One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase

I didn’t even know there’s a movie 11 -_-. Must be out of touch with One Piece movie news. I like One Piece: Strong World a lot. I think it’s one of the best One Piece movies out there, and after watching Straw Hat Chase, Strong World remains my favorite One Piece movie. >.<

The attractive point of Straw Hat Chase is 3D. Don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase those magic glasses to watch it. Think Reese Witherspoon’s Monsters vs Aliens and you’ll know what I mean. In my opinion, being 3D has its pros and cons. Yes, it is the attractive point of this movie but it’s probably the only reason I watch it. It made the action scenes a whole lot cooler and scenery came to live. But it also made casual movements of the characters look a bit weird and stiff. It’s not a complain. I’m just used to seeing them in 2D, that’s all. In other words, it’s a mixed bag. Their efforts are not unappreciated.

Warnings!!! Loads of screenshots so spoilers ahead!!!!

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