Thoughts on Nijiiro Days


Aside from male dominated sports anime, rarely do I pick up a series with male lead characters and actually enjoy watching it. Nijiiro Days, or Rainbow Days, is one of the rare anime series led by four bishounens that I had a lot of fun watching.

So what made Nijiiro Days so special? How is it different from other male led slice-of-life anime?

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Winter Anime 2016 Mid-Week Thoughts

Prince of Stride: Alternative

When the winter anime season started this year, I followed 15 series including the leftovers from previous season. And then I dropped the total to 13 series after a weeks. I kept watching the 13 anime series until now, but of course not all episodes have been absolutely fun.

As usual, some series will have good episodes and then some bad ones. It’s the overall premise of a series that keeps me going. Anyway, I’m here to write about some of the series I’ve been following this season thus far.

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