Steins;Gate’s Makise Kurisu


When I held GSC’s 1/8 scale Makise Kurisu for the first time, I felt like I’m holding an Oscar. Not that I ever hold one before, but that thought really crossed my mind. Weird.

The noted figure manufacturer Good Smile Company first introduced this mighty gorgeous scale figure of Makise Kurisu in Summer Wonfes 2011 and I immediately fell in love with it. Well, it was unpainted when I first saw it but gosh, I love that pose! It was the most beautiful (unpainted) figure I ever saw. And I was dying to have one. Now here it is in my possession. I’m so happy.

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Ideal Anime/Manga Cast

Pssst…I have something to tell you. Just a few days ago, Mr.Yerocha of Shades of Grey Production told me this anime plot I’m working on is green-lit. Yay! I’m so excited that I have to tell you guys about it.

Being the slice-of-fan that I am, this anime will revolve around four people and their daily lives in the society. I think there are a lot of school girls and boys anime so I’m trying to differentiate a little. By the way, they are neighbors in an apartment. My plot…wait. What plot? I don’t have one so let’s just forget about that. Why not take a look at my cast instead? I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love them.

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