It’s The K-ON Girls Again!!

Finally the K-ON movie has reached our shores, so to speak. After it was released last year in Japan, most K-ON fans outside Japan has been eagerly waiting for its arrival. I must say, I’m pleased with the movie. I won’t go so far as to say that it’s worth the wait, but it’s a movie worth considering. Especially if you’re already familiar with K-ON franchise.

The movie started slow, in my opinion. But the moment the After School Tea Time girls landed in London, things started rolling. Yes, as everyone has guessed since the live house episode was released, the movie tells the story of the girls’ trip abroad. This movie simply reminded why I enjoyed K-ON as much as I did. It’s hilarious to the end. There aren’t a lot of high school/club themed anime these days that make me laugh as much as K-ON did.

The culture clashes, or more accurately, language barrier in this movie is definitely the highlight for me. Language barrier is the most important concern for me when travelling overseas. Yui & Co. never showed concern in regards with this matter. That is until they landed in the foreign land. They struggled to communicate with Londoners and encountered many obstacles linguistically throughout their trip. But that’s okay. It’s more enjoyable for me as an audience!

It was fun watching Yui, Ritsu, Mio, Mugi and Azusa travelling around London. I was relief to know the movie didn’t spend too much time detailing their visits and all, but instead inserted a few surprise performances here and there. For K-ON fans who are looking forward to listen to some After School Tea Time songs, you won’t be disappointed. Although I’m disappointed that I’ll never know what autographs did Mio manage to get…Or if the girls met any superstars…

The K-ON movie seems to be focusing more on Azusa and Yui. I suppose Yui served as the representative of the seniors. Besides, Yui is closer to Azusa than Mio, Ritsu and Mugi. Furthermore, Yui has never been good in anything except for one – she has a huge, sincere heart that is always looking out for others, especially Azusa, her beloved junior. The amount of effort she put forth in writing a song dedicated to Azusa is something I never imagined would be possible. Sure, Yui showed extra dedication and concentration whenever it comes to the music but not at that level. So that was sweet of her.

Also, there’s a nice touch on the internal concerns of a junior and a senior. Two somewhat different perspectives when it comes to graduation and the future of their club. One party is always filled with concern for another party. It’s an expansion from the second season’s final episode, I think.

Anyway, in short, I had a lot of fun watching this movie. It is what one should expect of K-ON – light, fun, humorous and music.


22 thoughts on “It’s The K-ON Girls Again!!

  1. I thought it was actually pretty dam good, the animation is omg eye popping amazing, Kyoto Animation like put all their energy in it, amazing.

    the thing i was disappointed the most was the lack of british music involve since well wasnt that why they went in the first place?

    But it was nice to hear new songs especially Singin although I would have prefered more..

    • That’s part of the reason why I’m kind of disappointed that the girls didn’t meet any superstars or something. But then again, I’m cool with that because at the end of the day, I get what I want from the movie – five friends having fun abroad and playing their music =)

  2. Indeed it was nice seeing the girls doing their things even in London, it’s like a whole new different perspective. The focus on Yui and Azusa is lovely.

  3. I finally watched it!
    I often have problems with anime movies that were adapted from an anime show, cause they often fail to deliver the atmosphere and flair of the show. Fortunately this K-on Movie was a nice exception. Compared to the anime we got a good amount of music, I increased the volume on every song, haha the first one was great 😀 Yui and Ritsu are always so cool I loved their antics.

    The language difficulties were very entertaining as well. It was a good decision to make the trip a side event, the main focus was on the group of friends like in the anime.

    The end left me with a slightly bitter feeling, Azusa will be alone 😦 Maybe they’ll never meet again. (∩´﹏`∩)

    anyway a very good movie for this anime.

    • So far, besides Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, I don’t think I’ve seen other movies adapted from a series. But anyway, as you’ve said, the movie stayed true to its original format and allows K-ON fans to truly enjoy the show as it is. I personally thought the time was well spent watching it! =)

      She’ll never be alone. They’re friends right? I’m sure they’ll keep in touch one way or another. And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll see more of them some time in the future. K-On is a huge hit, I don’t think it’ll go away just like that? Here’s me hoping…

  4. Downloaded, will be watching it in a month’s time with my friends when we go to a trip together. Now reading the manga to make time pass-by

    • It’s better to have a background because there are some references here and there. But if you’re only looking for some fun in the movie, the second season can be do without.

  5. I wonder if they’ll continue adapting the manga in the future (bad idea) or leave everything as it is with this movie (best idea for me)

  6. I still have to watch the movie. K-ON isn’t a series that I want extended, but a movie seems about right for the content. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to watch it this weekend.

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