Announcement: Guest Posted At Watch Game Read

cormoran strike and robin ellacott

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been writing lately in this blog due to many reasons which I won’t bore you with. But I did manage to write a piece titled A Look at Strike and Robin over at Watch Game Read on Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike series. I might not be watching a lot of anime lately but instead, I read more books. So if you’re into reading books as well, do pop by the blog and have a read!

Why I Watch Anime?

School Rumble

Gosh, I am super late with this post. Sigh. Anyway, Kai from Deluscar has recently asked us to write about our reasons for watching anime. We may all be like-minded, loving anime but are we reasons the same?

I admit. Even though I have watch anime for almost a decade, I never really question why I watch anime. Seriously. I sorta just went with it the moment I discovered it. Okay, while I didn’t directly ask myself the question, somehow deep down inside I have a few reasons why I favor anime over other form of visual entertainment.

And no, it’s not because there are plenty of cute 2D girls. I started with shounen series. Let’s face it, there aren’t many cute 2D girls or even guys to look at.

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Ideal Anime/Manga Cast

Pssst…I have something to tell you. Just a few days ago, Mr.Yerocha of Shades of Grey Production told me this anime plot I’m working on is green-lit. Yay! I’m so excited that I have to tell you guys about it.

Being the slice-of-fan that I am, this anime will revolve around four people and their daily lives in the society. I think there are a lot of school girls and boys anime so I’m trying to differentiate a little. By the way, they are neighbors in an apartment. My plot…wait. What plot? I don’t have one so let’s just forget about that. Why not take a look at my cast instead? I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love them.

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Hoshiko’s Anime Time Management

This post is written as part of a project organized by Kai. Gotta say, Kai’s invitation’s timing is just right because this is something I’ve been thinking about lately.

Compared to last year, I’ve less free time on hand, which also means less time for anime and other related hobbies. Okay, before I go any further into how I manage my time when it comes to anime and the likes, I shall roughly talk about my usually fixed schedule. I have a day job as software engineer, working only on weekdays, eight to five. After work, I will go for a quick jog or just work out on my stationary bike or do some strength exercises for about 30 minutes. When all that plus more is done, thanks to short commute time in my city, it will be about 7.30 to 8pm. As for weekends, I’ll go for a two-hour badminton session with colleagues on Saturday and doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. I need my rest. This is my usually fixed schedule.

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Blog Carnival: Roundup Post

After its launch a week ago, blog carnival has now come to an end. We’ve seen what other participating bloggers have to say about the given topic – What Makes a 10/10 Anime. Personally, it has been a wonderful week, reading how other bloggers rate their anime and the things they consider. Obviously, each of us has our own sets of standards; some pretty similar, some very different.

It took me quite some time to go through all the blogs. That’s only because they’re such interesting read. While most of us agree that rating an anime is subjective to personal taste, the other participating bloggers have good points and it’s something I should take into considerations the next time I rate an anime.

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Japan Blog Matsuri: Hoshiko’s Reasons for Visiting Japan

I’m going to Japan in less than four years. That’s the plan. And it’s going to happen!

I found out about Japan Blog Matsuri through Justin’s post in Organization Anti-Social. He really is an expert in discovering new blogs and stuff. I’ve been meaning to write a post on this topic but kept procrastinating.  It is hosted by A Modern Girl. When I saw Kuuki and Nopy have it up on their blogs, I know I should type away my own post A.S.A.P.

My reasons are largely influenced by my hobbies I suppose. Not all, but most. =) The most important thing for me is to experience and see firsthand the things I see around the Internet. The list of reasons below is not sorted in any particular order, just whichever that came first to mind.

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