Fairy Tail: Strong Friendships


Friendships, unspeakable bonds and trusts are one of the major aspects of shounen series. This is especially true when one has been watching Naruto, One Piece and similar titles. Naruto is famous for chasing after Sasuke in the name of having strong bond with the later and Strawhat pirates trust each other with their lives.

In Fairy Tail, there’s this sense of strong, unbreakable friendship serve as a living force not only among Fairy Tail guild members but also seen in among other guild members too.

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Fairy Tail: Where Do I Go From Here?

Fairy Tail

Come to think of it, I never really wrote anything about Fairy Tail. I might not be fully invested in the series, but still I have follow the anime until the end. That’s right – 175 episodes. All watched. It’s pure leisure.

Fairy Tail isn’t any different from other shounen titles. In my opinion, that’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because it feels familiar and I know it won’t go too far off the formulae. At the same time, it’s a bad thing because of the good thing (am I confusing you here?) and that makes it some sort of a clone. It makes it easy for skeptics to say “Oh, that’s just another shounen series. Good guys will win at the end.”

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