The blog

World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko (WoYH) is a place where I pour out my thoughts on anime, manga and figure. There may not be anything fancy here, but it’s a cozy place for me to discuss and share about the various topics with those who drops by. The main focus is on anime though.

There you go, a short few sentences to sum it up!

The blogger

All the posts here is written by me, Hoshiko. I enjoy writing even though I’m not really good at it. It’s a great channel for me to voice out whatever is it that I have to say about anything.

I love watching different genre of anime, which I’m sure you can tell by reading my posts. I’m a loyal reader of One Piece and Naruto manga, making sure I don’t miss out the new chapters each week! I also read Kimi ni Todoke and Skip Beat!. I wish there are more chapter releases in a month. Sigh. Also, when my wallet allows, I love to splurge on figures and gadgets. Mostly gadgets these days…

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