Hoshiko’s Anime Time Management

This post is written as part of a project organized by Kai. Gotta say, Kai’s invitation’s timing is just right because this is something I’ve been thinking about lately.

Compared to last year, I’ve less free time on hand, which also means less time for anime and other related hobbies. Okay, before I go any further into how I manage my time when it comes to anime and the likes, I shall roughly talk about my usually fixed schedule. I have a day job as software engineer, working only on weekdays, eight to five. After work, I will go for a quick jog or just work out on my stationary bike or do some strength exercises for about 30 minutes. When all that plus more is done, thanks to short commute time in my city, it will be about 7.30 to 8pm. As for weekends, I’ll go for a two-hour badminton session with colleagues on Saturday and doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. I need my rest. This is my usually fixed schedule.

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My Oh-So-Short List For Winter

Compared to what’s on my must-watch list for Fall anime season this year, my list for Winter anime season 2012 is short. That’s because the summary of the various titles are not very appealing. Or rather, the titles coming next season might not be my cup of tea. Nevertheless, as always I’ll still watch the first episodes of selective titles just to be sure I don’t miss out anything worth watching. Selective, because there are a few I know I won’t watch anyway such as second season of certain titles. And as always, I’ll keep tab on the variety of anime blogs I follow to read their impressions. >.<

Now, I shall reveal my must-watch list (if it’s not obvious enough)…

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