Angel Beats! Set 01

So…I bought Good Smile Company’s Angel Beats! Set 01 last month at KL’s XL-Shop.Com after it was released. I got this set cuz I’ve got itchy hands. Since I’m free this morning with nothing planned I thought I might as well play with my camera, Canon S95. I switched back to Poster mode after playing around with Nostalgic mode for a few weeks. It seems I like any other modes that is not normal. Fun!

I was laughing at myself for not recognizing this character. I originally thought she was a singer of GirlDeMo. As it turns out, she’s one of those Yuri’s informant. She only caught my attention when I was watching Angel Beats! Special.

Ah..the ever eccentric Shiina. I still like her cuteeeeee factor in the Special episode. Very cute.

The reasons why the pictures got duller towards the end is probably cuz I block the natural light. Haha. I’m still getting the hang of it. Photography, that is. This is my first attempt on taking figurine pictures. I usually take sceneries and whatnot. Anything that doesn’t have a face. Ha!


10 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Set 01

    • LOL! Tenshi came in the second set which I didn’t get. T.T

      You know what? I only realized that loads of people like Shiina after I’ve written a post about a special episode of Angel Beats! here. I never knew that. I always thought people are crazy about Tenshi. I personally find Shiina’s eccentric character adorable. =)

  1. I’m surprised there aren’t any KANADEEEEEEEEEEE! as our leading dood put it. Manly cries have been awesome since popularized by the mockingly legendary Souma Oogami’s HIMEKOOOOO! battle cry. Anyway, lovely and adorable 3 piece set. Neo-Haruhi, I mean Yuri looks cute and of course the badass and cute Shiina cannot be ignored either.

    • If they put Kanade in this set as well, no one’s going to buy other sets. You can’t have two lead females in one set. Marketing strategy. Or so I think. Lol.

      I’m still surprised at Shiina’s level of popularity. I thought Yuri, Kanade, GirlsDeMo are the most popular girls from the series. But Shiina, as awesome as she is, I’ve never expected she has such huge fan base too.

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