look for when picking up a series. Thanks, Wieselhead!

      • Yes, previous season was flooded with good anime to watch.

        Oh, I’m following 13 shows from this season, +1 from previous season ;D
        I dropped Mayoiga, because it reminded of an anime I will curse forever.
        Hysterical characters in anime don’t work for me, they are too annoying.
        Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is great stuff, but unfortunately a shorter one,
        except a second season is already planned. Sure, have fun (#⌒∇⌒#)

        • Hey, I also have one from previous season: Nijiiro Days. It’s pretty good.

          I didn’t pick up Mayoiga after watching the first episode. The characters were insane. I know I’m not supposed to say that since I only just saw one episode but seeing that you think the characters are hysterical as well, I don’t think I’m wrong. Hehe.

          Wow, then it’s must really be a good one. Rakugo has second season announced so late and this one’s early…that’s a good thing right?

  3. I do like Joker Game but have to say my favorite of the season still has to be Flying Witch. Perfect healing anime to unwind after a long day, like you said. The “witch” idea actually made it a lot more fun too, and episodes featuring the cat is awesome :p

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