Tamayura: A Full Circle


I couldn’t be more happier to finally see the end to one of my most favorite titles of all time. Yes, that’s right. Last week, I finally saw the final installment of Tamayura movies: Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 4 – Ashita.

It’s really bittersweet to see this series ends. As I look back on all Tamayura episodes I watched since it first burst into anime scene with a four episode OVA back in 2010, I couldn’t help but to feel I grew with the characters as well. In literal and non literal sense.

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Thoughts On Tamayura: Graduation Photos Part 3 – Akogare

Tamayura- Sotsugyō Shashin

To really appreciate Tamayura movies, one really has to start watching the franchise from the first episode of the anime series. Otherwise, whatever emotions the characters are going through in the movies will have lesser impact.

One of the best things about all the three movies released to date is the focus on emotional struggle the characters are going through. Tamayura has always been focusing more on playing with emotions, but the third movie, Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 3 – Akogare, is especially emotional because it’s about uncertainties, separation and longing. Nothing is more conflicted than those three combined, I think.

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Winter Anime 2016 Mid-Week Thoughts

Prince of Stride: Alternative

When the winter anime season started this year, I followed 15 series including the leftovers from previous season. And then I dropped the total to 13 series after a weeks. I kept watching the 13 anime series until now, but of course not all episodes have been absolutely fun.

As usual, some series will have good episodes and then some bad ones. It’s the overall premise of a series that keeps me going. Anyway, I’m here to write about some of the series I’ve been following this season thus far.

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Tamayura: Pause To Think

I like Tamayura for many reasons: relaxing, healing, soothing, scenic, etc. It’s an anime that aims to leave their audience feeling good after watching each episode. At least, that’s what I feel each time I watch an episode of Tamayura.

I think I’m lucky enough that Tamayura kept coming back as it’s easily one of my favorite series. A few weekends ago, I finally had the chance to sit down, relax and watch the second movie: Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 2 – Hibiki. There are four movies, by the way and the third movie just aired not too long ago.

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Hoshiko’s Best Anime 2013


Given that I didn’t watch anything from Fall 2013, I’m a bit hesitant to write this post because I feel that it’s a little unfair. It wasn’t because I didn’t like anything from Fall 2013, but I didn’t watch any of them so I can’t rate them now can I? But then again, I remember my annual best anime post is always about the anime I watched. I don’t watch a whole lot of anime to begin with >.<.

Here it comes, my best anime 2013 list! The list only includes series that ends in 2013, regardless of when it started airing so that means anime that aired in Fall 2012 is considered.

*drum rolls*

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Updates & Some Chit Chats

Shingeki no Kyojin

My last update was in August! That’s how time flies! In between August and October, loads of stuff had happened. I’m away from home most days of the week for work and some of my family members are facing health scares so much time was spent taking care/paying attention to them when I’m home. It’s like I totally understand how sometimes people – even huge anime fans – would slipped behind a few months because there are so much things going on.

Sometimes, just sometimes, other things take precedence over hobbies.

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5 Favorite Slice-of-Life Series


As some of you may know or noticed, I’m a huge fan of slice-of-life series. Nothing makes me happier than to unwind with some lighthearted, fun series that usually are slice-of-life. Slice-of-life in anime refers to series with little plot and character development. More often than not, the series are filled with comedic moments.

You probably already know that, don’t you?

Anyway, the list below is my favorite slice-of-life series, not arranged in any particular order.

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What I Relate To In Tamayura Hitotose

There’s no doubt Tamayura Hitotose is one of the good series in my book. There’s this mellow OP song that I fell in love with the first time l heard it. Not to mention whole soundtrack were soothing as well. The gorgeous artwork is something that I feast my eyes on Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s night for the last twelve weeks. One cannot argue the scenic town of Takehara in Tamayura Hitotose is something to gush about. Sure, the pacing was a bit too slow but I had fun nonetheless. Let’s just say the anime came at the right time. It was something I look forward to after hard day at work trying to meet year end deadlines (yes, my work has been rather stressful lately).

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Kawaii Attack!!! My Favorite Mascots

Over the years of my own anime fandom, I’ve seen countless of what I call as mascots in anime of various genres. These mascots usually have no significant roles in an anime as their major role is to exhibit cuteness to the audience. Of course, as always, there are exceptions and I can think of one special character right now.

This post shall include a list of mascots I find oh-so-adorable and they are not rank in any particular order. Let’s get drown in high level of cuteness, shall we?

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What’s On My List This Fall!

Omg. Omg. OMG! There are just soooooooo many good titles this coming fall. It’s really, REALLY hard to decide which should stay on my watch list while which I should watch later after collecting more episodes. I’m interested in six titles so far and I know I can’t keep up with all of them every week so I need to do some serious prioritizing. Bear in mind, besides the new titles, I still have Mawaru Penguindrum that I will follow closely during the fall season. Plus my usual shōnen titles….ugh! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Before I proceed and in case you haven’t seen the list, do check it out here at neregate.com. I’m telling you, loads of goodies coming this fall.

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