Expectations in Live Action Films

If you follow me on my Twitter, then you’d probably remember that I tweeted if I should watch the live action movie of Kimi ni Todoke. That was a few weeks back. Just recently, however, I finally managed to squeeze in the almost two hours movie into my schedule.

I can’t say that I enjoy the movie as much as I did with anime/manga. Actually, it felt odd. It’s not the first time I see a Japanese movie but it’s a first time for me to see an adaptation of a title of which its anime version I already saw. I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t be comparing the movie and the anime at all. There will be differences due to many factors such as time constraint among others. Unfortunately for me, I kept referencing it with the anime. That made the experience a little less enjoyable.

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Talking About First Loves

Hatsukoi Limited is a very light manga, centering around the stories of first love experiences of different high school girls and boys – although I personally think the story is told from the girl’s point of view. All these love stories are common, nothing really outstanding. There are stories about falling in love with a rival, a senpai, a classmate, a neighbor, the popular girl and even a sibling. See? There’s nothing special about the series. Despite that, I still enjoy it.

I saw the anime version first, and I quite like it. I’ll recommend to anyone who’s looking for a light, high school related anime.

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How Will Naruto Unfold?

This is really unexpected. I was checking out Naruto X UT OVA and suddenly it just hit me – how would Naruto unfold? What will the ending be like? I hope I am alive when that happens.

I’ve been following Naruto manga recently, and things are getting really exciting. For me, at least it is. Now that Pain has finally been defeated by Naruto in Naruto Shippuuden, I really wanted the anime to quickly continue the story. Usually I’ll have little discussions with friends about how the next few chapters may turn out to be like, but we never really discussed about how would Naruto end. Perhaps we thought it would be pointless for us to guess. Masashi Kishimoto had pull out a few surprises before.

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Ace’s Death

I figured I should only post this like two, three days after One Piece episode 482 aired. I’ll assume most One Piece anime fan would have watch this week’s episode already. If you’re also a manga reader, then you know what happens next after the strangle-worthy foul-mouth Akainu punch through Ace’s body like that.

Warnings – possibilities of spoilers ahead.

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Manga & Me in 2010

I was introduced to anime first. I have always thought that moving pictures are way much better than still pictures. I even think that I get more with anime than I do with manga. With that reason alone, I avoided manga until this year. My reasoning has a flaw. It’s probably true that I get more with anime if it is a shōnen manga. More action, that is. Know what I mean? This is not likely the case with manga of other genre. For instance, Hatsukoi Limited and Nodama Cantabile offered more in manga than in anime. I learn firsthand what the characters were thinking. That’ll make a lot of sense when I see some of their behaviors and reactions. But their thoughts are seldom conveyed in anime.

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The cutest Naruto form

I can’t refrain myself from posting this extraordinarily cute image. This is the cutest Naruto form I’ve ever seen. It appears in this week’s Naruto manga chapter 519. He’s progressing very well. I’m liking the fact that the war isn’t one-sided. There’s win and loss at both ends. Unlike Bleach that painted the bad guys a little too powerful. Since Madara hasn’t make his move yet, so it may be too early to say that. I certainly can’t wait for Naruto and Madara match!

Reasons why I dropped Bleach

At one point, I consider myself a faithful follower of the big three – One Piece, Bleach and Naruto. I speak nothing but their goodness. I help spread the love of these shōnen anime/manga. Mostly anime.

Things started to change late last year or early this year. I cannot pinpoint the accurate timing, but I’m pretty sure it’s within the last 12 months. Bleach started to get boring and too predictable. Yes, anime/manga of this genre are usually predictable but boring? I don’t think so. I continued following the series despite that. Weeks after weeks, I get disappointed with its plot development. It occurred to me what really drew me to Bleach was the skills flaunted by the soul reapers, and I wasn’t even given that. Coupled with shitty storyline, I decided enough is enough.

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Ramblings on Anime Winter Season 2011

I’ve recently viewed the Winter Anime Season 2011 (I’m utterly confused with the year here. Maybe that’s cuz I’m from a country where there’s no four seasons?) list, and decided that I’d be following two animes. For now. You read the list here and decide what you want to watch.

Kimi ni Todoke

How can I not want to watch the second season of one the  best anime of all time? I’m reading the manga, and I can tell you that there’ll be tons of exciting stuff that will be happening. That’s if the anime follows closely to the story in manga. Ha!

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One Piece Green (Databook) 1

I usually don’t write reviews and thoughts about manga chapters, and I’m not starting now either. But having read One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, I’m compelled to write something about it. It’s just so exciting. At first glance, I thought it is going to present how Oda conceived the One Piece idea and the various illustrations of the characters before deciding what design each character should have. I also thought maybe it’ll tell us more about the characters and whatnot.

Wrong. Nevertheless, it still contain some interesting stuff. It’s by far the longest chapter, if it’s to be called a chapter. There are 39 pages in total. I adore the illustrations on the first few pages. If the size is right, I might’ve already used it as my desktop wallpaper.

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