Thoughts on Kuroi Jukai

Kuroi Jukai Drama

When her sister died in a car accident so suddenly, Kasahara Sachiko was left trying to pick up the pieces and uncover secrets her sister had been hiding from her. This plot makes it very enticing, which is why I picked up this title to watch. I admit that familiar faces of Kitagawa Keiko and Mukai Osamu also gave me the nudge to actually watch this drama special.

The drama was largely captivating in the sense that it keeps throwing bits and pieces of mystery and murders along the way before the final unveiling of the truth. In that respect, I’d say I enjoyed Kuroi Jukai. However, the way the story goes, I can’t help but wondered why some of the things happened the way they did.

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Tamayura: A Full Circle


I couldn’t be more happier to finally see the end to one of my most favorite titles of all time. Yes, that’s right. Last week, I finally saw the final installment of Tamayura movies: Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 4 – Ashita.

It’s really bittersweet to see this series ends. As I look back on all Tamayura episodes I watched since it first burst into anime scene with a four episode OVA back in 2010, I couldn’t help but to feel I grew with the characters as well. In literal and non literal sense.

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Thoughts on Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie

Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie

For those who watched Yowamushi Pedal anime series and enjoyed the thrills of its inter-high competition might be disappointed with this movie as I did. This movie takes place after the inter-high competition and the different school teams once again gathered to participate in a smaller scale race. Here’s one fact: Not all characters from the series will make appearance in the movie.

Before I go on any further, let me warn you that I don’t attempt to not spoil it for you.

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The Quest of Understanding NaruHina


I finally watched The Last: Naruto the Movie after it was released more than a year ago in December 2014. Well, it’s better late than never. I’m interested in this movie primarily because it’s marketed as the story that happened before the last chapter of Naruto manga. Also, Naruto mangaka Kishimoto Masashi plays an important role in the movie production. For the most part, the movie feels a lot like any other Naruto movie in the sense that there are events outside Naruto’s world’s norm.

Personally, I see The Last more of a love story between Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata.

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Thoughts On Tamayura: Graduation Photos Part 3 – Akogare

Tamayura- Sotsugyō Shashin

To really appreciate Tamayura movies, one really has to start watching the franchise from the first episode of the anime series. Otherwise, whatever emotions the characters are going through in the movies will have lesser impact.

One of the best things about all the three movies released to date is the focus on emotional struggle the characters are going through. Tamayura has always been focusing more on playing with emotions, but the third movie, Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 3 – Akogare, is especially emotional because it’s about uncertainties, separation and longing. Nothing is more conflicted than those three combined, I think.

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Tamayura: Pause To Think

I like Tamayura for many reasons: relaxing, healing, soothing, scenic, etc. It’s an anime that aims to leave their audience feeling good after watching each episode. At least, that’s what I feel each time I watch an episode of Tamayura.

I think I’m lucky enough that Tamayura kept coming back as it’s easily one of my favorite series. A few weekends ago, I finally had the chance to sit down, relax and watch the second movie: Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 2 – Hibiki. There are four movies, by the way and the third movie just aired not too long ago.

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Ookami Kodomo: Hana’s Mom Of The Century

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki after almost a year since getting my hands on the anime movie. You see, I dislike the idea of spending two hours watching something, doesn’t matter what, because I think the time is a bit too long to waste. A normal series episode is around 20 minutes, that’s still acceptable to me. It’s psychology so I don’t have a valid reason for thinking this way.

But anyway, I finally motivated myself into watching the movie. While I didn’t particularly enjoy the courtship of Hana, the lead character, and her wolfman partner, I liked the part where she resolved to raise her wolf children on her own.

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