Blog Carnival: Roundup Post

After its launch a week ago, blog carnival has now come to an end. We’ve seen what other participating bloggers have to say about the given topic – What Makes a 10/10 Anime. Personally, it has been a wonderful week, reading how other bloggers rate their anime and the things they consider. Obviously, each of us has our own sets of standards; some pretty similar, some very different.

It took me quite some time to go through all the blogs. That’s only because they’re such interesting read. While most of us agree that rating an anime is subjective to personal taste, the other participating bloggers have good points and it’s something I should take into considerations the next time I rate an anime.

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Blog Carnival: What Makes A 10/10 Anime?

As the title reads, this post is part of a blog carnival, baby. The carnival starts today, 9th January till 15th January. This blog carnival, hosted by du5k, is a collaboration of posts by 14 different bloggers on the topic “What Makes A 10/10 Anime?”

*throwing confetti* Now let the party begins!

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