Kimi ni Todoke Manga: Volume 2

Rumors start flying about Sadako’s new friends claiming that Yano’s been around the block and Yoshida’s a former gang member. And the source of all this tattle? Sadako herself! Will Sadako retreat to her former life as a loner because of a simple misunderstand?!

– Summary of Kimi ni Todoke Volume 2

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Anime Blogging: Personal Concerns and Desires

Recently there were a lot posts on this topic circulating around the aniblogosphere. Granted, different sub topics were discussed. AceRailgun questioned about what keeps an anime blog around or not, Feal talked about competition and rage blogs, and Tsurugiarashix explored the different types of anime blogs. His Majesty OG even listed down his reasons or rather drive force of existence. These are all interesting read as it allows readers and bloggers alike to reflect on this community we’ve build together.

I don’t really have much to add to what was already being discussed. Like I said, those are great posts. Instead, I’ll write about my own concerns and desires when I decided to be a part of the anime blogging community. It’s fine even if it’s only a small part.

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Hoshiko’s Anime Time Management

This post is written as part of a project organized by Kai. Gotta say, Kai’s invitation’s timing is just right because this is something I’ve been thinking about lately.

Compared to last year, I’ve less free time on hand, which also means less time for anime and other related hobbies. Okay, before I go any further into how I manage my time when it comes to anime and the likes, I shall roughly talk about my usually fixed schedule. I have a day job as software engineer, working only on weekdays, eight to five. After work, I will go for a quick jog or just work out on my stationary bike or do some strength exercises for about 30 minutes. When all that plus more is done, thanks to short commute time in my city, it will be about 7.30 to 8pm. As for weekends, I’ll go for a two-hour badminton session with colleagues on Saturday and doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. I need my rest. This is my usually fixed schedule.

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Naruto: Bijuu Transformation Success!

We’ve seen Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach went through all kinds of transformation during his stint as erm…multiple things. Our beloved Uzumaki Naruto from the popular shounen manga series Naruto isn’t too far behind Ichigo in this aspect. It only seemed like yesterday when Naruto mastered Sage Techniques. That was perhaps the first technique that comes with the most visible appearance change. Oh, I just remembered – Naruto even briefly transformed into this form here. Isn’t he the cutest that way?

For a long while, Naruto had been working with B, the jinchūriki of Eight-Tails to perfect his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Since then, he became stronger and stronger as I’ve shown here in a previous post. After going through many hurdles and some heart-to-heart talk with Kurama the Nine-Tails (yes, he has a name! Unbelievable right?), Naruto finally gained a newfound strength.


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Kimi ni Todoke Manga: Volume 1

Kimi ni Todoke is no stranger to a lot of shoujo anime and manga fans out there. It has established itself as one of the best shoujo material there is at the moment. Sweet, fluffy and filled with heartwarming stories, Kimi ni Todoke has earned itself a good place in hearts of many fans including myself. If you haven’t heard of this title, please allow me to briefly tell what Kimi ni Todoke is about.

(Turn the copy of my manga to the back and began to type…)

Sawako Kuronuma is the perfert heroine…for a horror movie. With striking similarities to a haunting movie character – jet-black hair, sinister smile and silent demeanor – she’s mistakenly called Sadako by those around her. But behind her scary facade is a very misunderstood teenager. Too shy to fit in, all she wants to do is mkae some friends. But then the most poplar boy in class befriends her, she’s sure to make more than just that – she’s about to make some enemies too!

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Nodame Cantabile Opera Hen: Chiaki Is Ambitious!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about manga. Today, I’m going to talk a little about Nodame Cantabile Opera Hen. For me, reading this is a must because I really want to know what happens to Chiaki and Nodame after Nodame made her debut as a pianist. Besides, I’m a huge fan of Nodame Cantabile series! I think that alone is a good enough reason for me to pick this up and read.

As the name of the manga suggested, this time around Chiaki wants to advance his career a step further by conducting an opera performance!  Now, now, I know nothing about opera. The only thing I know about opera is that it is a theatrical performance involving high pitch singers and orchestral music. Because of that, I can’t fully appreciate the effort in trying to deliver what’s like to understand and emerge oneself in the world of singing and acting. Mine-kun seems to be doing a great job in expressing the emotions of the play though and in his (flashy) way as usual.

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One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates Are Back With New Looks!

If you’re the manga reader or also the manga reader of One Piece, then you probably won’t feel the excitement as much as the anime only fans. Unless, of course, you’re like me! A year ago around this time, Straw Hat Pirates were already reunited in the manga and heading towards to their next adventure. Now that this is getting animated, I’m so, so excited.

I’ve already written a post about the change in the Straw Hat Pirates about a year ago but what I didn’t do was to show you the change. Having said that, I’ll leave you some screenshots I’ve captured from episode 517 and 518. This is the new Straw Hat Pirates, baby!

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A Stronger Naruto Now

Nothing is boring in Naruto these days. Ever since the war started in manga, new discoveries and suspense dominated much of the chapters. This week, we finally get to see just how much Naruto has grown since his fight with Pain.

Let’s talk a walk down the memory lane and see just how much Naruto has grown since day one.

He pretty much sucked at his now well used technique. This was Naruto’s level of skill way back in the days. I think I’ve seen worse clones from him. This was the only picture I could find from the Internet.

Driven to succeed, he honed his skills and mastered several other techniques along the way.

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How Willing Are You To Lend Others Your Collections?

It’s a simple question. It could be anything actually, but in this post I’ll discuss more on anime DVDs/BDs, manga, light novels and games. Maybe even game consoles like PSP and figures. It has to be something you hold dear to.

It’s not like I’m a stingy and being mean that I dislike lending others my collections, but the truth is it comes with a risk. The moment an anime DVD is off my shelf and into my friends or families’ hands, its fate is not known till it safely returns to its home.

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All About Neji

I believe very much that last week’s Naruto manga chapter has given Neji‘s fans a great shock. He’s a spy for their enemies, and has killed several medics in the process!! Neji is one of my favorite characters in Naruto so you can only imagine how I felt. It’s such a huge betrayal.

My friend, a fellow Naruto manga reader, and I began discussing what could possibly happened. Both of us agreed that he has to be controlled by someone else. It could be Madara or even Itachi. The extend of Madara’s ocular power is unknown but surely powerful so it won’t be surprising if he’s capable to cast such technique on Neji and with Itachi roaming about in the battlefield, anything’s possible.

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