Kimi ni Todoke Manga: Volume 5

Sawako finally realizes that her feelings for Kazehaya are more than just admiration. But this novice in love has a lot to learn about romance. Not that Chizu can help her out any – she’s got enough worries of her own to deal with! Can either of these shy girls take the next step towards a real relationship?

– Summary of Kimi ni Todoke 5

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Kimi ni Todoke Manga: Volume 4

Kimi ni Todoke Volume 4

Kurumi’s got it all – looks, popularity and friends. But underneath Kurumi’s friendly exterior is a manipulative girl who’ll do anythign to get what she wants! And she wants Kazehaya! Will Kurumi’s plotting drive Kazehaya and Sawako apart, or will it instead draw them even closer together?

– Summary of Kimi ni Todoke 4

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Anime Blogging: Personal Concerns and Desires

Recently there were a lot posts on this topic circulating around the aniblogosphere. Granted, different sub topics were discussed. AceRailgun questioned about what keeps an anime blog around or not, Feal talked about competition and rage blogs, and Tsurugiarashix explored the different types of anime blogs. His Majesty OG even listed down his reasons or rather drive force of existence. These are all interesting read as it allows readers and bloggers alike to reflect on this community we’ve build together.

I don’t really have much to add to what was already being discussed. Like I said, those are great posts. Instead, I’ll write about my own concerns and desires when I decided to be a part of the anime blogging community. It’s fine even if it’s only a small part.

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Hoshiko’s Anime Time Management

This post is written as part of a project organized by Kai. Gotta say, Kai’s invitation’s timing is just right because this is something I’ve been thinking about lately.

Compared to last year, I’ve less free time on hand, which also means less time for anime and other related hobbies. Okay, before I go any further into how I manage my time when it comes to anime and the likes, I shall roughly talk about my usually fixed schedule. I have a day job as software engineer, working only on weekdays, eight to five. After work, I will go for a quick jog or just work out on my stationary bike or do some strength exercises for about 30 minutes. When all that plus more is done, thanks to short commute time in my city, it will be about 7.30 to 8pm. As for weekends, I’ll go for a two-hour badminton session with colleagues on Saturday and doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. I need my rest. This is my usually fixed schedule.

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Naruto: Bijuu Transformation Success!

We’ve seen Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach went through all kinds of transformation during his stint as erm…multiple things. Our beloved Uzumaki Naruto from the popular shounen manga series Naruto isn’t too far behind Ichigo in this aspect. It only seemed like yesterday when Naruto mastered Sage Techniques. That was perhaps the first technique that comes with the most visible appearance change. Oh, I just remembered – Naruto even briefly transformed into this form here. Isn’t he the cutest that way?

For a long while, Naruto had been working with B, the jinchūriki of Eight-Tails to perfect his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Since then, he became stronger and stronger as I’ve shown here in a previous post. After going through many hurdles and some heart-to-heart talk with Kurama the Nine-Tails (yes, he has a name! Unbelievable right?), Naruto finally gained a newfound strength.


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