Durarara!!’s Heiwajima Shizuo

ALTAiR's Heiwajima Shizuo

I had this figure with me sometime in September. It took me one month later to unbox it and then another couple of months to write a blog post about it. Oh gosh. It’s not like I have no love for this figure, it’s more like I’m busy and then I’m lazy…yeah.

Alrighty, then. Coming up is more pictures of the fierce-looking, sexy male figure Heiwajima Shizuo. Besides MegaHouse’s Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) Strong World Edition Version 2, this is the only other male figure I have. I saw this online several WonFest ago and decided I gotta have it. Striking figure!

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How Do You Pick Your Anime?

A few weeks into anime summer season, I’m seeing my to-watch list just grows insanely. It’s a bit scary since I don’t have the luxury of time to be watching everything that’s currently on my list. Of course, I have my strategy. The ones I really like I’ll watch them on weekly basis. The ones I like enough to be following but not crazy enough about them, then maybe I’ll gather a few episodes before watching them. Maybe two, three episodes? Or maybe more. I’m like ten episodes behind Hanasaku Iroha, but fear not for I shall catch up soon. I just need to buy a bag of popcorn and then wait till the weekend arrives. I hope this weekend’s weather is cool. I don’t like to marathon a series under a hot, humid weather. Note to self: buy popcorn.

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Favorite Baccano Scenes

I’ve been meaning to watch Baccano! since I learned of its close connection to Durarara!!. I like Durarara!! a lot, well, most of it anyways. But as usual, I dragged till after a long while before finally picking up Baccano!. I gotta say – Baccano! is addictive. It made me just want to continue on and on, watching one episode after another.

I decided to go with a different approach with this post. Usually, I’ll just jot down a few thoughts regarding a series I recently saw. With Baccano!, I decided to list down a few of my favorite scenes. These scenes are randomly ordered. Not by episode and not by favorite ranking. Just totally random.

Warning – I’ll be showing screenshots, hence possible spoilers!

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Hoshiko’s Choice of 2010 Anime Songs

2010 has certainly been a big year for me and my indulgence in anything that is anime. That itself has pros and cons. I won’t be going into details on those but instead this post will focus on the delightful anime songs we have for this year.

I’ve only started listening to anime songs or Japanese songs the beginning of 2010. The change came when I heard the songs in the shōjo anime NANA. I believe I’ve mentioned that I wanted a NANA soundtrack very badly no? I still haven’t got it yet. Fancy giving it to me as a Christmas present? Suffice it to say, NANA soundtrack is loaded with wonderful songs. Can’t even pick a favorite. I quickly became a fan of Olivia Lufkin. I find her interpretation and delivery of her songs very (can’t find any positive, good word to describe).

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Hoshiko’s Best Anime 2010

Oh my, 2010 is really coming to an end – I didn’t even notice until this morning. I mean, I know it’s December and I know it’s almost Christmas, but the realization of 2010 drawing to end only hit me. Yes, I’m slow. Ugh!

Alrighty. I don’t think I watch enough this year’s releases to round up a Top 10 Best Anime of 2010 or something like that. So, I’m not going to force myself to make that list. I decided, however, to just list down anime I watch and that I like. That’s fair no?

I’m gonna start with the one I like best.

Warnings – there may be spoilers ahead. I don’t think I have the talent to ramble about an anime without providing references to it.

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