Happy New Year 2016


The photo above is a very good representation to a good start to a new year. Why? Because I took a freakin’ four years to take this photo with the shrine diorama and what not. I bought the figures in AFAMY 2012 and never bothered unwrapping the shrine thingy until now…Here’s to a good start indeed.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s watch more awesome anime this year!

Nendoroid Puchi K-ON!

My Nendoroid Puchi has arrived on Wednesday after a few weeks since its released in Japan. I ordered it from a Malaysian-based figurine seller. The price was reasonable and I don’t have to worry about having to deal with the customs. Customs and currency exchange rates are the reasons I’m not very keen on buying figurines from well-known international sites.

By the way, I bought these from Dinokun.com Otaku House. He’s (I think it’s a he?) a very efficient, friendly and trustworthy seller. I recommend him to anyone who wants to buy anime figurines in Malaysia and who are like me – doesn’t want to deal with customs and whatnot. He’s also available at Lowyat Forum under the nickname porkchop. Just so you know, I recommend this seller willingly – without any special treatment or whatnot from the seller.

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Angel Beats! Set 01

So…I bought Good Smile Company’s Angel Beats! Set 01 last month at KL’s XL-Shop.Com after it was released. I got this set cuz I’ve got itchy hands. Since I’m free this morning with nothing planned I thought I might as well play with my camera, Canon S95. I switched back to Poster mode after playing around with Nostalgic mode for a few weeks. It seems I like any other modes that is not normal. Fun!

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