8 Reasons Why Itachi Is So Great

Naruto Shippuden: Itachi's Story

So I was watching Itachi’s story as part of Naruto Shippuuden anime lately and thought why not make a list of Itachi’s awesomeness? While Uchiha Itachi isn’t my favorite character in the popular shounen series, he’s one of the well-liked characters by fans worldwide. I know I have a few friends who think he’s so cool too.

The list is based on the episodes of Itachi’s story I’d watched recently. Without further ado, here’s why Uchiha Itachi is so great!

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On Being Too Attached To Fictional Characters


It might sound silly to some people, but I’ve seen friends and strangers alike being overly attached to fictional characters. In the context of this blog, being too attached to 2D characters from anime or manga. Maybe even games! But I seldom read or hear people complain about characters in games. I wonder why…

This thought crossed my mind every time I read or hear fans complaining about a certain tragedy that has fallen on their favorite characters. Most recently, a friend told me she was scared to read the then latest chapter (probably two weeks ago?) of Naruto because she was scared to find out what’d happened Kakashi. Apparently, our mutual friend had told her that something bad might happened to the character. I didn’t know what to say when she explained her reason. I simply kept quiet.

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