One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates Are Back With New Looks!

If you’re the manga reader or also the manga reader of One Piece, then you probably won’t feel the excitement as much as the anime only fans. Unless, of course, you’re like me! A year ago around this time, Straw Hat Pirates were already reunited in the manga and heading towards to their next adventure. Now that this is getting animated, I’m so, so excited.

I’ve already written a post about the change in the Straw Hat Pirates about a year ago but what I didn’t do was to show you the change. Having said that, I’ll leave you some screenshots I’ve captured from episode 517 and 518. This is the new Straw Hat Pirates, baby!

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Luffy’s Friends’ Reactions After The Math

Finally, Luffy’s crew found out about Ace’s death. We’ve seen how the world reacted to his death right? So it’s time to see how those close to Luffy received the news. I find it touching that the crew’s first thought was about Luffy. They felt for Luffy. I bet they know Luffy’s taking it harder than anyone else. Of course, they were shocked about the news, but they don’t really know Ace. I mean, they met at Alabasta and that’s about it.

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