How Do You Pick Your Anime?

A few weeks into anime summer season, I’m seeing my to-watch list just grows insanely. It’s a bit scary since I don’t have the luxury of time to be watching everything that’s currently on my list. Of course, I have my strategy. The ones I really like I’ll watch them on weekly basis. The ones I like enough to be following but not crazy enough about them, then maybe I’ll gather a few episodes before watching them. Maybe two, three episodes? Or maybe more. I’m like ten episodes behind Hanasaku Iroha, but fear not for I shall catch up soon. I just need to buy a bag of popcorn and then wait till the weekend arrives. I hope this weekend’s weather is cool. I don’t like to marathon a series under a hot, humid weather. Note to self: buy popcorn.

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For those who dropped Gosick after just watching the first episode, well, you missed out. I agree that the first case was a no-brainer, partly cuz it has revealed so much in the flashbacks that it took the fun out of guessing who’s the murderer. As the series progressed, however, the cases started to get more challenging and more complicated.

The last few arcs, for example, have the most compelling cases. I especially enjoy all the cases starting from the Leviathan arc onwards. Everything isn’t as it seemed. I like it this way. It’s frustrating sometimes trying to guess what’s going on but that’s what mysteries are all about. The juicy bits should only come after.

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Anime Summer Season 2011 Is Coming!

Soooo…Spring Anime 2011 season is coming to an end. How has it been for you? I picked up Moshidora and A Channel as planned here. Along with those two series, I picked up Hanasaku Iroha and Hidan no Aria as well. Just to let you know, I haven’t seen any of the latter two series’ episodes since the sixth episode – which is why there isn’t any Hanasaku Iroha post lately. I intend to continue with it, just thought I should gather a few more episodes first.

The other day, I was reading the Summer Anime 2011 list and have roughly decided what to follow. It has become a habit.

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What Are You Watching This Spring?

I’ve seen the list circulating around before the winter season even begun. At the time, I didn’t bother to check it out simply cuz I’m still in the winter season mood. Besides, the list sometimes changes so why not check it out when it’s almost time. Now the time is here. Check out for yourself what’s in stored here .

To be honest, nothing really excites me this coming anime season. There are quite a few sequels, and I’ve only watched Kampfer’s first season. I’m not planning to watch Kampfer Season 2 though. I didn’t like the first one for obvious reasons. I remember thinking Kampfer Season 1’s first episode was really cool, and it all went downhill from there.

While I’m curious what will you be watching and why, I should probably share with you what I’m planning to watch.

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Hoshiko’s History with Anime

Since I have the day off from work and there’s nothing better to do at the moment, I decided to write this post in response to Nopy’s project which I stumbled upon after reading Yi’s post. It’s a good reason for me to reflect back these past years how much I’ve grown in this hobby.

I’d like to say I started with Doraemon but I barely remember anything about it except for maybe the word “Doraemon” (duh) and “Nobita”. Yeaps, the two characters’ names are all that I can remember. I can’t even remember their personalities. I was still a kid when I was watching the BM-dubbed Doraemon every weekend mainly to pass time. This is why whenever I was asked which anime I first saw, my immediate response will always be Naruto!

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Ramblings on Anime Winter Season 2011

I’ve recently viewed the Winter Anime Season 2011 (I’m utterly confused with the year here. Maybe that’s cuz I’m from a country where there’s no four seasons?) list, and decided that I’d be following two animes. For now. You read the list here and decide what you want to watch.

Kimi ni Todoke

How can I not want to watch the second season of one the  best anime of all time? I’m reading the manga, and I can tell you that there’ll be tons of exciting stuff that will be happening. That’s if the anime follows closely to the story in manga. Ha!

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